How Long Does It Take For Google Drive To Process A Video?


Google Drive is one of the most reliable online storage mediums currently available. Apparently, most of the users store their data like movies, pictures, and other crucial stuff in drives, especially when these files are too much to store in their mobile phones and computers.

However, sometimes users feel that Google is taking more time to process a video. To comprehend the scenario behind it better, they end up with questions like how long does it take for Google Drive to process a video.

May it is a 3-minute video or a 10-minute long video, the time taken can be different and also depends on various factors. If you are looking to know more insights about the same, you need to check out this article to the very end.

Factors That Determine The Processing Time

If your query is how long does it take for Google Drive to process a video or How long does it take for a 3-minute video to process on Google Drive, woefully, there is no perfect answer.

This is because the processing time depends on various factors starting from the internet connection to the user’s device position. Let us interpret all of these in detail in the following lines;

1. Size Of The Video

The size of the video is evidently the fundamental factor that influences the processing time. If you ask How long does it take for a 10-minute video to process on Google Drive, this video will obviously take more time to process than a 3-minute video of the same resolution. Thus, if you are looking to share a large file or video to Google Drive, you need to be patient.

2. Internet Speed

Every transaction and task is done on a network online and requires an active internet connection. When it comes to sharing large files like that on Google Drive, it is mandatory. If you have a strong internet connection like a wifi port near you, you can upload and process the video faster compared to mobile data or other slower internet sources.

3. Device Processor

The standard of the device you are using can be a crucial factor in determining the processing speed of all the tasks. If you are using a better processor mobile phone, you can make faster processing. Furthermore, you can clear all the background apps to speed up your device processor to make tasks faster.

4. Google Server Status

Google is known to give the best service to its users. The best quality product is the brand value of this tech giant. However, some glitches like server issues may arise in rare cases, which may hamper the processing of the uploaded video.

Can You Fix/Fasten The Upgrade Time?

Comprehending the above factors that are responsible for the processing of a Google Drive video. Accordingly, some may ask if there is a way to fasten and mitigate the issue.

Luckily, we have some superb working methods for the same. These methods apparently solve one or more of the above-said factors, thus increasing the processing speed of the concerned video.

Methods To Mitigate Google Drive Processing Time

Now that we are aware that the processing speed in Google Drive videos can be fixed, let us look into some easiest and working methods.

Method 1: Download the video before watching it

If it is taking a long time to process the video, downloading it can be a better option. This is because downloaded videos are buffer-free and let you relish the content effortlessly. If you feel downloading is a better option, check out the following steps to see how it’s done on mobile phones:

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Drive app and tap on it.


Step 2: Now go to the video that you want to download.


Step 3: Once the video is opened, you can see three dots on the right-top side of the screen. Tap on it.


Step 4: You can see a list of options displayed on the screen; scroll down to find Download and tap on it. Wait for the video to download and start watching it without processing.


Note that the process of downloading video from Google Drive is the same across any device- may it be from an app or from the website. Thus, you can implement the same process when you use an iOS device or a PC.

Method 2: Try sharing an offline copy

If you want to share the video with another person, and Google Drive is taking time to buffer, you can share the video directly if you have an offline copy. For instance, share the file through other offline modes like Bluetooth, SHAREit, or other mediums. For faster sharing, you can also use physical cables (USB).

Summing Up

It’s time to conclude the topic with the hope that we have cleared all your queries, including how long does it take for Google Drive to process a video.

While there are multiple factors that may determine the processing time, it can be a good choice to opt for other means for larger processing times. Evidently, you can always contract a Google representative to address your issues.

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