7 Thinkific Landing Page Examples (High-Converting)

thinkific landing page examples

For an author and teacher to deliver course content to the learners needs different landing pages. Thinkific landing page examples help find the right choice for content delivery and sell teachings online. The landing pages models completely depend on the content deliverable methods. 

The online teaching content is delivered to the learners by coaching, courses, webinars, live sessions, and training. All these methods need different kinds of landing pages to deliver the content and promote the course. Moreover, Thinkific plus helps create many landing page examples for the academy, group training, etc.

Why do we need different Landing pages?

Teaching a concept online depends on the people who learn it and the instructor’s concept. These two factors decide multiple landing pages for delivering the concept to the learners.

  • Webinars and Podcasts programs required unique event landing pages.
  • Coaching a sport or playing an instrument may require a different landing page.
  • Student training, employee training, and customer training need special landing page templates for promotion.
  • Academic courses and their teaching needs interactive landing pages
  • Instruction order transfer from the management to its team members required priority adding pages.
  • Automated courses, membership sites and discussion boards are used as landing pages for tutoring with school training.

Best Thinkific landing page examples

The purpose of teaching content and learning a concept online decides the landing pages. It helps to teach from a website, online university, academy, tutor, coach, manager, entrepreneur, and then instructors. Here we have many landing page examples listed below created using the Thinkific platform.

Thinkific Landing page for Podcast 

Entrepreneurs of fire use Thinkific to create online courses on Podcast. The podcaster created many coaching lessons and courses to become successful in podcasting. Using Thinkific live sessions, we can teach to students and also use Thinkific sales page to sell courses. The ready-to-use course templates help to arrange the lessons for the learners. 

We can set up a membership site to teach courses as lessons. We can also provide the guide as a downloadable ebook for quicker learning. John runs entrepreneurs on fire with many online courses for podcasting. He uses Thinkific for selling courses as a membership site and creates lead generation pages using Thinkific plus. In podcastorspradise, he offers training on podcasts. The podcasters paradise provides a free course of five lessons.

Landing page for Sports coaching like Ice hockey

We can provide a coaching program for sports and instrument playing with a Thinkific platform. Jason yee coaches ice hockey sport from his train2point0 website. He uses his youtube channel to promote the course of coaching lessons on ice hockey. Jason teaches the coaching lessons as a presentation about the NHL techniques of ice hockey. Moreover, he used to provide teachings as a membership program with Thinkific.

He provides video lessons inside the course library using the Thinkific platform. It is a members-only program to learn ice hockey. The students learn ice hockey concepts using the video lessons and coaching programs with community participation with Jason’s teachings.

Employee training landing page with Thinkific Plus

CFI training program is the best Thinkific landing page example for employee training. The corporate finance institute uses Thinkific plus to train the financial concept for the employees. We can manage teams and coaching materials for the course training about the financial concepts. We can use financial tools, accounting, excel, and financial models training to the students and then employees of the organization.

The Thinkific plus provides the courses and employee tracking with custom reports about the course training and employee responses. We can also provide certifications for the course completions. Provide awards for the best performers during the course progress by tests and quizzes. The student tracking and course insights help the trainers make it easier to accelerate the course progress with Thinkific plus.

Online courses landing page to Teach

Jonathan Levi creates many online courses and sells them as a bundle and membership program. It creates a scalable business of teaching courses by taking the student with the best learning journey. He creates more than 10 courses for the students and even does podcasts about the courses and programs for his learners.

The Thinkific helps to take live classes for the courses, and coaching’s inside the membership program. The Thinkific is the best platform to create course content with our brand using the white-label feature. We can have complete control over the course pricing and its promotion in addition to selling courses

The learner’s engagement has been offered by assignments, gamification of tests, and then quizzes. The many ready-to-use course templates help organize the course content within the teaching interface and learning library. The quality images make the brand in teaching a course online. Becameasuperlearner is another Thinkific landing page example for teaching courses.

Customer Training landing page with SAAS

Later in the social media marketing strategy, the influencers and marketers can learn concepts. We can create onboarding webinars into an online course for influencers and marketers. The Thinkific provides onboarding training and live webinars for one-to-one or one-to-many customer training with tracking and analytics.

We can do A/B testing for the course with live webinars and on-bard training with a team. The performances of split tests are available with custom reports and insights for the development in course progress. Social media management helps to promote bulk content of webinars. We can also do virtual training with email automation campaigns with Thinkific. Here we can customer training landing pages with reports and insights.

Tutoring for learners with Thinkific Plus

Online tutoring is one of the best Thinkific landing page examples to teach the online course to the students. Here the learners can use drip scheduling the lessons to learn from the tutors. In Thinkific plus, we have the feature of student pre-request to teach a concept from the teachers and coaches. Online note-taking and calendar scheduling help learners complete the course on time with tutors and then coaches.

The mobile-friendly templates help learn the concepts from the coaches and tutors from any mobile device. The Thinkific also has android and apple mobile apps to learn concepts from any location by connecting with teachers. We can use a membership subscription program for teaching a course online with students. 

The course and student tacking ability of Thinkific help complete the course on time with certification. Moreover, it provides the best online training by one-to-one tutoring with presentations and note-taking. The tutors can test the student engagement with daily challenges like assignments.

Prevention Training with Team management using Thinkific Plus

In many situations, we need interactive training to support learners. Thinkific provides the immunity community training during covid pandemic using the online training feature of Thinkific plus. Here we can educate the volunteers and make them ambassadors to perform prevention acts against a particular issue like covid. 

So students easily join the training session, get certification for the trainers, and start spreading the awareness of covid via social media with precaution steps. The Thinkific plus provides interactive training with one-to-many custom reporting for the learners. It provides multi-language support so learners can learn from their local language.

The best hosting with industry-leading uptime helps the course material availability anywhere and anytime, even with mobile devices. The course certification helps to complete the course on time with community interaction. We can follow the trainer’s instruction with learners’ responses for effective training.

Conclusion Thinkific Landing Page Examples

In summary of the Thinkific landing page examples, online teaching and training require many different templates based on the purpose of teaching. Thinkific provides many landing pages for teaching, training, tutoring a concept to students, employees and customers. We can even do coaching, webinars, on-boarding, live interaction with one-to-one and one-to-many. So every method of teaching requires different landing page templates.

The examples of Thinkific landing pages help create courses, membership sites, and online academy, and then subscription programs. The customer, course tracking is available with analytics and insights help to learn the concepts on time. The Thinkific plus helps create online courses for podcasts, sports coaching, employee training, course teaching, customer training, tutoring and instruction sharing with unique Thinkific landing page examples.

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