Teachable vs Thinkific: Which Is Better? (2022)

teachable vs thinkific

Thinkific and Teachable are the two best online course creation and promotion platforms to sell lessons. Selling info products online is needs hosting the course content and its protection for secured delivery of course materials to the learners. Moreover, it should have learning tools and the best interface for student and teacher interactions.

The marketing tools and sales promotion features are the online course creation platform’s added advantage. That helps to create and sell courses online. The Pricing and support make the platform easily chosen by the content creators and coaches to build courses online. Moreover, business people can build academy courses and create a brand with these platforms. We would compare the best features of thinkific vs teachable and find the best one for our teachings.

Why is Thinkific is better than teachable?

Thinkific has many advantages over teachable online course creation and selling in the marketplace. The thinkific benefits are listed below.

  • Using multiple course templates with a drag and drop editor makes it easier to deliver online courses.
  • Live lessons with interactive coaching interfaces are helping coaches to conduct live webinars with learners.
  • Custom coupons and automated email campaigns use to achieve more sales with different promotional events.
  • Thinkific apps store covers all the marketing, sales, student interaction, and then customer management tools integration easier for online course management.
  • Good community support is available for first-time online course academy creators.
  • Thinkific plus is available for customer management, employee training, lead generation, and revenue generation.
  • Free 30 days test driving is available in thinkific.

Why is teachable preferred over Thinkific?

Teachable is also a better online course creation and selling platform for creators and authors. The teachable has chosen over thinkific for the below reasons.

  • We can maintain online courses and coaching sessions with users, sites, and sales management at one dashboard.
  • It uses power editors to create multimedia lectures, video lessons, and coaching sessions.
  • The learner’s payment is accepted via Paypal, and money pay over 130+ countries worldwide.
  • We can sell online courses as membership subscriptions, bundles, one-time fees with sales pages.
  • Free course creation options are available on teachable.
  • Third-party tools integration helps for marketing and then sales promotions with customer management.

Quick Comparison of Thinkific vs Teachable

From these two best platforms, available to create and sell an online course for creators, authors, coaches, and business people. We would identify the right platform after the detailed comparison now there is quick comparison table below.

WebsiteDomain, ready to use templates live session and hostingCustom domain, Courses, coaching  
Student experienceCommunity, quizzes, surveys certificatesQuizzes, One-to-one sessions, Call hosting, certificates
PromotionEmail campaign, lead pages, Promotional couponsThird party email marketing service.
PaymentPayPal and Stripe, Payouts for teams and AffiliatesPayPal and Mobile pay  
Group TrainingThinkific plus with employees and customers Courses academyacademy of courses with team members and authors
TrackingStudent and course tracking with app storesTrack sales and student insights
SupportCommunity, Help center, Email, phone, and live chatknowledgebase, email support
Free trialavailableavailable

Teachable Vs Thinkific detailed comparison

Had confused about choosing the best platform, over thinkific vs teachable 2022 to sell our knowledge by building as a course. This comparison covers the best platform features that require creating and delivering online courses to the learners. The courses can be managed and delivered to the students by memberships, bundles, and even live sessions with different pricing methods. We would find which platform offers the best solution for online course delivery and selling options from the detailed features comparisons.

Course Customization and templates

Course creation and setup options make the platform easier accessible by the creators. The number of templates and customization options helps creators and authors manage course materials quickly and deliver them to learners. Especially the responsive templates allow learners can access anywhere by mobile devices.

In thinkific, we have many themes and ready-to-use course templates with a drag and drop editor. The templates are responsive so that people can access them on any device. So we can build the best interfaces for learners and teachers. 

Thinkific has more features for course design as follows

  • Live session for teachers and coaches to teach online
  • Drip schedule helps to request on-demand lessons by learners
  • We can create an online subscription program, bundles, a membership site for course management.
  • It offers downloadable course content for learners.

In Teachable, we can create an online course with custom websites or link the existing course websites with custom domains. We can generate courses with milestones for student tracking. We can build an online course academy with teachable to sell courses online.

Verdict: In the battle of Teachable vs Thinkific, Thinkific is the winner over teachable for customization and course setup. The drag and drop course editor with ready-to-use course templates helps content creators with accessible deliverables.

Website and learning tools

The website availability and learning tools for student-teacher interaction provide successful online courses. Both thinkific and teachable are offers a custom domain for course setup and delivery with secure hosting. The websites can help with promotion courses as well.

In thinkific, there any many student interaction tools available for courses, lessons, and teachings listed below.

  • Random quizzes, assignments, and exams are available for every lesson.
  • The learner community is known for materials sharings and group activities.
  • Course completion certificates are known to engage students.
  • Drip scheduling with one-to-one coaching is available.

In teachable, multimembers community is available for student interactions. Teachable has one-to-one call hosting, task management with scheduling options. Quizzes are available, and students can share success stores with communities. Course completion certificates are also available in teachable. We can create an academy of courses with teachable.

Verdict: Thinkific vs Teachable learning tools features battle is a tie. Both platforms have better interactivity with students. They use quizzes and surveys to make course learning an interesting task.

Marketing and promotion

Marketing and sales promotion helps content creators to make revenues for the course and teaching lesson. In thinkific, we have automated email campaigns and coupon codes for online course promotions. The discount offers are also available to upsell associative courses. Thinkific APPs store has email marketing tools like active campaign, Aweber, etc. We can customize every part of the marketing page drag and drop editors.

Teachable uses only sage pages for the promotion and marketing of online courses. We need to integrate third-party tools like zapeir for customers management and sales promotions. Many third-party email marketing services are available for lead capture and promotional campaigns.

Verdict: In the battle of Teachable vs thinkific, Thinkific is the winner for the marketing promotion of online courses. Thinkific apps stores have many tools for course promotions and sales. Wherein teachable, it needs third-party integrations for this task.

Payment and Security

Every online course creation and membership subscription for teaching and coaching need different pricing models to sell it to the students. In thinkific, we can use multiple pricing plans such as one-time payments, subscriptions, online courses, and webinar events. The payments are collected instantly via payment gateways with a full ecommerce function similar to Shopify. 

Teachable uses PayPal and Money Pay to accept payments in sales pages from different countries. We can accept mobile payments from anywhere using credit cards, debit cards, and even with google pay. We can even pay for team members, contributors, and authors in academy course creations with monthly or weekly payouts. Teachable has an affiliate system to promote products by learners and earn money with affiliate payouts.

Verdict: Teachable is the winner. It provides secured SSL-based checkout pages. So we can accept payments anywhere, even with mobile devices. The taxes are remittable for authors and contributors.

Pricing and Support

Which one is best for Pricing – teachable vs thinkific 2022?. Both thinkific and teachable are provides free trial for online course creation with limited features. Thinkific is available for 79$ per month in its best plan among four variations. The cheaper Pricing and greater support make a lot more confidence to purchase the platform for online course creation.

Teachable is available for $99 per month for its four variations.

When it comes to supporting both thinkific and teachable, expert teams and community support provide the best support to create online courses. Thinkific provides apps stores and thinkific plus for extended operations while creating and selling online classes. At the same time, teachable provide online academy creation support by its expert support team.

Verdict: Thinkific is the winner in Pricing. However, when it comes to supporting the battle is the tie. Both thinkific and teachable provide the best support for creators and authors.

Final verdict: Thinkific in Winner of the battle between teachable Vs thinkific. It wins most of the best features battle over teachable.

Conclusion Thinkific vs teachable

By wrapping up the Thinkific vs teachable comparison, the best platform for creating and selling online courses is lower prices and better accessibility. Thinkific is the best choice in 2022 for online course creation and management over teachable.

In the battle of Teachable or Thinkific, which is the best? The reasons are Thinkific wins most of the best features to create and sell online courses, such as course customization setup, marketing promotion, and Pricing. It ties with teachable on two occasions, such as student interactivity and support for course creation. However, teachable has only one win over thinkific with the best payment solution for course selling and creations.

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