Why Should You Get Fibre Optic Internet?

I’m the Fibre Optic Broadband user and thus I would like to list its advantages in this post!

Thanks to optical fibre technology! Many companies have started using the internet connectivity through fibre optic network to get the high-quality data transmission. 

You might have seen the fibre optic cable at many houses as well, and yes, it must be the internet connection through fibre optic cable. Many broadband providers are offering this high-speed service nowadays. 

If you are not using the fibre optic internet, then you must be using the internet provided through co-axial or copper cable. It is still used by most of the people in the country.

However, the fibre optic broadband is taking its place and will surpass the other services soon. I mean, the internet through the fibre optic technology has the potential to compete with its competitors like Satellite, DSL and Cable connection.

In this post, I am going highlight the reasons why you should get the fibre optic internet service even for your home needs. Hence, you will come to know its advantages and get it without any second thought. 

But before getting into the details, let me reveal the underlying details of fibre optic internet!

Fibre Optic Broadband

Fibre optic broadband is the superfast broadband that uses the bundled strands of glass or plastic which is thin as human hair. The light impulses from LED or Laser travels along the optic fibres at the speed of light and hence the data transmission rate can exceed 1000mbps.

It can be installed between the exchange and the companies or from the exchange to the junction boxes (nearest to the companies), then it uses the copper cable to travel rest of the way. This fastest broadband is suitable for businesses and home use as well.

Benefits Of Fiber Optic Internet

In fibre optic technology, the light is being used instead of electricity. So, you are aware of its lighting fast speed in transmitting the data. Not only the speed, but the fibre optic internet has other advantages as well.  

Let me summarise the biggest benefits of fibre optic broadband service for your business or home Wi-Fi. 


1. Superfast

You might be thinking “how fast is a fibre optic internet connection?”. The speed of fibre optic internet is several times quicker than the copper cabled broadband service. Yes, it can transmit the data almost in GB (1024MB) per sec. Yes, you read it right. 

It is a superfast broadband that can throw away your loading time problems and the buffering issues. Moreover, if you would like to watch streaming TV shows, then you never need to worry about slow loading live programs. 

As this lightning speed internet service could enhance the productivity, most of the businesses show a keen interest in getting the fibre optic internet connection for their company.

2. No Interference

Since the fibre optic cable does not use electricity, there are no chances of any electric or magnetic disturbance. So, you don’t need to bother about the electromagnetic interference that is one of the leading causes of signal degradation. 

Also, it is protected from high voltages due to this reason. Thus, if you use any other communication devices in your office, there wouldn’t be any disturbance.  

3. Excellent Reliability

If you are using the cable or DSL internet service, then I’m sure that you have experienced the internet connectivity loss during the rainy and lightning days. Of course, it often happens with the copper cables as it is more vulnerable to severe climatic conditions.

But, it is not in the case of fibre optic cables. It does not get affected anyway by the bad weather like moisture, temperature fluctuations, lightning, and thunderstorm as the fibres are made of glass. Thus the fibre optic broadband has significant reliability than other types of broadband services.  

4. Great Signal Strength

The biggest advantage of fibre optic communication is that it works fast in long distances. The signal in copper cables degrades as the distance increases.

However, the fibre optic can carry a signal for a long distance. So, even if you are far away from the service provider’s office, you can still get a fast, secure internet connection.

5. High Security

Data thieves can get access to the cable type internet service. It is not possible in fibre optic internet connection as they could gain access only by cutting the fibre which will result in the signal disappearance. Even if it is intercepted, it can be quickly and easily identified. So, in this way, using fibre optic internet connection protects you from cyber crimes.  

Besides, the fibre optic cable does not involve electricity. Because if there is no power involved, there can not be fire hazards which are not the case in copper cables. So, I would say that it is the most secure network and therefore you can feel relax from the hackers and fire accident. 

Other Advantages of Fiber Optic Internet Connection

Check the other impressive fine points of this fastest broadband service!

  1. No one would like to steal fibre like copper
  2. Speed and capacity can be matched
  3. Unlimited bandwidth for sharing files, conducting conferences in Skype, and cloud applications.
  4. Light in weight than copper
  5. No faulty signals
  6. Connection is private
  7. Best and suitable for work from home professionals

Final Words

The superfast broadband becomes essential for the companies and the home users as well. DSL and fibre optic are the two quickest internet options available nowadays.  

Cost is definitely a factor for everyday people. Fibre optics is surely going to cost you more than having a connection with a copper cable, but you can pay the money because you are getting a lot of advantages in return.

The margin between the costs of the two is reducing, and soon, the fibre optic internet will also become affordable for everyone. 

You can get ultra high upload and download speeds plus it is secure and reliable. So, the fibre optic internet is almost replaced the current technology.

So, if you are bored with the routine connection problems and facing the speed issues, contact your service provider and get the fibre optic broadband connection at your place. 

It is only worth paying if you download a huge amount of data or if you run an organisation and need high-speed internet continuously.

I’m using fiber-optic internet connection (ACT broadband) to work online, and it nudged me to write this post.

I hope that you understand the advantages of fibre optic broadband and would like to get it. So, what is your opinion about this ultra speed internet connection? Share your beautiful thoughts in the comment section! 

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