How To Launch A Membership Site And Offer Free Trial For Courses?

how to launch a membership site and offer a free trial

Are you looking to offer a free trial for your courses?. Then, it is time to launch a membership site and offer free trial with multiple courses. Online course delivery to the students needs the best learning experience during the complete course duration. Here, membership sites are the best choice to deliver online course content. 

The membership site provides multiple options to deliver the courses on as bundle or monthly subscription basis. We can use different pricing options for courses with multiple payment methods. So how to launch a membership site for online courses?. It is not a difficult task.

Moreover, we can offer a free trial period for our courses within the membership area. Launching a membership for an online course is now very simple with Thinkific. It provides drip content schedule, landing pages, community setup and different pricing plans to create a membership bundle.

Create a membership site with Thinkific

Thinkific is the best platform to create and launch online courses with live teaching for the students. It products custom domain with drag and drop course builder for online course creates. In Thinkific, we have multiple theme templates for courses setup and membership site landing pages. If you are wondering how to make a membership site, drag and drop features in Thinkific simplify your job. Utilizing some of the best features of Thinkific, your site can skyrocket instantly.

Before creating the membership sites, we should know how to deliver our online course content to the students using the protected site. We offer an online course with a free trial option using membership sites. In Thinkific, we have two options to deliver courses within the membership site one is a bundle, the second one is subscription-based.

We should organize the course content delivery with pricing plans to membership subscriptions in both methods. It helps to accept the payment in sales pages during the site launch. Moreover, we can create an online community for students who learn courses within the membership area using thinkific. If you are wondering how to launch a membership site and offer free trial, Thinkific makes it possible.

Organize online course content on membership site

As soon as you know how to create a membership site, the next step is to handle courses. Managing and delivering online course content is simple with Thinkific. It uses bundle and subscription options to organize the course materials. In the bundle method, we can create multiple online courses as a bundle in thinkific. In addition, we use memberships and bundle options to create courses. 

We can create a new course name, images for the course and other descriptions for the course within the bundle. Moreover, it is possible to add multiple courses in a bundle using single payment or subscription payments for launching it. We can use a free trial period or even a free course inside the membership site in both bundle and subscription options.

Regarding student learning perspective, when someone buys a bundle or monthly subscription, the materials are delivered to them one course at a time with a media player with course tracking options. Here, Thinkific uses drip content delivery for learners inside the membership site. This makes it easy to launch a membership site and offer free trial for courses.

Drip schedule content in online courses

Memberships and bundles in Thinkific have drip scheduling to deliver content for the subscribers, who enter into the members at different times.

Drip schedule uses three methods to deliver the course content based on the subscriptions.

  • The first one is to schedule the content with a member subscription date. 
  • The second is to schedule the content with course start date, 
  • Finally, the third is to schedule the content with a fixed date. 

All three drip scheduling content helps in monthly subscriptions, courses bundles and both methods.

Inside the membership site, a member can join, so we should deliver the course content from their subscription date. For example, a six-month membership subscription, irrespective of the pricing methods, can use any of the above methods for course content delivery. 

In monthly subscription membership program launch, thinkific make the course content available inside the membership site every month from the subscription date. If we had multiple courses on our membership site, We could deliver every course at the end of the previous course. In the coaching program launch, we should use a fixed date to drip the content irrespective of the date of membership subscription. Thinkific provides multiple pricing options and payment methods to launch a membership site.

Pricing plans and payment pages with a free trial

Every membership site has different pricing plans such as Free, Single payment, Monthly recurring subscription and installment payment options. In thinkific, we can use all the pricing methods with a free trial for online courses. It uses PayPal, Stripe processors to accept payment from any country.

We can provide free membership site access for online courses with an email subscription. There is no need for payment pages and processors to access the membership site here. We can use just a landing page for an email subscription. Provide membership login access after the email subscription on the landing page.

In single or full payment, pricing helps sell multiple courses as a bundle. We can use it as additional pricing options for six-month subscription membership by full payment with discounts.

The third method we can use the monthly recurring payment for the membership site with zero cost for the first month as a free trial. We collect payment from the next month onwards until the end of the subsection period.

 The installment payment options help reduce the burden of learner bulk payments into three or four installments until the end of the subscriptions. This method helps sell scalable products, and course upsell options inside the membership site. We can use PayPal, Stripe payment processors to accept payment from the sales checkout pages.

Launch Membership site with landing pages using Thinkific

Once we created a website with online courses and set up prices with membership options. Now we are ready to create landing pages to launch the membership sites with marketing funnels. The Thinkific provides lead generation pages and Sales pages for launching membership sites with free and paid options.

The lead page helps to launch the site with free courses. Whereas in paid membership site requires sales pages with many pricing plans. Moreover, the sales page has a unique payment link with a checkout page for each pricing method. We can also use discounts and upsell courses on checkout pages. Checkout pages will collect all the necessary information for payments and recurring subscriptions. 

Thinkific also provides a page editor with customization options to create other landing pages for the launch of the membership site. The pages are the membership site login page; subscription thank you pages, Membership area landing page, etc.

Moreover, Thinkific provides a better learning experience for online courses inside the membership site with community interactions; we can create quizzes for the lessons, assignments within the member’s area. We can integrate discussion boards to communicate between learners and the course creators. The students can pre-request lessons inside the membership sites.

Launch membership site with coupons and Promo codes

To build a membership site with Thinkific is easy! Thinkific Apps stores and Thinkific plus help launch membership sites and offer free trial with many marketing and promotional tools integrations. For example, email marketing services help create an automated marketing campaign to promote membership sites. In addition, we can use Social Media and Facebook ads to promote courses.

While creating checkout pages with exit offers during course upselling. The promotional codes and course discounts help to increase conversion in the lead, landing pages. These codes improve conversion with different marketing strategies are available in thinkific. For example, we can use an email list, social media influencers marketing with discount and promo codes.

The 100% coupon code helps to access paid courses for free. We can use these features of Thinkific for offering bonuses during full payment for the membership subscriptions. In addition, we can use coupon codes for selling membership with email list promotions. Thinkific provides promotional codes features to market courses by the social media influencers.

Conclusion: Launch a membership site with a free trial of our courses

By wrapping up how to launch a membership site and offer a free trial of online courses, Thinkific is the best platform. Here, we can create and deliver online courses with memberships and bundles. In addition, we can use multiple pricing methods such as a free trial, full payment, subscription and installment options to sell online courses by launching membership sites.

Thinkific provides many features to create a membership site full of courses and even with a monthly subscription of multiple courses. It uses a drip content schedule to deliver the course within the member’s area. Subscription and installments payments help add a free trial period for membership sites. The drip content schedule by subscription date and course start date helps add free trial content for online courses. 

In the end, The Thinkific promo codes and discount offers help to launch the membership site with marketing campaigns using emails and social media. In addition, the drag and drop course editor and page editor with customization options helps to create membership landing pages, lead pages for the membership site launch.

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