Top 7 WordPress Sales Funnel Builders (2022)

wordpress sales funnel builder

Are you looking to capture the customer for your business?. The best WordPress sales funnel builder can capture the leads and increase the conversion from visitors to customers. A good sales funnel starts from lead generation to product upsell to make revenues and improve the customer base.

The sales funnel a vital part of doing business online. The successful sales funnel builder has an Optin page, landing pages, Checkout pages, Thank you page and then Upsell page templates. Moreover, the templates should also need the best drag and drop fields and sections to customize the templates.

How to find the best WordPress sales funnel builders?

We can identify the best funnel builders from the below list.

  • The sales funnel builder should have many custom templates for the funnel pages with removable drag and drop fields.
  • Each template should have a unique call to action for the next step in the funnelling process without any distraction. Finally, it will end in revenues by closing a sale or upsell.
  • The customization of template pages should have many typography styles, icons, media and images. It should also have widgets and shortcodes to add sections anywhere on the website.
  • A/B testing, Popup call to action and the responsive design over mobile devices add advantages in the funnel builders.

As you learn these criteria, you get the answer to how to build a sales funnel in WordPress.

7 Best WordPress Sales funnel builders

Here we have many funnel builders to improve conversion and increase sales revenue. The prebuilt templates can reduce the time to design the funnel pages in sales process. The funnel builder is best to capture the customers for different business purposes such as ecommerce, courses and niche blog posts.

WPFunnels Sales funnel Builder

WPFunnels is the best drag and drops sales funnel builder for WordPress. We can create high converting sale funnel templates pages like landing, checkout, upsell/downsell and thank you pages in a minute with WPfunnels. It has a drag and drop canvas for image optimization to become responsive. 

The checkout page templates can influence the visitors by offers and discounts to increase conversion. It should also have optimized pre-built templates to create funnel pages easier in WPfunnels. Moreover, It uses conditional offers in decision making while closing the sales funnel. WPfunnels has fully functional Woo-commerce support.

Features of WPfunnels

  • Canvas based funnel builder helps to create sales page images and custom call to action buttons easier.
  • It uses conditional step control in funnel pages display.
  • Many pre-built templates are available for funnel pages.
  • Upsell and downsell offers on the checkout page.
  • It has detailed analytics with woo commerce integration support.
  • Best marketing tool for digital marketer and strategist.

WPFunnels is one of the best ways to answer the query on how to build a sales funnel with WordPress.

OptimizePress Sales funnels

OptimizePress is a WordPress theme with a templates builder that helps to create leads pages and sales funnels. The theme is helpful for online experts, digital marketers and online business owners to capture leads and increase sales. It has the best landing page builder to create sales funnels.

It uses WordPress Block editor to build funnel pages for sales and lead generation. Moreover, OptimizePress has a smart theme, optimize funnels, optimize cart, template cloud system to create sales funnels. OptimizePress has video sales pages with a visual builder for better conversion. The thank you pages and cart pages are created using optimize cart.

Features of OptimizePress Sales Funnels

  • It has 250+ conversion-optimized templates for landing pages.
  • The webinar optin page, ebook lead magnet are available to collect the leads for a sales funnel.
  • The entry point offer pages can convert visitors into buyers.
  • Create sales optimized checkout pages with checkout form builder with order bumps.
  • One-click upsell is combined with the checkout page template.
  • It has membership options, and insights are available to perform A/B testing in the sales funnel.

Elementor Sales Funnels

Building a sales funnel in WordPress is easy. Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builders that comes up with a sales funnel builder. We can create high converting landing pages, eye-catching popups and lead generation forms for the marketing phase of the sale funnel. It uses professional drag and drop editors for form building in landing pages.

It is the all in a marketing platform for sales funnels with leads, forms, and CRM tool integration for sales promotion and funnel process. Elementor has icons, call to action, price table, form, counts down and other sales pages elements with funnel pages creation. It uses widgets to create elements of the sales funnels.

Features of Elementor Sales funnels

  • Drag and drop page builder with many landing page templates such as lead, sales, webinar, course, etc.
  • Elementor used widgets to create landing pages easily with page builder options.
  • It has form builders to create lead capture forms with a unique call to action buttons.
  • We can create multi-step forms in the sales funnel for better conversion.
  • It uses many tools integration to manage leads for marketing with CRM for complete sales funnels.

Cartflow Sales Funnel builder

Cartflow is the best WordPress sales funnel builder in 2022, with pre-built templates for conversion. It uses distraction fewer checkout pages for sale closure and one-click upsell pages with one-time offers are available to improve the revenue. The checkout form layouts are highly focused on conversion.

We can also have pre checkout offers for faster decision making in the sales funnel. Optin forms with analytics and tracking perform the lead generation. A/B split testing is available to identify the best-performing pages in the sales funnel to optimize them for maximum conversion.

Features of Cartflow Sale funnels 

  • Cartflow is used to create WordPress sales funnels in five template stages: traffic, website, checkout, upsell, and then thank you.
  • It uses a WordPress funnel builder with many pre-designed templates to create funnels.
  • Pre checkout offer, one-click upsells, and downsell is available in cart flow.
  • It has many tools integration such as elementor, divi, learndash for sales funnels.
  • A/B testing is available to identify the best template for better conversion in funnels.

Woofunnels Funnel Builder

WooFunnels is the WordPress funnel builder used to create sales funnels with marketing automations. It provides professional optin pages, checkouts, one-click upsell and thankyou pages for sales funnels. It uses many designed templates for the sales funnels with page builders to customize them. Building a sales funnel on WordPress is extremely quicker with WooFunnels.

Woofunnels also provide marketing automations with drag and drop email form builders. It has cart capturing and tracking sections to track abandoned recovered cart pages. Woo funnel builder is available with one-step and two-step checkout forms with thankyou and conformation templates.

Features of Woofunnels WordPress funnel Builder

  • Drag and drop funnel builder and optin page templates are available with popups.
  • Checkout form customization is available with stylish order bumps and checkout offers.
  • We can create relevant upsell with offers.
  • We can create unlimited sales funnels with insights for split testing.
  • It helps to link funnel pages dynamically with responsive templates.
  • Conditional order checkouts with discounts and offers.

Leadpages Sales funnel

Leadpages provides high converting sales funnel pages with popups and alert bars. It gives the best templates to connect with the audience by collecting the best leads from different form designs. The page builder has a Layout, sections, widgets and styles to customize the sales funnel templates.

The drag and drop builder is used to design funnel pages with conversion-optimized sections. Popups like time delay, click intent, and alert bars are also used to display optin forms for lead generation. It uses a built-in checkout page with stripe payment options for sales funnels.

Features of leadpages funnels

  • It has a website builder with drag and drop landing page widgets and sections to create sales funnels.
  • Pop up widgets is available for customization with the builder. We can add it to any place on the websites.
  • Ready-made mobile-friendly templates are available for customization.
  • A/B testing option is available to test high converting pages.
  • Optin, thank you& confirmation, sales and checkout pages are available with many customization widgets.

Conclusion Best WordPress sales funnel builders 2022

By wrapping up the best WordPress sales funnel builders, it should have pre-built templates for sales funnel pages from lead capturing to sales closures. The best page builder can help to customize any section of funnel pages with drag and drop options. The form builder with a popup option improves conversion from visitors. 

The checkout pages with offers guide visitors to take action quickly in the sales funnel. The upsell and downsell pages with custom templates provide good revenue in the sales funnel. In the end, WPfunnels sales funnel builder is the best choice in 2022, with drag and drop canvas optimized for sales funnels.

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