How To Create And Sell Online Courses?


We know that creating and selling online courses is a lengthy process. It takes time to create course materials; however, it should be scheduled to deliver its users timely. The online courses need an interactive tool to communicate with students and between students. 

The best online courses should offer tests and assignments for follow-up with certifications. Some course materials are needed to be downloadable by learners. Once we have created and scheduled the course, we need to host and sell the course online through different marketing strategies.

Now these entire processes have been simplified by an online course selling platform. It provides many options to create lessons, communities, websites for course setup. Moreover, these platforms have payment methods to sell the courses online. We will see the best platforms to create and sell online courses.

Best platforms to create and sell courses online

The online course creation platforms should cover teaching and coaching templates with student interactions. The tutors and coaches always prefer the best platforms for creating online courses by scheduling a live session with community interactions. The assignments, quizzes, and then tests are added advantages. 

The courses should be profitable to the authors and coaches by selling them online. So these platforms must offer website pages to promote courses by email marketing and even by affiliates. A platform with simple payment options for learners is preferable to create and sell online courses.

1. Teachable

Teachable is the best platform to turn our experiences into online courses through lessons, webinars, and podcasts. We can create courses related to arts, sport coaching sessions and do marketing with podcasting. Teachable provides customizable web interfaces for a live session with schedules.

It offers many learning tools with online lessons. Authors and coaches can create unlimited video lessons, coaching services, courses for a paid plan. They help participate in quizzes, tests and then tell the success stories with learning communities. It provides the best security for the courses, and then students access it on any device.

Features of Teachable

  • Teachable have the best dashboard with users, emails, sales and sites management for selling the course.
  • It has a courses section to create course lessons, assignments and quizzes with its arrangements.
  • In teachable, the coaches section provides a live classroom-like experience with one-to-one or one-to-many webinars.
  • We can create sales pages to sell online courses with paypal and then mobile pay payment options.
  • 24×7 security monitoring for hosted courses and SSL encrypted login pages and payment pages are available in teachable.

2. Thinkific (Best Course Selling Website)

Thinkific provides simple steps to create online courses and publish them online. It offers many course templates, and we can choose the right one based on the course nature. Every template has multiple customization options at each part of the template. Moreover, It makes a better user interface for course content access and live caching sessions with students.

Once we select the templates, we can create courses, and by drag and drop section, we can manage the course materials with content schedules. The randomized quizzes and assignments help learners learn quickly with course follow through. We can sell online courses with the best marketing tools integrations.

Features of Thinkific

  • Three-step online course creation with different templates, customize and manage courses with drag and drop options.
  • Live lessons options are available for coaching and webinars.
  • It provides communities for interactions and certificates for course completion.
  • We can market our online courses with coupons and automated emails.
  • The lead pages and sales pages are created with thinkific. Moreover, it has app stores for student and sales tracking.

3. LearnWorlds

Creating online courses with Learnworlds provides more student engagements. We can even create school websites to provide better learning experiences for students. It is one of the best platforms to create and sell online courses with tracking reports during marketing campaigns.

Learnworlds course creation platform engages students with video lessons and note-taking options. The interactive ebooks, self-assignments, certificates, and SCORM helps best community interaction in online courses. The automated video transcripts quiz and table of content creation are a lot easier while creating an online course with LearnWorlds.

Features of LearnWorlds

  • LearnWorlds provide a block-based builder to create high converting landing pages for course promotion.
  • We can sell online courses as bundles or memberships with this platform.
  • It provides upsell and cross-sell options to promote associate courses with coupon codes.
  • We can use marketing funnels to promote courses for better income.
  • It provides the best marketing tools integrations like Aweber, zapier, etc.

4. Podia

Podia is the best platform to create online courses with live webinars. It provides the best marketing options such as email and affiliate marketing to promote our online courses. Moreover, podia provide opportunities for the student to promote the course by joining as an affiliate to get income while learning the course.

We can create online courses with lessons, quizzes, and assignments with custom templates for student interface. It offers communities for student interaction and scheduling options for live webinars and coaching sessions.

Features of Podia

  • The online course can offer downloadable course materials such as videos, images and ebooks.
  • Podia provide one-to-one and one-to-many live webinars with youtube and then zoom meetings.
  • Online courses can be offered as a bundle or membership options with different pricing plans.
  • We can even upsell associative courses with discounted prices.
  • Podia provides a subdomain to create pages for online course promotions and sales.
  • It uses email marketing and affiliate marketing tools to sell courses online.

5. Kajabi

Kajabi is one of the best platforms to sell courses online with different marketing options. The marketing and promotion of online courses with Kajabi are simpler by converting them into product and online membership programs. We can create courses, membership sites, coaching programs to teach online courses with secured hosting services.

Online course selling is more straightforward with its website, landing pages, payments, analytics, and insights features. We can promote the online course by email with automated marketing campaigns. Moreover, Kajabi provides a website with responsive templates to access the courses even with mobile devices.

Features of Kajabi

  • It includes podcasts, courses, communities, quizzes for online course creations.
  • Kajabi provides websites to deliver the course content; however, we can promote courses by creating promotional content.
  • We can do email marketing with automated marketing pipelines.
  • We can create sales pages with paypal and stripe payment options.
  • Mobile apps are available in Apple stores and play stores.

6. Ruzuku

Ruzuku is a fantastic platform to create content for online courses. We can connect with audiences to coach them with online courses. We can create, sell and teach concepts through online courses and webinars. It uses the live session to coach students. Ruzuku is the best answer for how to create an online course to sell?.

It provides Mailchimp email integration for promoting the courses with marketing campaigns. Moreover, Ruzuku helps create sales pages with PayPal and stripe payment options integration for selling courses online.

Features of Ruzuku

  • We can host and display course materials like PDF, word, ppt for online classes with Ruzuku.
  • It offers to host teleconferences with slides, group chat, and automatic recording helps students’ community interactions.
  • Students can track their progress with their course progress.
  • Students can post images, videos and PDFs during the interactive sessions.
  • It offers easy access via Phones, email, skype, Facebook groups, knowledge bases and then training tutorials.

7. Kartra

Kartra is the best platform to sell the online course and deliver course materials like lessons, quizzes, and surveys. It offers lead and sales pages to promote online courses with email marketing campaigns. We can even use marketing funnels and membership options to market the online courses.

The Kartra help desk can support the student with course material delivery and access. Moreover, It offers video marketing with popups and video overlay with playlist options. It also provides affiliate programs to promote the courses by students with tracking options.

Features of Kartra                                            

  • We can create sales and lead pages to sell courses online with kartra.
  • It offers checkout pages with Paypal payment options.
  • Kartra provides automated email and SMS marketing campaigns for course promotions.
  • The calendar scheduling is available for a one-to-one session with customers.
  • We can deliver course materials by drag and drop membership builder.

8. Teachery

Teachery is an online course creation platform, and we can earn money by selling the course. It uses customizable course templates with sidebar options. The layouts are clean and simple, fully responsive on all mobile devices. Easy navigational options are available to access any part of the course content.

The video, audio, and text lessons, and sub lessons are added in the course templates. We can use countless styling options to match with course content. We can create payment pages with course prices and promote them using emails. Moreover, It provides good income to the authors and coaches by creating courses.

Features of Teachery

  • Teachery provides options to create unlimited courses, lessons, and then student access.
  • A live course editor is available, and we can translate the course into many languages.
  • We can embed video, audio and slide presentations in the course content from youtube, sound cloud and google slides.
  • Customizable course style editor is available in teachery.
  • Recurring payment and promo codes are available with membership options to sell the course.
  • It has sales pages, tracking and analytics with zapeir integration during the course marketing.

Conclusion – How to create and sell an online course?

By wrapping up the article on how to create and sell an online course, many best platforms to create and sell online courses are available in the marketplace. We need to choose the right one based on our course nature and materials with student interactivity. 

Most of the above-listed platforms provide live coaching lessons with online course creation options for authors and coaches. They can even sell their course online with the same platforms and revenue for their skills and knowledge. Thinkific is the best platform for creating online courses and then selling them in the marketplace with secured access.

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