6 Best Hosting For Startups (Handpicked)

best hosting for startups

Are you planning to build a startup in WordPress?. First, choose the best hosting for startups to implement your infrastructure. Before identifying the best host, we should examine our startup nature. The eCommerce, web application development, tech info products need different infrastructure.

The Startup services such as health care, finance, monitoring, and analysis should initially have different hosting resources. We should scale the hosting resources during the development phase in both types.

Which Type Of Hosting Resources Does A Startup Need?

Every startup business needs the below features in its hosting as a long-term service for successful running.

  • Advanced technology tools implementation, 
  • Scalable hosting resources (RAM, CPU, Memory and Bandwidth) at any stage of business development,
  • Faster communication tools such as emails, websites and webforms at the earliest.
  • The security of startup business is important for reliable customer engagement
  • Instant customer support is needed for business application deployment and monitoring.
  • The managed hosting resources should be available cheaper at the earliest.

6 Best Hosting for Startup Companies

We have six hosting providers who offer startups web hosting, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting services. For startups, it needs complete freedom to select business opportunities for development. So the best startup hosting should give security, speed, and business applications integration with scalable options.

1. Nexcess Web hosting

The Nexcess web hosting is the best hosting for startup eCommerce stores in WordPress and Magento with flexible cloud hosting support. It has managed a hosting panel with faster and secured hosting resources. In addition, nexcess hosting has flexible scaling options for its resources. As a result, we can quickly build online stores and membership sites in Magento and WordPress.

Features of Nexcess Hosting

  • It is a brand of liquid web hosting with different pricing plans have limited to the number of websites usage, storage and bandwidth.
  • Nexcess has glew reporting, 1-click checkout, doken pro for eCommerce Startups.
  • It has free old website migration with SSL implementation using staging URLs.
  • The ithemes security pro is used for website security with automated backups.
  • The PHP7, Nexess CDN, image compression and lazy loading are available with the performance monitoring tool.
  • Nexcess gives 14 days free trial with 30 days money-back guarantee for all the plans.
  • 24/7/365 support is available with full scalable memory, bandwidth and RAM.

2. Conversio Hosting

Conversio is the best web hosting for startups with higher speed and scalable resources. It gives cloud hosting and WooCommerce hosting with 30 days free trial option. The deployment of WordPress and its infrastructure is done in a few clicks. It is a managed container-based hosting and supports google cloud, AWS, and steadfast servers. DB, PHP, FTP, and docker container used for auto-scaling of resources.

Features of Conversio Hosting

  • It is a container-based solution for WordPress running with 9 containers.
  • The conversio uses auto-scaling during high traffic conditions.
  • High-performance managed dashboard used for deployment of WordPress in the cloud.
  • Free SSL installation and free daily backup with scheduling options.
  • Two-factor authentication and fully isolated container available with regular pitchman monitoring.
  • The speed-optimized by global CDN, CSS, JavaScript minification and compression, image optimization techniques.
  • Node.js, custom caching layers and cloud flare are used to improves the site performance.
  • It uses the load balancer, firewall and cluster for file systems and DBs for auto-scaling of resources.

3. Mediatemple Hosting

Mediatemple web hosting provides many solutions for startups. It has self-managed and fully managed VPS hosting for business applications. The shared, managed, Woocommerce hosting are also available, and cloud hosting is provided with AWS. The computing power, scalability, flexibility, and ease of use control panel make mediatemple hosting best for business startups. The service for cloud hosting for startups is highly satisfactory.

Features of Mediatemple Hosting

  • In Woocommerce hosting, we can add unlimited products on multiple websites, but the site resource are strict with the plans we signed up for.
  • The interface focused control panel provides the best ecommerce options with premium extensions.
  • The startup grows with upgradable plans with extended memory, Ram and bandwidth options.
  • It works with web applications WordPress, Joomla, and drupal. Site migration is also available with DB, themes and plugin upgrades in managed VPS hosting.
  • Fail2Pan regular security audit, Apache/Nginx chache with MySQL optimization are available for performance improvements.
  • Global data centers with 99.9% uptime are available in VPS plans.
  • CDN and web application firewall used for performance improvements.

4. Nestify Hosting

The cheapest WordPress managed hosting for startups available in Nestify with multiple WordPress installs. It provides Woocommerce hosting for online stores with faster transactions, robust security, and good uptime guaranteed performance. It gives free website migration and SSL encryption along with premium CDN availability. Nestify hosting has developer-friendly tools with a CLI interface and SSH access for better business startups in the web application development area.

Features of Nestify Hosting

  • Best managed WordPress hosting available in AWS.
  • It’s all plans have a 60-day money-back guarantee with free trial options.
  • Free CDN and image optimization methods are available for faster performance.
  • Automatic daily backup and automatic WebP conversion for images with page speed optimization are available in nestify hosting.
  • The specially designed for WooCommerce and LMS for startups with auto-scaling options.
  • Security scans are performed with auto-healing options against hackers.
  • We can transfer existing online stores using WooCommerce hosting and migration with staging.
  • The 24×7 support team is available for developer friendly workflow.

5. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is one of the best hosting for Startups in WordPress. It provides fully managed WordPress hosting with a Plesk control panel and Cpanel as well. A2hosting also offers VPS hosting with root-level access. Every hosting plan has free website migration with staging and SSL implementation. We can build WooCommerce websites, community forum integration with multisite functionality using bbPress and BuddyPress. All the plans have a money-back guarantee.

Features of A2Hosting

  • It has page builders for website constructions for online stores and its template pages creations.
  • It has automatic backups, Site cloning and migration options with staging.
  • A2Hosting uses Litespeed cache, Rapid-10 SSD storage for faster data processing.
  • 24/7/365 screw support available with email, chat and online ticketing.
  • Free CloudFlare CDN, Anycast DNs for prefetching and HTTP/3 help will improve the web page speed performance.
  • Image CDN and lazy loading increase the image processing faster, which leads to maximum uptime guarantee.
  • A2Hosting provides domain email hosting with POP3, SMTP and IMAP with spam protection as well. 

6. GreenGeeks Hosting

Reliable, Eco-friendly web hosting is now available at a cheaper price for business startups in GreenGeeks. It provides fully managed web hosting solutions with multiple data centers around the globe, especially the US, Canada, and Europe. It provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee with rapid-10 SSD storage with its datacentres. Its managed control panel uses WHM with optimized performance and security. WHM monitors regular Kernel, PHP, and OS updates. Perhaps, it does not offer free web hosting for startups.

Features of GreenGeeks Hosting

  • It gives an unlimited number of website hosting with free email accounts for the domain hosted in it.
  • Free website migration with a free domain and SSL available for one year.
  • LiteSpeed caches can achieve faster speed performance.
  • SSD storage, HTTP/2 and the latest version of PHP usage can improve the website speed with no downtime possibilities.
  • Git, SSH, SFTP access and WP-CLI options are used for faster developer friendly operations.
  • It uses custom security tools for malicious attacks and uses DDoS protection with 24×7 real-time monitoring.
  • Multiuser access is available with its WHM control panel.
  • It used built-in caches to give maximum availability of websites and Memcached for object caching.
  • Greengeeks provides 30 days money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: Best Hosting for Startups

By wrapping the article, the best hosting should provide scalable storage, bandwidth, and RAM options at any stage of the business development. Apart from scalability, speed performance, security, and web application integration make the best hosting. While there is no free hosting for startups, the detailed list can help you.

Convesio managed WordPress hosting is the best for business startups from the list mentioned earlier. It uses container-based WordPress deployment in minutes.

The advanced caching methods, cluster-based caching in database and file systems, provide faster performance than other hosting solutions. The custom security standards against malware, bots, and DDoS make it the best hosting for startups.

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