Thinkific Review: Features, Pros & Cons (2022)

thinkific review

Are you looking to sell your expertise about particular interests by creating online content?. We need the best platform to create online content and deliver it to people through courses or interactive sessions. These lessons and seasons are created and managed at a particular membership area. We can deliver it to interested people by marketing and selling tools. The single platform will do course creation, management and selling the course online is thinkific. Yes, this post is the thinkific review 2022 about how easy it is to create, manage and sell our knowledge to the people.

Thinkific is the best course creation platform for who and why?

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform for online course creators and coaches to teach their knowledge to their students. They can earn money from organizing and managing the lessons with this platform. Moreover, it offers marketing tools for promotions with support teams to help the creators to earn.

Is Thinkific legitimate? Perhaps! Thinkific is the best solution for content creators such as bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters to deliver their expertise as a product or live sessions. They can even create an academy with thinkific to teach students. It is the platform to help both teachers and students to earn income with satisfaction.

It is easy to create, customize and publish courses with promotional options to earn money from creators and learners. Thinkific has a custom domain, drag and drop builder. Moreover, it has ecommerce features with coupons, app store and best support community to create and sell online courses.

Benefits to choose Thinkific for online courses

Many teaching and learning platforms are available for creators and learners in the marketplace. We should choose thinkific for the below reasons.

  • Easy course management and coaching interface template creation and publishing options available with thinkific.
  • The great community support is available with thinkific to create interfaces for student interaction with coaching sessions.
  • Moreover, the authors, content creators, and coaches can earn money for their teachings, courses, and then membership programs.
  • The thinkific offers promotion events like affiliate programs the students can earn passive income while learning the courses. 
  • Is Thinkific free? Not entirely! We can access thinkific for free with course builder, ecommerce and course templates with single admin access.

You can also access Thinkific white label solutions. So it will be the best platform for teachers and students. We are also expanding it further in this Thinkific review.

Downsides of Thinkific

Thinkific provides different pricing plans restricted by many site admins. We can create unlimited courses in thinkific but managing with limited site admins is the only downside with Thinkific. Like other platforms, many advanced features are available in higher pricing plans. 

Thinkific is the best solution for online course creators

The authors and coaches have well knowledge in their teachings. The proper tools and their accessibility is to manage and deliver their knowledge with students is always a critical task for them. Some platforms can provide great course creation options, but we require additional tools to deliver live classes, and we need even more to manage students and marketing courses.

The thinkific provides online course creation and sells it online in one place with simple accessibility. All the features of online courses delivery are classified within four categories in thinkific. They are course building, student experience, tracking and marketing with sales. Moreover, The app stores will do the rest for advanced integrations. So it will be the best option for content creators to sell it online.

Best Features of Thinkific

As we know, the authors and coaches can create and sell online courses with four categorized features in thinkific. Each of the categories has advanced features for course creation and promotions. We will see how good is Thinkific in this section.

Online Course Building features

Thinkific offers an unmatched learning experience for students with life lessons, courses, videos, assignments and communities. 

  • They provide a custom domain for creating a website for online courses.
  • The drag and drop website builder can customize user interfaces and course content management and delivery pages.
  • We can deliver the online course as live, on-demand and bundle classes to the learners.
  • Secure cloud hosting is available to store course content and materials with SSL-based login page access.
  • We have ready-to-use course templates with a drip schedule for content access.

The course templates are fully responsive. We can access it anywhere with mobile devices.

Student Experience features

A learner’s experience is the finest part of the online course success. Thinkific provides different options for better interaction with teachers, coaches, and other learners. The popups and customized course video player helps in a live coaching session with coaches with chat options integrated with thinkific app stores.

Thinkific offers quizzes, assignments and engagement surveys for every lesson and course that helps students to follow the course. We can also use personalized reward programs to encourage their learning.

It also provides exams and certificates for course completion and grade recognition. We can integrate different student experience tools like accredible, beast notes, etc. They are helpful in note-taking, simulation, gaming, and community interaction during course learning.

Marketing Automation and Selling feature

Thinkific provides a drag and drop website builder with storefront theme options. We can create online courses as a bundle or individual lessons with membership options. We can also add downloadable digital lessons like videos and podcasts to the online course.

Full ecommerce functions are available with thinkific. We can create sales pages with complete customization options for text and links. We can use payment carts to sell online courses with zero transaction fees in over a hundred different countries. Moreover, we would sell the courses with sophify.

It provides the best marketing options with automated email campaigns with discount coupons to promote courses and memberships. It can provide lead pages to collect the details from the interested people and process email campaigns for promotion, of course. The app store has Aweber, Mailchimp, activecampaign, etc., for marketing automation. 

We can also use capture, cardstock, eWebinar to sell online courses on the sales page with better ecommerce functions. These options have topped our Thinkific review checklist.

Student and Course Tracking features

The student can track the course progress with a completion schedule. The creators can track the student’s progress and the time required to complete the course. They can even know about many students enrolled in particulars. 

These insights and tracking help the teacher conduct exams and award-winning programs to engage students. We can even promote the next associative courses for the quick learners. The Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, segment mixpanel tools are available to track student activities in the groups and convections in the promotions.

Customer Support in Thinkific

Thinkific is one of the best course creations and selling platforms for new users. It uses such a great community and expert team of support for the course creators and coaches. 

We can access community groups, video tutorials for course creation, material management, and marketing automation during sales promotions.

It uses a help center to access experts via phone apart from the leverage of knowledgebase tutorials. We can even set up an academy of courses to grow our business with thinkific. It offers multi-language translation options with flexible prices.

The thinkific plus is available for revenue generation, group learning, lead generation with the customer and employee education. Moreover, It has multiple addons in the thinkific apps for extended features inclusion during the course creation. We can access the features according to the need of content creators.

Conclusion Thinkific review 2022

By wrapping up the thinkific review, The content creators and coaches can deliver their knowledge to people by creating and selling online courses via Thinkific. It is the best platform covering all the bases of online course creation and selling in four features categories. 

Course creation, student experience, marketing & selling and finally, student tracking during the course creation and promotion are performed well with thinkific and these have grabbed our attention in this Thinkific review. It provides the best customer support for course creators and coaches.

The learning interface customization with responsiveness, course materials hosting with secured access, Student interactivity, sale promotion with marketing automation. Moreover, the support makes Thinkific is the best all-in-one platform to create and sell courses online. It is helpful for YouTubers, bloggers, podcasters to create online courses and sell them in the marketplace on their own. 

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