7 Best Kajabi Alternatives To Sell Online Courses

kajabi alternatives

Kajabi alternatives help find the right platform to teach and deliver online courses by selling them as a product. Generally, Kajabi is the best platform to sell our knowledge through online courses, teaching, and even membership products. In addition, it helps content creators, authors, marketers, and influencers to do business with knowledge resources. Finally, it provides many support tools such as websites, email, lead pages, analytics, and communities for doing business.

Moreover, Kajabi has pipelined automated marketing campaigns to promote the courses. We can sell the products using PayPal and Stripe payment processors with upsell checkout pages. We can track the business with analytics and custom reports with Kajabi tools. It uses a mobile application to access the products. However, it has some downsides for selling content that look for Kajabi alternatives. 

Limitations of Kajabi

The Kajabi disadvantages listed below need to find the best replacement in the online course selling and academy creation business. 

  • Kajabi has limited customization options for online course delivery.
  • The Pricing is slightly costlier with a limited number of users.
  • Online live teaching and coaching need third-party tools integrations.
  • The payment processors use transaction fees while accepting payments from the learners.

Even though it provides the best marketing pipelines and promotional features, These downsides cause to select the best Kajabi replacement to sell online courses with academy creation. Meanwhile, Kajabi alternative should offer marketing features to promote online courses.

Best Kajabi Alternatives 2022

The Kajabi replacement platform should compete with the Kajabi marketing features. It should provide easy to deliver online courses with student interactive tools. The learning interface with pre-request classes, course tracking, and community participation. Moreover, it should provide the business tools integrations to promote our teachings and online courses. Here, we have a list of the best Kajabi alternatives.


Thinkific is the online course teaching and selling platform with the best student interaction. Even group training is the best Kajabi alternative to provide the best learning experience. We can create an online academy of live coaching and training with Thinkific plus services. Thinkific offers the best marketing automation with lead pages and promotional offers. It helps to sell the online teachings with sales pages. 

Moreover, thinkific provides app stores with many marketing tools, student experience, analytics, and tracking to sell the courses. It uses the mobile application for android and Apple to access the courses anywhere with secure checkout pages.

Features of Thinkific

  • Thnkific provides a theme library with many ready-to-use templates for course delivery and online teachings.
  • We can customize the website completely for led generation, course delivery with student learning assessments.
  • Thinkific plus provides revenue generation features through group training and employee training with academy creations.
  • Live coaching is available with a pre-request session from the learners makes better learner engagements.
  • The free version of Thinkific is available with core features of online course creation and selling. This can also be treated as a Kajabi free alternative.


Ontraport is the best Kajabi Alternative to build online courses with membership options. It also provides the best marketing automation campaigns with CRM tools integration. It helps to sell online teachings by course creation with membership subscriptions. Ontraport has many funnel pages with customization options; We can also use forms for lead generation with automated promotional campaigns.

Unlike Kajabi, it uses flexible payment options to upsell courses on secure checkout pages. In addition, 24/7 live chat support with one-to-one screen share options helps new creators efficiently market their knowledge with Ontraport.

Features of Ontraport

  • Ontraport uses a lead magnet with webinar funnels for the course promotion on membership sites.
  • It uses an old course with migration support to promote it with Ontraport.
  • Auto-pilot integration makes the best subscriber management with drip email campaigns for marketing.
  • Smart pipelines, task automation, help for course promotion with sales improvements.
  • The third-party tools integrations like zapier, zoom, Shopify makes it easier to do business with the support center.


The Simplero is one of the best Kajabi replacements to sell videos, courses, virtual events, and audio files with membership access. Simple uses intuitive website builder to create and customize awesome course delivery pages for online learning. We can automate the promotion of courses with email marketing campaigns with convertkit or active campaign integrations. Moreover, Simplero helps sell content, online courses, and community access in the knowledge business.

Features of Simplero

  • It provides a website with the best customer integrative journey.
  • Simple uses many high converting landing pages for lead generation with customizable options.
  • It has built-in affiliate program management with prober payment processing and tracking.
  • It uses many support tools for marketing automation and course promotions.
  • The coaches, consultants, trainers and influencers can do business with Simplero.
  • We can educate customers with courses and communities with complete customer insights.


Gurucan is the best platform to create and sell online courses with membership sites. It helps promote courses with email marketing, push notifications, and mobile applications and is one of the new Kajabi alternatives. Gurucan uses the best student interactive options during course learning with tests and quizzes. High converting responsive landing pages help to create storefront pages to sell courses. Moreover, Built-in webinars and live chats are available for community interactions make it as best Kajabi alternative 2022.

Features of Gurucan

  • Course builder helps create online courses with multimedia courses, video lectures, quizzes, downloads, webinars, etc.
  • Membership site helps to create easier learning access with mobile devices and then scalable pricing options.
  • Fully customizable landing pages with webinar options.
  • It has marketing automation with email push notifications for course promotions.
  • Guru can have analytics and CRM integration with mobile applications.


Memberful is one of the alternatives to Kajabi meant to create online courses with multiple subscription plans. It helps content creators, publishers, educators, and podcasters to sell their creative using membership sites. Memberful uses optimized checkout pages with dashboard customer analytics. It uses stripe payment processing with one-time and then recurring payments. In addition, it provides a white label for custom branding to create community sites.

Features of Memberful

  • It provides a custom domain for online course creation with membership options.
  • Group subscription is available for online training.
  • Memberful offers email marketing services integration for marketing automations.
  • Multiple payment options with Stripe, wire transfers, cheques, etc.
  • Memberful has easy member management with dashboard analytics.
  • Best support systems with communities, documentation and handbooks.
  • We can sell personal podcasts easily with memberful.


We can sell online courses, community access, and digital downloads with Podia. It is the best alternative to Kajabi to market our knowledge via online courses and teachings. Podia provide one-to-one coaching with webinars, pre-request coaching sessions. Moreover, It provides a good learning experience through quizzes, surveys, and discussions. We can organize the live events with zoom and youtube integrations. Custom websites with mobile responsive templates help to create lading pages even for marketing and course promotions.

Features of Podia

  • We can sell courses, webinars and live coaching programs with Podia.
  • Podia integrates many email marketing tools with live chat widgets, embeds, and affiliate tools.
  • It has a white label for custom branding for online course websites.
  • We can have coaching, sites, courses and user management within the dashboard.
  • Affiliate marketing is available for the course promotions.
  • Best community support with Q&A, help center and live chats.


Coursify.Me is the fine replacement for Kajabi to create online schools full of courses. We can provide online schools with multiple courses and learning sessions with a better student experience. A custom website is available with course content import options from dropbox, etc. Cousify helps customize the online course website with a custom logo, images, and responsive templates for course delivery. Moreover, Paypal and Stripe processors help to accept payments from multiple countries. Student management and course tracking in real-time make it the best Kajabi Alternative.

Features of Coursify.me

  • It provides a custom online school website with logo, image and color schemes.
  • Online course builder helps to create multiple courses lessons arrangements for the best learning experience.
  • The student learning area covers learning tools and a course tracking dashboard.
  • It provides the best hosting service to access course material from anywhere.
  • The responsive templates help better compatibility with all browsers.
  • Accept payment from multiple countries with secure payment pages.

Conclusion Kajabi Alternatives

The Kajabi is the best platform to sell our knowledge as an online course or product in the marketplace. It provides websites, email, marketing automation, and analytics for the course promotions. Moreover, the best payment methods help accept payment even from mobile devices. However, it has some downsides like slightly higher Pricing, lesser course customization options, live coaching classes, and group training. Therefore, it makes to look for Kajabi alternatives.

The Thinkific is the best replacement for Kajabi with the best online course delivery and training in the above list. Moreover, we can create an online academy of courses with Thinkific plus. The apps stores have many marketing and analytics tools with better student experiences. The best customer support from different modes helps the new creator run a successful online academy. In the end, Thinkific is the best Kajabi alternative in 2022.

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