Thinkific Vs LearnWorlds: Which Is Better? (2022)

thinkific vs learnworlds

Thinkific Vs LearnWorlds comparison provides the best platform to teach, train, and do business with information online. Of course, these platforms help content creators, authors, teachers, and coaches to run the successful online academy. Moreover, they can sell their creations as a course, membership site, subscription programs, or bundle. 

Thinkific provides custom websites with hosting and Thinkific app stores for online course creation, selling. Apart from that, Thinkific plus provide extended operations such as academy creation, customer training, Lead generation, and revenue generation. At the same time, learnworlds provides a course-building academy, live master class, and free library to create and sell online courses.

Why is Thinkific Preferred Over LearnWorlds?

The Thinkific is the better solution for teaching and coaching a topic online over LearnWorlds for the below reasons.

  • No design and technical skills are required to design course pages with material arrangements. It is simple with a drag and drop builder.
  • Full video and downloadable content hosting with import options for existing course content.
  • Student review, surveys, quizzes and then discussion helps better interaction with unlimited courses.
  • We can create free, paid and time-limited courses to sell in the marketplace.
  • Shopify, Aweber, and affiliate platforms integration helps promote courses with promotional offers.
  • Thinkific plus help group learning, training and academy creation with promotions.
  • A free trial is available.

Why is LearnWorlds Better Than Thinkific For Online Teaching?

Learnworlds is the best choice over Thinkific for teaching online and then selling online courses with below reasons.

  • We can easily create an online course academy with learnworlds and community support.
  • It has better learning tools like videos, ebooks, audios, forms, quizzes and zoom for video conferencing.
  • We can build a learning community for discussion of issues, idea exchange, sharing experience and advice.
  • LearnWorlds helps to sell courses with four different payment gateways.
  • It has the best learner tracking and course insights reports for better learning.

Thinkific Vs LearnWorlds – A Quick Comparison

A quick comparison of Thinkific Vs Learnworlds is available in the table that helps to choose the right one for our online teaching and coaching. Moreover, they both provide better opportunities to earn money by running courses academies for students.

WebsiteCustom domain, Exiting course import live session and course editor, hostingCustom domain, Site builder, Unlimited courses
Student experienceCommunity, reviews quizzes, certificatesZoom, SLS, interactive videos, ebooks, quizzes
PromotionAweber, lead pages, Free trials, promotional couponsPopup and third-party tools.
PaymentPayPal, Stripe with courses, subscription programs, Downloadable products, SSL protected checkouts  PayPal, Stripe for accept payments
Group TrainingThinkific plus with group training, Multiple instructors, Scheduled classes, Academy creation Academy creation with white label
TrackingStudent, course tracking even with Process trackingCustomer and course tracking with analytics
SupportCommunity, help center, Email and phone, live chatCommunity, Resource Library, Help center, blog
Free trialavailable30-days free trial

Thinkific Vs LearnWorlds – Detailed Features Comparison

Online teaching with coaching requires a website, many page templates for teaching and course learning. Apart from the course content delivery, it should have learning tools for better student interaction during the course progress. Moreover, they should provide earning opportunities for the content creators by selling courses and academy creations. The Learnworlds comparison with Thinkific provides the best features with supporting tools integration for teaching and learning.

1. Courses Creation & Website Templates

Online may provide earning opportunities with these platforms for teaching and coaching concepts. Thinkific vs LearnWorlds provides a custom website with templates for selling the teaching and coaching as a course or membership subscription programs.

The Thinkific provides below features

  • Custom domains and customizable landing pages with white label function for branding.
  • We can use the Thinkific theme library to create academy websites.
  • It offers courses for individuals, groups and hybrid sections with multiple instructors.
  • Best site administration features with prioritized user roles for best management training.
  • Drag and drop course builder with customization options.

In learnWorlds, it provides unlimited course building with a complete site builder. We can create many landing pages with a white label for academy creations. Subscription and membership accounts are helping to sell online courses and then webinars using learnWorlds. We can create a branded school for teaching many academic courses. 

Verdict: Thinkific Vs LearnWorlds course creation and templates customization battle the Thinkific is the Winner. Because Thinkific uses a custom domain with course import options, it uses a library of themes to deliver courses with customization.

2. Web Hosting & Student Experience

When selling teachings and curses, we need a secure place to store our valuable course content for student access. In Thinkific, they provide cloud hosting support for hosting unlimited videos, and even live classes are better hosted with high-standard hosting solutions.

While considering the student experience, Thinkific provides one-to-one, one-to-many, and hybrid teaching. We can also have group training for students and employees of the organization with better tracking insights.

In learnWorlds, it provides hosting with better uptime; the live class integrations are available with zoom. Live classes, webinars via Webex are also possible with LearnWorlds. The SCORM, HTML5, helps to provide the best interface for the learning community. Moreover, It offers ebooks, library resources, quizzes are available. A High-quality, customizable video player helps to learn easier via videos.

Verdict: Thinkific vs LearnWorlds Hosting and Student Experience battle is a Tie. Because both the platforms offer to host space and the best learning interactions tools, the thinkific provide group learning, whereas learnworlds provides video learning. 

Marketing & Promotion

In the learnWorlds Vs Thinkific comparison battle, The marketing and promotional features help content creators become successful businessmen. So, more marketing and promotional option take less risk in selling content online. 

The Thinkific uses many landing page templates for lead generation and course promotions. It provides automated email marketing campaigns with promotional coupons to sell online teaching and courses. We can promote courses as a bundle or membership sites with many email services integrations like Aweber, active campaign, etc. Moreover, Thinkific apps store has many marketing tools with analytics and tracking.

In learnWorlds, we can promote online courses with an eCommerce platform. Here it uses marketing funnels for the course promotion. We can sell courses, bundles, and memberships with learnworlds. The Zapier, Aweber-like third-party tools integration helps market the courses using LearnWorlds.

Verdict: In the LearnWorlds Vs Thinkific marketing and promotions battle, Thinkific is the Winner. Because Thinkific has many landing page templates with customization options for lead generations, Thinkific apps stores have marketing with analytics tools for successful promotion. 

Payment & Security

The payment gateways and security help students, team contributors to build successful online academies or training classes. In Thinkific, it uses PayPal and Stripe processors for student payment processing. Moreover, We can use the Shopify eCommerce platform to sell courses with memberships. 

We can use one-time payments, recurring payments for learners. We can send monthly payouts for academy users for employees, contributors, and promoters. The site admin and course admin can track all the financial activities, even affiliate payouts. Thinkific uses SSL-protected checkout pages even for mobile payments.

When it comes to LearnWords, It supports four payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Shopify, and Pagseguro. It accepts payments from multiple country currencies. We can sell unlimited courses, memberships and then bundle with these payment gateways.

Verdict:  In Thinkific or LearnWorlds the payment and security battle, LearnWorlds wins with multiple payment options. When it comes to payment processing with team members and affiliate systems, the Thinkific is the best choice. 

Pricing and Support

Online teaching and coaching require a perfect connection between students with the teacher. The live classes and group training may require support at any time, anywhere. Thinkific has a free trial version with zero cost, and the best plan is available at $79 per month. For academy creation, we can contact Thinkific for its plus plan. 

Moreover, the Thinkific provides any form of support for the users

  • Live chat, Email with Telephone support,
  • Knowledge base with community support,
  • Thinkific apps store with many integration tools.
  • 24/7 monitoring for hosting uptime with security
  • Mobile apps support for android and apple

In the LearnWorlds platform, we have four different pricing with 30 days free trial. The plans are basic, starter, pro trainer, learning center, and high volume for corporate. The plan name implies each plan is suitable for certain applications. Moreover, The pro trainer is available for $79 per month.

When it comes to supporting, The starter plan has 24/5 email support, the pro trainer has 24/7 email support, and the learning center has 24/7 premium support. Moreover, it has a library of resources, blog, help center, and course builder community support.

Verdict: Thinkific Vs learnWorlds pricing battle is a tie. However, Thinkific has a free plan with core features of online teaching. When it comes to supporting the Thinkific, the Winner has many forms of support live chat, email, and telephone with the community.

Final verdict: In the end, the Thinkific is the Winner in the battle between Thinkific Vs LearnWorlds. Thinkific wins in most of the battle between these two platforms, such as course creation features, templates, marketing, promotion, and support. However, LearnWorlds provide a tough fight with hosting, student experience, and wins in payment processing with four gateways. In the end, Thinkific is the Winner.

Conclusion Thinkific vs LearnWorlds

By wrapping up LearnWorlds vs Thinkific battle, online teaching and coaching require the best interface with learning tools. Both the platforms provide the best support tools integrations for selling online teachings. They use membership sites, academy, and training programs to sell courses. Which is the best course selling platform, Thinkific or Learnworlds?

Thnkific provides many tools for the best learning experience for individuals, groups, and hybrid sections. The apps stores help track the courses, students, and processing tasks during the group learning. In the end, The Thinkific is the best solution over Learnworlds for teaching and group training.

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