7 Best Sites To Take Online Classes & Double Income in 2022


Are you looking for the best platforms to take online classes? For this, we need learning management systems to connect the teacher and the students. The system should provide the options to create an online course with teaching modules. Moreover, sites to take online classes should also help with the student integration by quiz, assignment and then test as well. 

The next important thing is we should need the technology tools to take classes online for a course, and it needs a camera-enabled system with teaching equipment. Most importantly, it should be a peaceful place without any noise disturbance to record classes. The student feedback makes the online classes becomes more effective.

Why online classes over real classes?

The online classes are the greater method to learn concepts with media files like infographics graphics, voice notes and video series. It should be like a real class with duration and goal, and then it will become more effective. 

The main advantage of online classes we can learn anywhere and anytime, even with mobile gadgets. Although it needs, the student has commitment and time management to learn the concept on time for the successful online class.

How to take online classes with a learning platform?

The online classes should be planed for a course to deliver a concept to the students. So it needs time and resource allocation in an organized manner. So students can learn easily to complete the course.

We should create the assignment, quiz and tests in between classes to test the student follow-up. For more details, the books and materials should be provided to the students with community integration opportunities. We should communicate the duration and goal of the course and classes with students for their time allocations.

Best platforms to take online classes

The online classes creation platform helps the student to learn things quicker and easier way. Here we have the best platforms that help to take online classes and create online courses. Moreover, we can even sell the course online with these platforms. When you are aware of sites to take online classes, you can easily skyrocket your income.

Wiz IQ

The WizIQ is an online virtual classroom with an online course creation platform to create and sell online courses. It provides virtual classrooms for the live session. Course creation helps to learn anywhere and anytime. The WizIQ offers tests and student assessments for interactive learning and student tracking.

It also provides LMS ecommerce to sell online courses by delivering them properly with learning management software. The e-learning analytics can help the students about the course progress and its time limit to complete the course. The quizzes and then tests are available with time restrictions.

Features of WizIQ

  • WizIQ provides spaces to create and sell online courses with live classes.
  • We can easily deploy WizIQ to tutor online for the students.
  • It provides mobile apps to learn 24/7 with portable devices.
  • We can quickly train new software by online tutorials and live classes to our team as well.
  • It provides an opportunity to create a custom learning portal to learn and then promote online courses.
  • Course builder is available to create and manage course materials and their delivery to the students. 

Easy class

Easy class, one of the best sites to take online classes, is a free learning management system for students. The instructors are allowed to create online classes and store the complete course with the necessary modules. We can even create assignments and quizzes for the students’ interaction for online classes. 

The Easyclass can provide discussion boards for student interaction, and it offers a library to refer to apart from the class materials. Online exams can be conducted via easy class to assist the student well. It provides a 24/7 active environment to connect with another student for interaction.

Features of Easyclass

  • The easy class provides an integrated grade book for assignments and quizzes performed by the student. 
  • Students can provide even feedback about the class and exams.
  • It offers unlimited file storage to create and store course materials.
  • My files section can allow instructors can store, organize and then manage course resources.
  • Cloud-based SaaS is used for best engaging classrooms for students.

Academy of Mine

Academy of mine is the customizable digital learning platform for teachers to create online classes and courses. We can create and manage high-quality content for our course. We can offer online self–paced courses by video, audio, pdf, quizzes and live stream. 

The academy of mine can provide online virtual classes and webinars. In which students can join one-to-one classes as well. The group onboarding helps student engagement and interaction with the community. Moreover, it provides limitless software integration and locking mechanism to promote the course. Several teachers have found it easier using sites to take online classes since they have readily available infrastructure to kickstart the journey.

Features of Academy of mine

  • The teachers can create a course and set an expiration time to promote the course.
  • The drag and drop course builder can help teachers to arrange course material and then assignments.
  • We can create quizzes with certifications for the best performers.
  • It has the best student and instructor dashboard to initiate and navigate the course progress.
  • We can use responsive pre-built layouts to deliver the course to the student moreover, on mobile devices.


The learnWorlds is one of the best platforms to create and sell online courses easily in the market. We can create courses and sell the course even with promotions. It is an opportunity to monetize the skills via an online course. It engages learners with video interactions, note-taking, self-assignments and SCORM.

Moreover, The course can be offered free, paid, private and even drip feed the content with subscription levels. Video learning with quizzes and transcripts helps students more engaged with the course.

Feature of LearnWorlds

  • We can promote the online course that we created to teach students.
  • It provides automatic and synchronized transcripts for video courses.
  • We can add interaction without post protection to easily add titles, pointers, overlay and links.
  • All the materials are hosted in Learnworlds.
  • We can check the stats about the video interactions in the dashboard.
  • A customizable course player is available for note-taking and interaction.

It is one of the trustworthy sites to take online classes.


Thinkific provides a good platform to create online courses and sell them in the marketplace. It also has the best impact on teaching online. We can build online courses by uploading quizzes and creating video content for the course. Schedule the content and price the modules by automating the content delivery. Thinkific also has been rated as one of the excellent platforms to take online classes.

It provides a place to showcase our course content for the promotions. A customizable template is available to create course pages with marketing options to promote the course online. Moreover, It supports the student by automated progress emails with course discussions.

Features of Thinkific

  • Thinkific offers the best learning experience with live lessons and unlimited video tutorials.
  • It provides community support for student engagements and discussions.
  • The customizable website is available for ecommerce operation and course promotion with marketing tools.
  • The best student assessment is available with surveys, quizzes, assignments, exams and then certificates.
  • We can track the student’s progress with certificate validation and memberships.


Pathwright is a great online learning platform to create online classes and teach online. It can provide an opportunity to design, learn, teach and manage courses online. We can easily demonstrate our ideas into media files like images, videos and even tutorials by the pathwright design platform.

The game-like practice quizzes and tests can engage the students towards the course completion. The setpoint for the course progress and the private note-taking opportunities are good for the active earners. Moreover, It can award the printable certificate for course performance.

Features of Pathwright

  • The best learning experience with theme selection and responsive design to access in mobile devices.
  • It provides learns home page about the course progress.
  • We can teach the concepts with radars, and the schedule is also available for student reminders.
  • Feedback and discussion prompts are available during the live classes.
  • Best community learning is available with coherent discussion boards.
  • Storefront and pitch pages can help to sell courses with a one-page checkout.

Conclusion best sites to take online classes

By wrapping up this article, many eLearning and online course creation platforms are available to take online classes. With the help of these platforms, we can even sell the classes by organizing the tutorials as a course. It provides many opportunities for student interactions such as discussion boards, quizzes, surveys and assignments.

WizIQ is the best platform for taking classes and creating the course with student assessment in the above-listed platform. We can even sell the course by promoting it with ecommerce LMS features. Moreover, it is the best platform to take classes online with a virtual classroom.

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