Thinkific vs Graphy: Which Is Better? (2022)

thinkific vs graphy

Graphy Vs Thinkific comparison provides the best platform to create custom online courses with launch features. We can create online courses with multiple options such as instructor lead courses, live courses, scheduled courses, and drip courses. These options help even learners to ask for on-demand courses from instructors by drip schedule. 

Based on the four requirements of custom course creation, we should find the best platform to create and launch courses. Instructor-led courses help team training and tutoring; the live courses help individual training and coaching; multiple users can learn scheduled courses from anywhere at any time. Finally, drip-scheduled courses help learners demand courses for mentoring and then personal development. Graphy vs Thinkific offers the best platform to create custom courses.

Why is Thinkific preferred over Graphy for custom course creation?

Thinkific provides more options to teach courses for learners with bundles, membership sites, and groups. It helps to offer live courses, group training with multiple instructors. Moreover, it is chosen to create custom courses than Graphy for the below reasons. 

  • Drag and drop course editor helps to organize the course materials for delivery.
  • The live video session is available with zoom integration, even for group training.
  • Organizational training with multiple managers to their team members is possible in Thinkific.
  • The team member tracking is also available with course progress.
  • Thinkific plus, Thinkific apps stores, and growth addons used to create an academy for teaching with team management.
  • Free trial is available with unlimited course creation.

Why is Graphy better than Thinkific for custom online course creation?

Custom online courses creation requires multiple templates based on the purpose of course creation. We should look out the reasons below for the advantages of Graphy over Thinkific for custom courses.

  • For live courses, Graphy uses live webinars with zoom integration.
  • Graphy organizes course materials within the membership area in scheduled courses such as videos, audios, PPT, and PDFs.
  • The instructor lead courses are accessible with higher security and piracy free.
  • A white label helps to develop its brand for custom courses.
  • No coding is required to build different websites for unique course offerings with Graphy free domain or custom domain.
  • Best payment gateway, promotional options, and student community are available for launching the course, even with mobile applications.

Quick comparison of Thinkific vs Graphy

A quick comparison of Graphy Vs Thinkific for custom course creation and its launching features are available in the table. Moreover, these platforms are helping to earn money by selling online courses with flexible payment gateways.

WebsiteCustom courses White label Drag and drop builder, Webinars, Graphy free domainUnlimited students Unlimited courses, live session, Group training, Multiple course templates
Student experienceQuizzes, Assignments, Private communities, SMS, email notificationsDiscussion boards, Student reviews Quizzes, Community training Completion certificates
PromotionOffers, Promo codes, Discounted rates for courses, Blog posts, WorkflowBundle or Membership site Drag and drop page editor, Custom templates, Lead generation promotional coupons
PaymentPayPal, Stripe and local payments Dynamic pricing, Multiple Currency, Billing, invoice and taxationPayPal, Stripe processors, Membership sites, SSL protected checkouts, Employee payouts, Affiliate programs
Group TrainingOpen and private communities, Niche based communities.  Group training, Multiple instructors, Drip Scheduled classes, Online academy
TrackingThird-party integration needed  Student tracking, course tracking, sales tracking with Analytics and insights.
SupportPhone, Email support, and knowledgebase, blogCommunity, help center, Email, phone and live chat
Free trialNo free trialAvailable with core features

Graphy Vs Thinkific Detailed Features Comparison

The Thinkific Vs Graphy detailed comparison should analyze the custom online course creation and selling features. It provides a suitable platform to market the online courses using bundle and membership sites. The flexible payment gateways can accept payment even in a remote location with SSL-protected checkout pages. The best platform should provide earning opportunities with learning business development features.

Custom Course Creation and Website Templates

In Thinkific vs Graphy comparison, both provide an opportunity to create custom courses. The course content delivery to the learners needs better material management and protected access. The mobile application needs to have secured course access even for live classes. In Graphy, the features available to create courses are listed below 

  • Drag and drop website builder is available to create websites.
  • No coding knowledge is required to create a custom courses website.
  • We can offer live courses and deliver course chapters at scheduled intervals.
  • The white label helps to create own brand for learning business.
  • The template library is available to create a custom website, even for mobile applications.
  • We can use our domain or Graphy free domain to deliver online courses.

While considering Thinkific, we can provide live classes, group training, academy of courses for students. Moreover, it provides membership subscriptions and bundle options to deliver courses. In Thinkific, we have the below features to create custom courses.

  • Customizable theme library and ready to use course templates
  • Live classes with on-boarding and team training.
  • It helps to train the students with multiple instructors
  • We can import content from existing websites.
  • Downloadable course content management with members’ area.

Verdict: In the Graphy Vs Thinkific custom course creation and website template customization features, the battle is the Tie. Because, both the platforms use a custom domain with customizable templates for course delivery. Moreover, they offer live sessions even with mobile applications.

Web Hosting and Student Experience

Online courses creation and its content delivery require the best hosting without downtime. Moreover, It should be available with quicker streaming for live videos. The student follow-up with courses is a vital factor in online course launch.

Graphy has the best hosting with unlimited courses storage and piracy-free access even at a remote location. In addition, Graphy has many features as follows.

  • Unlimited learners and courses access
  • Best hosting is available even during live classes with 500 students.
  • Unlimited videos, audio and multimedia file storage.
  • Unlimited quizzes, assignments, along with discussion forums.
  • Secured live streaming with webinars.

When it comes to Thinkific, we have cloud hosting support to store videos, multimedia files, audio, and then PPT. The live video session is available with zoom. Moreover, it has below student interactive features.

  • Student pre-request lessons, brillium exams integration
  • The random quizzes, discussion boards and then surveys are available. 
  • Rich student environment optimized for mobile devices.
  • Easy course navigation and multiple languages support.
  • Community participation with a course completion certificate.

Verdict: Thinkific vs Graphy Hosting and Student Experience battle Graphy is the Tie. Even though both platforms provide the best hosting to deliver course content, When it comes to the student experience, Graphy offers an open and private community with the niche. At the same time, Thinkific provides quizzes and survey with group learning. 

Marketing and Promotion

The online courses selling are successful only if we have enough marketing and promotion features and opportunities and course creation platforms. In Graphy, we have below marketing features and opportunities.

  • Readymade templates for landing page creation with the page editor.
  • Custom domain with blog templates helps to promote courses with SEO optimization
  • Increase sales with offers, promo codes, and discounts.
  • SMS, email, and Push notification are available for course promotions.
  • Conversion tracking helps to create strategies for course selling with referral campaigns.

In Thinkific, we have Thinkific apps stores and growth add-ons to promote online courses. Apart from that, it has the below features.

  • Lead generation with email marketing services.
  • Customizable landing page templates with lead capture forms.
  • It uses automated email marketing campaigns.
  • Promotional offers are available to create free trials.
  • It uses membership sites and bundles with discounts for higher conversions.

Verdict: In the marketing and promotions battle of Thinkific vs Graphy, the Thinkific is the Winner. It has many sales tracking and marketing support tools in Thinkific Apps Stores.

Sale payment Processor and Security

We know the learning program business uses subscription-based recurring payments with membership sites. So the secured checkout pages are required to accept payment from various locations. 

In Graphy, we have PayPal and Stripe processors and local gateways like CCavenue, Razorpay, payU, and Paytm. The dynamic pricing and secured payment checkout pages with flexible payment options like one-time, installments, and subscriptions help attract learners. Moreover, the payment processors can accept payments from multiple countries.

When it comes to Thinkific, It has PayPal and Stripe payment processors with SSL secure payment pages. So We can send payment links even via SMS. These payment processors help process affiliate payouts and employee payout during the academy creation and its running. The site admin and courses admin can track all the transactions within the dashboard. 

Thinkific vs Graphy, which is better for security and payment processing?

Verdict:  The payment battle is the Tie; when it comes to security and payment processing over promoters and contributors of online course creation, Thinkific is the Winner over Graphy. 

Pricing and Support

Graphy provides its best plan with 11,999 rupees per month, nearly around $150/mo, with no free trial options. It can be treated as a great Thinkific alternative in India. The yearly plan has one month off in the price value. When we consider support for Graphy to create a custom course and launch it online. It offers email and telephone support with a knowledge base and blog. 

In Thinkific, The best plan is available at $79 per month. Moreover, It has a free version with core features to create an online course. In addition, we have Thinkific plus, growth add-ons, and apps stores for custom course creation, launch, promotion, and development. For support, Thinkific uses email support, telephone, and live chat. Moreover, it offers a help center, community, and knowledge base to set up and deliver online courses. 

Verdict: In the Graphy Vs Thinkific pricing battle, Thinkific is the Winner with a lower price with a free trial. The platform has better materials and documentation; however, Thinkific has a help center and community.

Final verdict: Overall, Thinkific is the Winner of the battle between Graphy Vs Thinkific and it is also the best online course platform in India. Even though, Graphy gives high competition for course creation, website templates, hosting, and student experience. When it comes to course launch and revenue generation, Thinkific is outstanding. In the End, Thinkific is the Winner. 

Conclusion Graphy Vs Thinkific

By wrapping up Graphy vs Thinkific, online courses launch with a different form of course content delivery. We should consider Thinkific; here, we can create online courses with live sessions, pre-request lessons, group training, team training with multiple instructors. Moreover, We can create an online academy of courses. We can sell these creations using membership sites or bundles

Thinkific provides better marketing and promotional features to sell online courses using recurring subscriptions. Finally, We have a payment processor to accept payment from any country. It helps to process the payment for creators and promoters. The Thinkific is the best platform to create a custom course over Graphy. It provides help with many tools to launch it online.

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