How To Make Your Own iPhone Case?

Are you wondering about the question, how to design my phone case? Do you want to design your own iPhone case to add a personalized look to your phone?

If yes, then you are at the right place to make custom design phone cases with some best iPhone case maker tools. 

Let’s get started!

Your phone has come a long way from just making calls. It has today become a signature style statement that grabs eyeballs. Isn’t it?

Despite what you wear in public, designer iPhone cases make impressive statements about you. Apart from choosing the best phone for your needs, a good phone case also adds to the brilliant looks of it. 

I can understand that you love your iPhone a lot but haven’t been able to find the perfect custom case for it. Don’t worry!!! 

The hottest trend these days is to design your own iPhone case all by yourself. It is very easy to create custom cases for iPhone, iPad, iPod and other digital products.

Yes! You can a tailored iPhone case through several applications available on the internet today.

Create Your Own iPhone Case As You Wish

You really don’t have to be an expert when it comes to custom designing your iPhone case. There is simply no need for any formal education to create a unique cover for iPhone.

In this digital world, no one has time to design phone case manually. Therefore, there are many websites that provide you with the free online templates to design your own iPhone case.

What you need to do is to design your phone case according to your preference on the website that offers free templets and lets you design your own case.

Features like uploading pictures, adding stickers, adding text, and background themes help you get personalized iPhone case.

Once you are done with the Case design, you can order for the case by choosing any payment method like Credit Card or PayPal. Just make the payment and receive your custom design phone cases. 

You might wonder what are the benefits of getting custom iPhone case! I have two reasons for you! 

  • Makes oneself more creative.
  • Improves self-expression.

Best Sites To Design Your Own iPhone Case

Check the following websites that let you make own iPhone case without any hassle!



CaseApp is the best iPhone case designer application that has several features to get professional CaseApp design that will be customized by you.

It is super easy to use and when it comes to prices of the cases, it is less than $30. The cases which are customized by you, it arrives at your front door within a week of order.

Once you have fitted a photo to the iPhone skin, you can get several different design styles and textures for your case. In the market, there are 3D designs available for iPhone cases. 

Cases on this website are well built, and also gives easy access to all ports and buttons. Thus, you can get ultimate personalized iPhone case. It is a great app that lets you have fun in creating cases.


Skinit is a well-known website for customizing phone cases. One can create his own cases in Skinit website. You can use artwork of Skinit and get immense of designs from their licensed brand library. 

What you need to do is to upload their given images in the library via the Skinit Customizer tool and put it on the given blank case and try place wherever it suits. 

The Skinit inkFusion is also a feature that assists you to get rich printing and design your phone’s cases edge-to-edge around the device. It gives your case a professional look.

You can make your design for the recent iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. In addition, one can also customize his laptops and headphones’ as well.


It offers cool DIY experience to the users. On Case-Mate website, you can customize your own phone case with three main case options, which run the gamut from a $40. 

Once you are done with the selection to design iPhone case style, you can add text, a background design with any kind of image style whether a single photo design or a ‘photo booth’ style or a grid of favorite snapshots. 

StickerApp gets 52% of its traffic from the USA. This app has five features to design your phone cases such as upload file, Make Collage, Insert text, Background designs and ClipArt.

It has various Stickers on Love, Flags, Skulls, Quotes, Trending stickers, Handwritten and Emoji stickers, etc. Besides, this design case site is fantastically easy to use and give immense of options to make iPhone case perfect personalized.

You can make a design for any Apple phone model like iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S & SE with the extra protection tough case. 


Casetify is a website where you can select the best style for your phone case. It has many designs for Samsung, iPhone, iPad and other devices. 

It has fun pre-designed collections on lace, wood backed cases, sparky, and holiday collection.Looking for an app that can help you customize your case then start off choosing classic snap, Metaluxe or maple-wood case. 

You can put your own photo on a phone case and give it your look. Casetify’s New Standard offers users a choice to choose customization option for one-of-a-kind design or ready-made designs. 

It helps you to customize your case in $40. It has 3 designs named as New Standard basic design, Classic Snap, and Pastel design. 

Classic snap is a transparent slim hardcover whereas Pastel has colored borders in hard case form. Casetify offers 23 templates to choose and 16 layouts.


CaseMonkey is an upright iPhone case designer website that would let you design your own iPhone case. You can create custom iPhone cases online without much technical knowledge.

To design your own phone case, go to the options mentioned on the website such as background, and choose a background. It has several background designs that include flowers, cycles, leaves, hearts, rays, optical illusion pics etc. 

Once you have selected your background, you can change its color, add a picture & the text, then saves it and order online.

Other Top Sites To Get Personalized iPhone Cases

MyCustomCase is a unique website exclusively designed to create your own, stylish phone cases in the way you want your case to be.

It helps you build such a case that contains so much of colors, personalization, background themes and much more. It enables us to get back our money in less than 30 days if we’re not comfortable with what the case is like.

The making of the case doesn’t make you complain about the issues which are very common, like, peeling of the cases, braking in the sides, etc. It is solely made of polycarbonate plastic. 

They’ve so many qualities which pull us towards them. They offer all the latest designs, colors, themes which we prefer. It helps us with an exciting feature to include photos if we don’t consider like using words in our cases.

It helps us with an exciting feature to include photos if we don’t consider like using words in our cases. Thus, I have listed this site to design iPhone cover that matches your taste.

Do you want to change the look and feel of your iPhone? If yes, then is the exact place. Yes, you can create a custom case design with your preferred images, quotes or patterns.

I would say it is an excellent site to make your personalized case of almost every gadget like iPad devices, Samsung Galaxy phones and yes, for the latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

You can choose from a variety of case types to create the trending phone cover designs for your iPhone. You may present design an iPhone case and gift it to your loved ones.

Final Words About Designing iPhone Covers On Your Own

With the technological developments, creating the personalized phone cases is easy and fun! With these iPhone case maker tools available online, you don’t need to bother with making a unique case for your brand new iPhone.

These websites would help you get an amazing experience by making a personalized designed iPhone Case. You can try the above-listed sites to make your own iPhone case. Most of the custom iPhone cases are ordered between $27 to $50.

So, would you like to design your own iPhone case and protect your device in a stylish way? Which Apple Phone do you own? Do you know any other website to design a phone case? Discuss with me in the comment section. 

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