Thinkific vs Ruzuku: Which Is Better For Online Courses?

thinkific vs ruzuku

Which platform makes online course teaching and learning more interactive? The Ruzuku vs Thinkific comparison gives the best option for online course teaching with selling features. The Ruzuku and Thinkific help create online courses by authors, content creators, and teachers. Moreover, they offer better features for learner interaction with content creators during the course progress.

These platforms allow creating course academies or universities of course to students. The marketing tools and payment gateway integration helps for course promotion with payment acceptance from different locations. We can provide online teaching with videos, PDFs, Presentations with community interactions using these platforms. The Ruzuku Vs Thinkific helps find the best platform for knowledge sharing with revenue generation.

Why is Thinkific is better than Ruzuku for course teaching?

The Thinkific offers better features to teach courses online over Ruzuku. Moreover, it has the below advantages. 

  • Thinkific is the one-stop platform to create course academies, group learning with organization teams with multiple instructors.
  • It uses fully customizable templates for online course creation and its promotion with lead pages.
  • The course tracking and learners management helps to provide training for employees.  
  • For better learning experiences, it uses student reviews, surveys, quizzes, assignments and then discussion boards.
  • Thinkific Apps stores and Thinkific Plus helps to promote online courses with simple integration of business tools.
  • A free trial of course creation and selling is available with ecommerce functions.

Why is Ruzuku preferred over Thinkific for online course teaching?

For online course teaching and training, the Ruzuku is the better option than Thinkific for the below reasons.

  • Ruzuku uses discussion or question and answer prompts to learn every topic.
  • The learners can respond to course lessons by posting images, pdfs and then videos for interactions.
  • It provides a demanding course with a drip schedule.
  • Ruzuku can host PDF, videos, PPT and then other files in online courses with ease of accessibility via mobile devices.
  • We can host teleconferences, group chats during course learning with team members.
  • Best courses management in the student learning area.

Thinkific vs Ruzuku Quick Comparison

The Quick comparison between Ruzuku and Thinkific helps identify the best platform to teach and train concepts online for individuals and teams. Moreover, they offer revenue generation features from online teaching with coaching.

WebsiteUnlimited courses, Unlimited students, Video, audio, and data hosting, Course managementsCustom domain, Unlimited courses, live session, Group training, Cloud hosting options
Student experiencePolls and quizzes, Student responses with videos, Discussion prompts, Q&A session for each topic Teleconference hostingStudent reviews Quizzes, surveys, Discussion boards, Completion certificates
PromotionMailchimp integration, Free courses, Custom invites, and remove Participants.  Drag and drop page editor, Custom templates, Email marketing promotional coupons
PaymentOnline courses, Membership  subscriptions, PayPal, Stripe, and Infusionsoft cartsPayPal, Stripe with Membership sites, SSL protected checkouts, Employee payouts Affiliate program  
Group TrainingVideo broadcasts, Group chat,      Thinkific plus with group training, Multiple instructors, Drip Scheduled classes, Online academy
TrackingStudent activity, Comment rates, Course completion by students  Learners tacking, process tracking, sales tracking, analytics, and insights  
SupportPhone, Skype chat, Email, and knowledgebase. Training courses, Tutorials.Community, help center, Email,  phone, and live chat
Free trial14-days free trial is availableAvailable with core features

Ruzuku Vs Thinkific Detailed Features Comparison

The detailed comparison of Ruzuku Vs Thinkifc helps to identify individual features available to teach online courses with student interaction options. The best platform should also provide supporting tools integration to sell online teaching. The platform with better infrastructure for course training and its subscription promotion makes it the best among Thinkific vs Ruzuku.

Here we discuss, 

  • Hosting and website infrastructure for course management with a learning experience. 
  • Supporting tools and features are available for promotion with revenue generation. 
  • Moreover, various customer support methods to create courses with the online academy.
  • Pricing and licences with free trails.

Courses creation and Website Templates

Online teaching and training require websites with content delivery templates. Moreover, customizable templates are the best choice to deliver courses and teachings. The course materials delivery by membership subscription makes the platform the right choice for live teaching at the student’s request.

When it comes to Ruzuku, We can use our domain for website creation to host online classes and courses. It uses global CDN to deliver the online course with powerful course management and teaching templates. We can run old courses for learning the course again. It provides download options with daily backups for live classes and interactive sessions. We can create unlimited courses, and unlimited users can access the course with custom invites.

The Thinkific has below features in course creation and teaching.

  • It has a themes library to create an online course academy with a better student learning membership area.
  • The drag and drop course editor helps organize course materials, even live sessions. 
  • We can provide group training for employees, students and marketing teams with multiple instructors.
  • Ready to use custom templates with custom domain helps create online academy and student community participation.

Verdict: In the Ruzuku Vs Thinkific course creation and website template customization features battle, The Thinkific is the Winner with custom domain, drag and drop course builder with ready to use course templates. Moreover, we can provide group training with multiple tutors.

Web Hosting and Student Experience

The online courses and coaching programs require the best hosting service to host the course materials. Moreover, they need to be accessed by anyone at any location without downtime. The live classes and video conferences need to be hosted on a faster server.

The Ruzuku uses best Hosting with Global CDN for course material hosting and its live content delivery. The faster service can help to access live streaming videos and audio. Moreover, we can host live video broadcasts for online teaching. Ruzuku uses the below features for students better experiences.

  • Course wide Q&A and forum discussion,
  • Quizzes and polls for students,
  • Students can post videos, images and comments as responses to courses
  • Live course with drip scheduling with email notifications
  • It has social student profiles and communities with group chats for student interactions.

While in Thinkific, we have cloud hosting support for hosting the course materials. It uses live sessions of training with secured access. Moreover, it provides a better learners experience with the below features.

  • We can create an academy of courses with community training. 
  • The student reviews, random quizzes, discussion boards, assignments and then surveys are available with Thinkific. 
  • The Thinkific plus provides group training with employees, students and customers.
  • Thinkific apps stores have many tools with complete tracking and analytics of course progress.

Verdict: Thinkific vs Ruzuku – 2022 Hosting and Learning Experience battle Ruzuku is the Winner. Because It has the best hosting with CDN for video and course storage. Moreover, it has a student learning experience with interaction. 

Marketing and Promotion

The revenue generation from online courses and teaching is made using the best marketing tools with promotion features. In Ruzuku, we have Mailchimp email marketing integration. We can use this for sending sales letters and promotional campaigns for the email list. Moreover, We can create a membership site or subscription programs to promote online courses and live teachings.

When it comes to Thinkific, we can use an automated email campaign for marketing the courses. The promotional coupons are available for discounts and offers. We can provide a trial for the courses using coupons as well. Thinkific apps stores have popular email marketing services, CRMs with analytics and tracking software. We use simple integration to achieve the best marketing results even with split testing and insights. 

Thinkific vs Ruzuku, which course platform to use for marketing courses?

Verdict: In the marketing and promotions battle, the Thinkific is the Winner. The Ruzuku need third party tools for marketing and promotion of online courses with Mailchimp. At the same time, Thinkific uses lead pages with automated email campaigns for marketing. 

Sale payment pages and Security

The online courses and teaching are need membership sites with subscription options for its access by the learners. Moreover, we can sell courses and subscription programs using payment processors and sales pages.

Ruzuku uses PayPal, Stripe, infusionsoft or payment processors in payment pages. It helps to accept payments from multiple countries with zero transaction fees. Ruzuku provides ecommerce coupons for exit check out discounts and offers. We can sell memberships and subscriptions with its payment settings.

In Thinkific, we have PayPal and Stripe payment processors to accept payment from students anywhere in the world. With their payments, the content creators, teachers, and contributors of online academy creation can process with these payment processors. The transactions are monitored using site admin and courses admin. Moreover, Thinkific uses secured SSL checkout pages for payment processing.

Verdict:  Thinkific vs Ruzuku payment and security battle ends in a Tie. The both platforms use Paypal and Stripe for payment processing. Thinkific can process affiliates and contributors payments using the same processors with tracking.

Pricing and Support

The Ruzuku online course teaching platform is available at $83.08 per month with 14 days free trial. Moreover, It provides multiple support modes with skype chat, phone, email, and training courses. The tutorials help to create a course and live teachings with ruzuku.

In Thinkific, the free trial version is available with core features and ecommerce options. The best plan is available at $79 per month. In addition, Thinkific plus and apps stores are available for academy creation and group training. 

Thinkific uses online community, email support, telephone, and knowledgebase for course creation when it comes to supporting. Moreover, it uses mobile apps for easy access by learners.

Verdict: In the Thinkific vs Ruzuku pricing battle, Thinkific is the Winner with free trials. When it comes to supporting both, the platform has better support with materials and experts. So the support battle is a tie. 

Final verdict: Overall, the Thinkific is the Winner of the battle between Ruzuku Vs Thinkific. Ruzuku provides a tough fight with live teaching and student experiences with the best customer support. However, Thinkific wins most of the battles, making them the winner of this comparison. 

Conclusion Thinkific vs Ruzuku

Thinkific vs Ruzuku – which is the best course selling platform?

By wrapping up Thinkific vs Ruzuku comparison, both platforms provide better online course creations with live teaching features. The Ruzuku has the best student communication features during the course learning. At the same time, The Thinkific uses a theme library, custom templates, live video classes, group training with academy creation for teaching online courses. 

Moreover, It uses Thinkific app stores for course promotion, marketing with student tracking. The Thinkific plus helps create academy, lead generation and group training features for online teaching. In the end, Thinkific is the best choice for online teaching over Ruzuku. 

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