5+ Wishlist Member Alternatives To Sell Courses in 2022


Are you looking best WordPress membership plugin?. Wishlist member alternatives give the best solution to create membership sites, online courses, and community websites. Wishlist Member is a WordPress membership plugin that helps to create online course programs with members management.

It has membership tools for the customization of community websites and content management. The content scheduling and its protection are a vital part of the membership website. The content access to corresponding subscribed members varies in every membership software. 

The email autoresponders and payments gateway integration are additional features of the Wishlist Member plugin. Moreover, these features have become useful for members’ follow-up and revenue generation from community websites.

Why do we need Wishlist Member alternatives?

The Wishlist member plugin is best suited to create online courses and deliver them to the members using subscription programs. So it needs the best content protection and delivery methods in WordPress. 

It is not an online course creator plugin, so we need to drip the content by creating different membership levels. It needs manual work in content protection and grand access to a particular level while delivering the online course.

Wishlist Member is not the cheapest membership plugin; it also needs an email marketing service for members’ subscriptions and follow-up process. These things make to lookout the Wishlist member alternatives to create membership sites.

Top 6 Wishlist Member Alternatives To Make Subscription Based Sites

The best Wishlist member alternative should provide an easy way to create online courses and community membership websites. It should also have simpler email service and payment gateway integration or with inbuilt features. Easy member management, course material protection, and delivery to subscribed visitors make it the best alternative.

1. MemberPress WordPress Plugin

MemberPress is the best Wishlist member alternative for WordPress membership websites. It helps to create online courses and protect downloadable products. Memberpress provides full control over the protected content for accessibility by the members. In addition, we can sell online courses and digital downloads using Memberpress.

It uses secure payment methods to accept payments from the students and subscribers as well. Memberpress supports premium community forum creation BBPress and other WordPress forum plugins. It has a full learning management service with an affiliate service for the membership site promotion. The zapier integration with this plugin gives the best customer relationship and support.

Features of MemberPress

  • It uses easy steps to set up digital downloads to sell them online.
  • The powerful content access rule is available for online courses for material delivery. 
  • WordPress pages, categories, tags, and files can be protected using Memberpress.
  • We can generate coupon codes to sell digital products at a discounted price.
  • Simple integration is possible for payment gateways, email services, and CRM like zapier.
  • The content drip possible is over different membership levels.
  • Affiliate program setup is available with clear reporting options.

2. Learndash WordPress LMS

LearnDash is the best learning management system created by e-learning experts. This WordPress LMS plugin is well suitable for creating online courses and is one of the best alternatives to Wishlist member. It uses simple steps in creating courses, sections, lessons, and topics for e-course learners. It also supports event management among the members.

The quizzes, assignments, and certificates can be available to offer for learners. We can use any pricing model for course programs such as subscription or membership, or bundles. In addition, we can integrate many payment gateways for payment processing in course subscriptions.

Features of LearnDash LMS

  • Learndash installation and setup are much simpler compared with other membership plugins.
  • The content and course materials easily drip feed to subscribed members.
  • The robust member management is used for group learning and then individual learning as well.
  • The learner can be rewarded using the certification feature in the LMS.
  • The zapier, BBpress, and Mailchimp integration make easy relationship-building with learners.

3. Digital Access Pass

Digital Access Pass is the best wishlist member alternative that converts a WordPress site into a full-fledged WordPress membership site. We can use this plugin to create online course programs with an inbuilt LMS plugin function setup. In addition, the LMS provides custom design to our courses. Moreover, the advanced LMS helps to build quizzes, award certificates, and organize games for members.

The DAP has a course builder to create courses, and then we can add WordPress posts and pages to it. The page builder is available to create custom sections such as games, quizzes, assignments. In addition, it helps to sell digital products using membership websites.

Features of DAP

  • It helps create free products, checklists, mini-course courses, training, and events challenges for people.
  • We can sell membership levels and community access using a Digital access pass.
  • We can sell digital products like Videos, audio, PDFs, WordPress content, courses, and training using DAP.
  • DAP provides options to create free and paid products with different payment plans.
  • It helps to produce any content in WordPress along with files, media.
  • The content delivery is possible with instant, ongoing, dripped, and timed methods.

4.MemberClicks LMS

MemberClicks is a cloud-based membership software that helps in membership site creation and product selling. The memberclicks provide different software: members’ management, Online community, learning management, conferencing & event management, Virtual event software, along with content management inside the membership website.

The learning management software delivers relevant content to the audience. We can optimize the digital content property with protected course flow. It provides a structured learning experience like a classroom with certifications and credits.

Features of Memberclicks LMS

  • The seamless AMS integration makes better content serving the organization and its members.
  • A high-level dashboard is available with membership-level reporting options.
  • In this LMS, the digital content such as videos and media are stored in a library and then delivered to members.
  • Responsive, user-friendly LMS accessed on mobiles and tablets.
  • We can choose the right membership solution from this all-in-one platform.

5. S2Member Membership Plugin

S2Member is the best membership plugin to convert any WordPress website into a membership website. The complete WordPress is protected using the S2Member plugin. The Posts, pages, tags, categories, bbPress, and then media can also be protected using S2Member. We can also protect partial content in WordPress posts.

It has a good payment gateway integration for revenue generation from the protected content. The S2Member framework is available for free. The pro version is available with a lifetime license. It is limited to a number of website usage.  

Features of S2Member

  • PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and click bank payment button integration available for membership access.
  • Open registration and restricted content access are available in S2 member.       
  • Bruteforce login protection, IP restriction, and then security encryption are used to avoid unauthorized content access.
  • It uses download restrictions for videos and other media files.
  • We can use custom registration, login pages with membership profile pages.
  • We can use it to protect the multisite network with all subdomains.

6. MemberMouse WP Membership plugin

MemberMouse plugin is the best Wishlist member alternative to sell products using protected websites. We can sell digital products and protected WordPress content with many membership options. In addition, it provides subscription and bundled payment options for the protected contents.

The downloadable videos, PDFs, and then audio can be accessed within the protected area using MemberMouse. We can manage both free and paid memberships easily with CRM autopilots. In addition, the content drip and scheduled content delivery are available for online course creation using MemberMouse. These make MemberMouse one of the reliable alternatives to Wishlist members.

Features of MemberMouse

  • It has Simple installation with easy functional pages such as login, dynamic checkout, member page, etc.
  • We can sell a product with many payment plans and an affiliate management section as well.
  • Content protection is possible with partial content and drip delivery.
  • It uses the best member’s management dashboard with CRM for membership tracking and relationships.
  • The member engagement and marketing automation is available for upselling with reporting and analytics.
  • 14- day free trial is available.

Conclusion: Wishlist Member Alternatives 2022

By wrapping up this article, the Wishlist Member is one of the best WordPress membership plugins. It helps to create membership sites, online courses and allows selling it online using different integration options. However, it has some complex setup in online courses, and pricing makes to look into Wishlist Member alternatives.

Many alternatives are available to create the best online course and membership sites and sell it online. The MemberPress WordPress plugin is the best choice for Wishlist alternative for member’s management, content delivery, and digital product selling with affiliate setup. 

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