Thinkific vs Spayee: Which Is Better? (Detailed Comparison)

thinkific vs spayee

Are you looking for the best platform to launch multimedia courses?. The Spayee Vs Thinkific comparison gives a suitable platform to create and launch multimedia courses online with a live session. It provides course content storage and delivery options for online learners to access anywhere. Moreover, best hosting availability helps faster steaming during the live session during online course progress.

The responsive course templates and landing pages help promote the course using different mobile gadgets. Apart from this, the mobile apps availability of these platforms helps learners access the course at any location via mobile devices without downtime issues. Moreover, community engagement with course follow-up helps students have a quicker experience.

Why is Thinkific is better than Spayee for multimedia course launch?

Thinkific is the best option to create and sell multimedia courses over Spayee for the following reasons. 

  • It uses a custom domain with import options to link existing courses’ websites with Thinkific.
  • We can create multimedia lectures, live video classes, and membership options to sell it online with automated marketing campaigns.
  • Customizable themes library is available with ready-to-use course templates and custom templates.
  • Thinkific plus, Thinkific apps stores, and growth addons help learn business development by offering courses.
  • Free trial is available with a core ecommerce function to create and sell multimedia courses. 

Why is Spayee preferred over Thinkific for multimedia course launch?

The online course creation and launch platform require the best hosting and course material management. It helps the learner can follow the course without interruption. The Spayee has more advantages over Thinkific making it the best Thinkific alternative, as listed below. 

  • It provides a white label website to launch multimedia courses with a brand.
  • The mobile application helps to reach the students even at remote locations.
  • Spayee helps to conduct live webinars and classes with membership options.
  • Drag and drop builder with branded mobile apps
  • At any location, it offers dynamic Pricing, currency and payments with Paypal, Stripe gateways.
  • It helps to increase sales with promo codes and discounts.

Thinkific vs Spayee Quick Comparison

The below table provides a quick comparison between Spayee and Thinkific for multimedia course creation with live coaching classes. It can also help identify the features available to launch the courses online. For example, the best payment gateways help accept payment from different countries.

WebsiteVideo, audio and data hosting, White label branding, Drog and drop builder, Webinars, live sessionsCustom website, Unlimited courses, live session, Group training, Cloud hosting options
Student experienceOpen communities for student interaction, Email, SMS and push notifications, Quizzes, and assignmentsStudent reviews Quizzes, surveys, Discussion boards, Completion certificates
PromotionOffers, Promo codes, Blogs, and SEO, Affiliates, and referral marketingBundle or membership site Drag and drop page editor, Custom templates, Email marketing promotional coupons
PaymentDynamic pricing, Payment, Currency, Handle invoice and taxationPayPal, Stripe with Membership sites, SSL protected checkouts, Employee payouts Affiliate program  
Group TrainingOpen and private communities for learners.      Thinkific plus with group training, Multiple instructors, Drip Scheduled classes, Online academy
TrackingThird-party integration like Zapier  Learners tacking, process tracking, sales tracking, analytics, and insights  
SupportPhone, Email support, and knowledgebase  Community, help center, Email,  phone, and live chat
Free trial30-days free trial is availableAvailable with core features

Spayee Vs Thinkific Detailed Features Comparison

We can offer multimedia courses through webinars, video tutorials, and podcasting audios using Spayee and Thinkific. The Zoom integration is available in both platforms to help follow-up live interaction for the courses. Spayee accepts Indian payments from PayU, Rozerpay, etc. 

This detailed comparison will discuss the features available on both platforms to create and sell multimedia courses. It discusses website, hosting, learner experiences, marketing, promotional options, payment gateways, and support to create and launch courses.

Multimedia Course Creation and Website Templates

Both Spayee and Thinkific platforms provide membership site options to deliver multimedia courses. In addition, the custom domain helps to create unique landing pages for courses promotion. Moreover, we can create blog pages to market the multimedia courses.

In Spayee, we can create video and audio courses with live webinars and podcasts. The membership options help launch these multimedia sessions as a course or subscription programs with dynamic pricing options. In addition, the inbuilt live class session helps the student drip schedule the live classes with instructors. 

Spayee helps organize live sessions from both ends. One is instructor lead classes, and the second is on-demand self-lead classes. It helps to provide secured access for the learners even via mobile applications. The white label options help to build a brand for our courses.

When it comes to Thinkific, we have the below features for multimedia classes.

  • Custom domain with multiple customizable templates
  • Drag and drop course editor
  • Live sessions for multimedia lecturing
  • One-to-one, One-to-many, or multiple instructor group training possible with plus
  • It helps create an online academy, of course, for learning business.

Verdict: In the Spayee Vs Thinkific multimedia course creation and website template customization features, the battle is the Tie. Because both platforms provide custom templates with live classes. Moreover, they offer zoom integration for interactive learning, even via mobile Apps. Perhaps, you can also check for a Spayee lifetime deal.

Web Hosting and Student Experience

Especially multimedia courses and live teaching require the best hosting services to provide uninterrupted access. Besides, student interaction with instructors and within the student community helps better the learning experience.

In Spayee, We have the best hosting service for unlimited courses storages and videos. Moreover, we can host live classes with 300 students in its basic plan. An unlimited number of students can access courses using desktop and mobile applications. 

Better student interaction is possible with live video classes, forums, quizzes, surveys, and assignments. The audios, videos, forms, and files help follow the courses for faster completions. The drip content and content scheduling help offer teacher to lead and instructor lead classes with Spayee.

While in Thinkific, we have cloud hosting support for storing multimedia lectures, video tutorials, PDFs, and presentations. The better steamed live classes are available with secure cloud hosting. Thinkific provides the best learning experience by the below features.

  • Academy of courses with community training. 
  • Live classes with zoom integration
  • The student reviews, random quizzes, discussion boards, assignments, and surveys. 
  • Thinking Stores apps provide examination and live note-taking apps during course learning. 

Verdict: SIn Thinkific vs Spayee Hosting and Student Experience battle Spayee is the Winner. Even though both platforms provide a better learning experience with community participation, The Spayee offers live training with 300 students stands out from Thinkific. 

Marketing and Promotion

Launching multimedia courses and generating revenues from this learning business requires the best marketing features. The promotional campaign and marketing tools integration makes learning business to be successful. In Spayee, we have custom websites with a white label option to build a brand. Moreover, it offers marketing features.

  • Easy to create and launch branded websites even with mobile apps.
  • Customizable pre-built themes with drag and drop editor to create landing pages.
  • Increase sales with offers, promo codes, and discounts.
  • Create a blog and implement SEO to drive traffic to land pages.
  • Affiliate and referral marketing helps to promote courses
  • SMS, email, and Push notification help in the sales process.

When it comes to Thinkific marketing and promotion of online courses and multimedia lectures, it has the below features.

  • Customizable theme library with custom templates for lead generation
  • Thinkific has an automated email campaign to run marketing funnels.
  • Promotional coupons help to provide a free trial for the courses.
  • Thinkific apps store has lots of email marketing, analytics, and tracking tools for marketing.
  • Thinking plus has lead generation options for sales funnel promotions.

Verdict: In the marketing and promotions battle of Thinkific vs Spayee, the Thinkific is the Winner. The Spayee needs third-party tools for marketing and promotion of online courses. At the same time, Thinkific uses lead pages with automated email campaigns. 

Sale payment gateways and Security

The payment pages and their Security make the student can make payment from anywhere and access the course even via mobile applications. 

In Spayee, we accept payment from Paypal and Stripe worldwide. In India, the student can pay for courses via Razorpay, payU, and paytm. The dynamic Pricing with secure payment pages helps the students easily access the course with scalable Pricing. Moreover, it provides onetime, installment, and recurring subscriptions for the courses.

While Thinkific, also has PayPal and Stripe payment processors. It helps to accept payment from more than 100+ countries with different currencies. It also provides course bundle, membership subscription options so that students can access courses with full scalability. Moreover, the SSL secured payment pages help send the payment link via mobile SMS and live chats.

Verdict:  Thinkific Vs Spayee the payment battle is the Tie; because both the platforms use Paypal and Stripe for payment processing. SSL-protected checkout pages help to accept secured payment even at remote locations via mobile apps regarding Security. This made Thinkific is the Winner of this battle.

Pricing and Support

While considering the Pricing and support, multimedia content creators and online academy creators mostly depend on the platform’s reliability. Moreover, during the development phases of learning business, they don’t want to change the platform frequently. So support plays a vital role in these situations.

Spayee provides its best plan with 11,999 rupees per month with 30-day free trial options. It offers email and telephone support for creating and launching multimedia courses with live training when it comes to supporting. Moreover knowledge base is available for reference.

In Thinkific, we have a free trial version available with ecommerce options for multimedia course creation and selling. The best plan is available at $79 per month. In addition, Thinkific plus, growth add-ons, and apps stores are available for learning business. Thinkific uses online community, email support, telephone, and knowledgebase for course creation and selling.  

Verdict: In Thinkific vs Spayee pricing battle, Thinkific is the Winner with free trials. When it comes to supporting both, the platform has better support with materials; however, Thinkific has plus, app stores, and growth addon made it the Winner.  

Final verdict: Overall, the Thinkific is the Winner of the battle between Spayee Vs Thinkific 2022. Spayed provides a better competition with live teaching and student experiences. However, when it comes to marketing, promotion, and sales, Thinkific is outstanding. In the end, Thinkific is the Winner over Spayed.

Conclusion Spayee Vs Thinkific

By wrapping up Spayee vs Thinkific, In the quest of finding the best platform to create and launch multimedia courses. The Thinkific not only provides websites, customization options for course templates, live video classes, and better student follow-up. 

Moreover, It provides better marketing and promotional features to sell online courses via membership subscriptions. Finally, the best payment gateways help to accept payment worldwide securely, even via mobile devices. These things make Thinkific is the best choice over Spayee for multimedia course creation and launching with live classes.

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