Which Could Be Your Favourite Best Mail App For iPhone?

If you’re an iOS user and looking for the excellent iPhone mail client for your device, then it is the right blog post to read and get the best one.

Many of the major brands have inbuilt default apps like calendar, notes, and email apps, but they are below average when it comes to productivity.

For basic usage, they suffice, but as we have professional commitments, and we have a pile of emails waiting for the response, you need more than just a regular email client for iPhone.

If you’re a user who is into business communicating your customers via email, then you have plenty of reasons to get an iPhone Email app especially when you have multiple accounts.

Apple always insists iPhone, iPad users to continue with the default app called “Mail.” The brand has been adding new gestures and features to make it more premiums, but they are not focusing on adding useful features.

The Apple has improved many areas of the app on iOS 8 and iOS 9, but they have consciously failed to make it up to mark for the users to continue the app.

Many developers stepped in to provide something useful and thanks to the efforts, you can find a pyramid of useful Email apps on iStore.

Apple does have premium apps up to their sleeve, but they are not up to the mark when it comes to the professional needs.

You can use the default for primary purposes, but it cannot carry out professional functions, which makes it difficult for professional to use the Apple default mail service.

Earlier I was using the best email app for my iPhone, Mailbox from Dropbox but sadly it was shut down this beginning of this year, 2016. From then, I have started to try different apps and satisfied with very few clients. 

If you are an iOS user like me, who is not satisfied by the default Mail app, then you should get a replacement Mail app.

6 + 6 Best iPhone Mail Client Apps 

Here is the list of apps, which I have tried  few of them personally on iPhone 6S and yeah, it works like a charm.


1. AirMail – A Lighting Fast Email App

AirMail is known for the alternative to the Apple Mail because the feel and experience of the AirMail are like Apple creation.

This best email app for iPhone is customizable from adding colors, themes to the interface and set alerts for different accounts. There are many things you can do using AirMail, the performance of the app is simply amazing, and the interface does not much time to get used to it.

The Apple-like email app is all about innovative, and it comes with loads of features to make your email well organized. AirMail is built for performance as you can filter with just one-touch button at the bottom.

2. Newton Mail from CloudMagic

NewtonMail from CloudMagic is another iPhone, iPad email app for professional users, who are using multiple accounts on different platforms.

This best iOS email app is bundled with many features such as you can add Email for Outlook, Hotmail, IAMP, iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and the list keep goes on.

The interface of the CloudMagic is elegant with beautiful layouts, and the interface is made in a way that you won’t get confused if you have received an email from different providers at once. One glance is enough to figure out the vendor.

You can set a due date on Todoist and Trello with just one tap, and the productivity is the primary focus of the app. The CloudMagic lets you customize the app and let you manage the order of the emails from snoozing to scheduling.

This iPhone mail client has collected tons of feedback from their users to get rid of additional options on the dashboard and only allow options which are suggested by the users. Essential buttons and options are added to the panel along with maintaining the simplicity.

3. Boxer – An Expensive Email App

Boxer has made in the third place on the list despite having a decent amount of ratings. Ratings are all well and good, but this best mail client for iPhone comes at a high price for an Email app.

Although it is expensive, it is worth when you dig deep into the app functionalities and features. Boxer supports all of the leading email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Hotmail, IMAP, iCloud and much more.

This mail app for iPhone does have few unique features which are not active in other email apps such as upload a photo from the cloud, and all cloud file functions.

When you are composing a message, you can add pre-saved texts to save time and send them faster than before. This is a very useful when you are submitting a quotation, pricing list and other paperwork.

You can swipe to archive an email, add media files from cloud storages, HTML signatures and much more. You can even add social sites like Facebook & LinkedIn so takes messaging to next level.

Boxer is available on different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PC (Windows & Mac version is arriving soon informed by the developers).

4. Spark by Readdle 

You can get speedy access to your inbox with the free email app iPhone, Spark. This iPhone email client has been featured on the tech giant sites like The Verge, TechCrunch & Lifehacker.

As it has the batch processing feature, you could easily have a look at your important emails and leave without checking the promotional messages. 

I have used this best iPhone mail app for few months and I really like its innovative features like Quick replies, Smart notifications, Signature, Smart search and few more for my personalized usage.

These qualities have nudged me to list this application in the best mail app for iPhone. 

5. Outlook From Microsoft

You could get into the focused email environment with this best email app iPhone from Microsoft. Outlook would let you work comfortably with office documents.

You can just attach the files from Dropbox & OneDrive and download the preferred ones to your iPhone.

It is an upright email client for iPhone as it has been featured by The Verge. Improving the features for the user satisfaction is the reason that made me list this iPhone app in this post.

You may try it without any second thought. 

6. Dispatch 

It is the best iPhone mail client that aids you to act on your emails even when you are on the move. Not only that, but you could also respond faster with snippets, and you can access more than 50 productive apps with it.  

Having excellent search feature, getting rid of specific emails, attaching the inline images from camera roll are few of the notable characteristics that made me list this best iPhone email app. 

If you are still looking to try some other little popular email apps for iPhone, then check a few below!

Few More iOS Mail Client You Would Like To Try

myMail – User-friendly & best email client for iPhone

ProtonMail – Secure email app iPhone

TriageNoise & Stress-free iPhone mail client

HopThe best email client iPhone that brings life to emails

Blue MailBeautifully designed app for tailored usage

TimyoA clarity & peace app for Gmail users

Bonus Stuff

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What is the Bottom Line?

I’m not saying that the default Apple’s inbuilt mail app is good. However, there are several third-party email apps for iPhone available and they would suit your exact requirement. 

End of the day, if you are a professional looking for excellent email app for iPhone then go for AirMail because it has what it takes to satisfy your needs at a reasonable price.

So, which could be your favorite iPhone mail client from the list? Which app do you use and why do you feel that it is the best mail app for iPhone? Share your valuable thoughts in the comment section.   

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