Thinkific vs Kajabi: Which Is Better? (2022)

thinkific vs kajabi

Are you looking to build an online course website to teach online?. The best online course creation and its promotion platform help achieve this task. We have Kajabi Vs Thinkific, a tough competition while selecting a platform for course creation. This comparison guides us to identify the best one for our online teaching and coaching.

Both Kajabi and Thinkific are the right platform for promoting the online course to people. Moreover, they help authors and content creators earn by selling these courses online. We would compare the best features of both platforms for online creation, marketing, and even revenue sharing.

Why is Thinkific is better than Kajabi?

The Thinkific has been preferred over Kajabi for online course creation and its delivery. It provides the best student and teacher experience for the following reasons.

  • Thinkific uses three simple steps to deliver an online course: selecting a template, creating a system, and publishing it online.
  • The Thinkific Apps stores help integrate any course creation and promotion features.
  • We have live teaching and coaching sessions for coaches and teachers. 
  • Drag and drop editor is available to create promotional pages and even custom checkout pages.
  • Ecommerce functions for selling courses, lessons, and live classes are available with Thinkific.
  • Thinkific plus is available to help content creators to make revenue, lead generation, and training.
  • 30 days free trial is available with core features of an online course.

Why is Kajabi preferred over Thinkific?

Kajabi is also a better online course promotion and selling platform with product creation options. We should have the below reasons to choose Kajabi over Thinkific. 

  • Kajabi has the best hosting solution for course management and its protected delivery.
  • It uses websites, email, communities, and email automation services for course promotion and sales.
  • The landing pages and analytics functions are integrated with Kajabi for product promotions.
  • Multiple payment options are available for online course selling, such as trials, one time payments, installments, subscriptions, and upsell
  • It has an integrated affiliate program for revenue sharing with promoters.

Both platforms have different features for course creation and promotion. Some features help content creators, some of the best suited for the best learning experience for coaches and students. However, some other features are helpful for promoters and influencers to market the online course.

Quick comparison of Thinkific Vs Kajabi

WebsiteCustom domain Course templates, live session,s and hostingWebsite, Hosting, webinars  
Student experienceCommunity, quizzes, certificatesCommunity groups like Facebook
PromotionEmail campaign, lead pages, Promotional couponsPipeline campaigns Email marketing, lead pages,
PaymentPayPal and Stripe, Payouts for teams and AffiliatesPayPal and Stripe, Affiliate marketing  
Group TrainingThinkific plus with employees and customers Courses academycreate an academy of courses
TrackingStudent, course tracking even with app storesStudent tracking and reports
SupportCommunity, Help center, Email, phone, and live chatCommunity support from experts, marketers, and influencers.
Free trialavailable14 days

We should see this as a detailed comparison.

Kajabi Vs Thinkific Detailed Comparison

Every online course creation and selling platform needs to satisfy five things first one is the best content creation and delivery options for an online course. Second, it should provide students and authors with the best teaching and learning experience. The third is It should provide the best tools support for marketing and sales of that content.

Fourth, the platform should provide easy payment options for students, authors, and promoters. Finally, the fifth is the platform should have easy accessibility of its features by the content creators with experts support. Moreover, it should be cheaper, and having free trials will be an added advantage.

Course Setup and Templates

When considering course setup and templates for content management with its delivery, Both Kajabi and Thinkific have different features. They help creators and learners in different ways.

Kajabi delivered course content as a product, online program, or course bundle. For this, it provides a website with hosting for course materials. We can organize video lectures, podcasts, coaching classes as a program or within the membership site for its delivery upon payment done by the students.

Thinkific provides multiple options for course content setup and delivery, listed below.

  • It has ready-to-use course templates and themes for course delivery and setup.
  • Thinkific has a drag and drop editor for content management within the course template.
  • A drip schedule is available for on-demand content from the learners.
  • The live session can be available for coaches and teachers to teach online.

Verdict: Thinkific is the Winner over Kajabi in the battle of Thinkific vs Kajabi for online course setup and customization with simple delivery options. The ready-to-use course templates help content creators efficiently manage course content by simple drag and drop.

Web Interface and Student Experience

In any online course creation platform, student interaction with authors and coaches helps them to learn faster. The content creators follow their students through assignments, tests, and quizzes. It helps to promote more resources at the end of course completion.

Kajabi provides the student-teacher interactive lessons by webinars and live event organize options. The learners can be assed with quizzes, surveys, and community participation with other students, just like Facebook groups and mighty networks. Kajabi is more creator-friendly than learner-friendly because it uses many student tracking and analytics methods for creators.

When we look into Thinkific, It offers live sessions for coaches and teachers with more interaction like note-taking and live chat. Assignments, random quizzes, certificates, and community participation are available for learner interactions and follow-ups. The student data analytics helps a content creator to follow the learners. Many student experiences and tracking tools are available in thinkific Apps stores to help course creators and learners.

Verdict: Thinkific vs Kajabi Web interface and Student Experience features battle Thinkific is the Winner. Both platforms have better student tracking and analytics for creators. But when it comes to the student learning experience, Thinkific has many tools in its Apps stores apart from their interactivity.

Marketing and Promotion

The online course marketing and its promotion need landing pages, email campaigns, lead pages with tracking options. Kajabi has more provisions for marketing and sales of course content.

  • Kajabi uses Email, Lead pages with visual editor, Lead capture forms, email marketing campaigns. 
  • The customer progress, sales reports, and real-time insights are available in kajabi.
  • Video integration on leads pages, countdown timers, and email automation provide the best promotional features.
  • Kajabi uses Pipeline for marketing to optimize, automate and scale the course promotion.
  • The marketing funnel pages are easily created with Kajabi with analytics and tracking.

When we consider Thinkific, it uses email automation and marketing campaign. However, it is not like the Kajabi promotion. Thinkific uses email marketing services in its apps stores for promotions.

Verdict: Kajabi is the Winner in the battle of Thinkific vs Kajabi for the marketing and promoting online courses. Even though Thinkific apps stores have many course promotion tools, Kajabi uses pipelines marketing automation. We can do optimization with scaling in promotions. 

Payment and Security

Online course sales mainly depend on payment methods and their security. Easy payment options with secured payment links can increase revenue in course promotions. Thinkific vs Kajabi, which is the best in payment and security?

Kajabi uses Stripe and PayPal payment processors to accept payments from the students. It accepts payments from more than 130+ countries. Kajabi uses SSL encrypted checkout pages to send it as an SMS via mobile devices easily. Kajabi uses multiple payment options for course promotions such as trial, one-time, recurring payments, and even one-click upsell.

While considering Thinkific, It manages payments with bank accounts using credit cards. The payments may even process with Stripe and PayPal processors. The learners, authors, and promoter’s payouts are handled with payment processors. It also has Thinkific built-in checkout pages for payment processing and upsells payments.

Verdict: Kajabi Vs Thinkific payment and security battle is a Tie. Both use Stirpe and Paypal payment processing for learners and affiliates. Moreover, they use the same processor authors during academy creations. 

Pricing and Support

While selecting the platform for online course creation, the pricing and expert support make a big difference. When it comes to pricing, Kajabi has three levels of price variation, with its recommended plan being $159 per month. Every plan has a limited number of products creation with limited users. Kajabi has 14 days of free trial for all the plans.

Thinkific provides free trails with zero $ per month. Its recommended plan is available for $79 per month. Every plan has an unlimited number of users and course content. The number of admin account is limited in Thinkific.

While considering the Support in Kajabi Vs Thinkifc, Both have community support for course creation. They have help desk support for academy creation or school creations. Kajabi has 24/7 chat support, whereas Thinkific has email and phone support for the content creators.

Verdict: Thinkific is the Winner in Pricing. It is cheaper than Kajabi. However, when it comes to supporting, Both Thinkific and Kajabi provide the best support for creators and promoters. So the battle of Thinkific vs Kajabi 2022 is a Tie.

Final verdict: Thinkific is the Winner of the comparison battle between Kajabi Vs Thinkific. It wins most of the best features over Kajabi.

Conclusion Thinkific vs Kajabi

By wrapping up the Kajabi Vs Thinkific comparison, The Thinkific is the best online course creation and promotion to make revenue. Even though Kajabi has the best marketing automation for sales promotion with pipeline methods, it also uses an affiliate program for promoter management with analytics. Furthermore, Kajabi is tied payment processing battle with Thinkific.

Thinkific vs Kajabi, which is the best for course creators? In the end, Thinkific wins most of the best features for content creation and its promotions. It succeeds in course setup, course template customization, course delivery interface, and the best student experience with interaction. Moreover, Thinkific is available at a lesser price than Kajabi with a free trial. These things make Thinkific the best platform over Kajabi for online course creation and management.

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