12 Websites To Watch TV Shows Online For Free

In this post, I have consolidated some top websites to watch free streaming TV shows without downloading!

So, Are you are a television lover? You don’t compulsory need a television at your home to watch TV shows.

You can look at the TV shows online without paying a single penny. Yes, you can watch free live TV on the internet. What you need is just a fast internet connection so that you do not get buffering (slow loading) issues.

You might wonder, how to watch TV free online and where to watch TV series online free streaming. To help you to some extent, I have come with a list of some best free TV streaming sites.

If you have a good speed internet connection, you will not be missing your favourite TV programs. So, if you have the fastest internet connect on your mobile or at your destination place that you have travelled, you can use this list of sites to chose the best website for free TV shows and chill out.

Without further ado, let me list the best free TV show streaming sites!

Top Free TV Streaming Sites To Watch TV Shows

If you’re on the go or when there is no power at home, just pick a website to watch TV shows free streaming!


1 . newtvworld.com

It is one of the best websites to watch free TV shows of India. It provides you with more than 250 Indian TV channels. It is very simple to use. You just need to select a channel from the list, and it will start the live streaming. It shows the list on its home page itself.

2. desifree.tv

It is the top site to watch free streaming TV shows from around the world. You can watch free TV shows online from countries like USA, India, France, Afghanistan, Japan, Greece, Kuwait, Jordan, etc. Just you have to select a country from the list given on the home page and then select your preferred channel. It will start the live streaming TV shows of the selected channel. You can also choose from categories like movies, sports, etc.

3. livetvchannelsfree.com

This is not actually a free TV streaming site. It provides you with the link to third party sites to watch free TV online. You can watch UK and Indian TV channels on this website for free. It provides you the list of channels category wise and you need to select a category and then select a channel to start its free streaming.

4. freeetv.com

Over 1800 TV channels can be viewed on this site. You need to select a category and a country to get to the channel you want to watch and then it will start live streaming. You can watch shows from all around the world. For some particular channels, it will tell you to see that channel through its official website. Just you need to hit and watch. It is an easy website to use.

5. freetvhub.com

This website allows you to select the channel by language and country. There are not many channels available and it has a bit complicated layout but anyways it is one of the good free TV online sites to check whether your desired channels are listed or not. 

6. hotstar.com

Hotstar provides all the episodes of any show telecasted on any Star network channel. You can find old episodes on this website. However, if you are a cricket fan, this site provides live streaming of a match for free. So, you can watch cricket matches online on Hotstar. You can also download its mobile app as well. 

Few More Free TV Series Streaming Websites 

7. Tubitv

It has the relationship with major TV broadcasters and hence you can watch free online TV series without any hassle.

8. Coke & Popcorn

It has the collection of best TV shows online to watch free TV streaming without downloading and no torrents as well. 

9. Sidereel

Sidereel is the oldest website founded in the year 2007 for the TV fans to watch shows online for free. It has a huge collection of excellent TV shows & series to see. 

10. Uverse

It is one of the top websites to  watch TV series online for free without downloading. Yes, you can look at the latest, popular and your preferred TV programs online for free.

11. HNTV 

It is a legal website to get TV shows online for free download. You may join for free and better to look at their terms & conditions.

12. Watchallchannels

If you are from France, Pakistan, Russia, UK or US, you may watch this live TV online.

Final Words

Technology is growing fast and we have the option to watch the TV online anytime on the mobile gadgets & PC is truly amazing. If you have a fast internet connection, then we don’t need to pay a penny for watching the TV programmes.  

However, the web is more vulnerable to malware and hacks and thus we should stay safe to protect our online identity. I would advise you not to download any low-quality media players and go through the pop-up ads as they may contain intrusion codes to steal our sensitive data.

You may also utilize the well-known software tools for TV streaming, YouTube, and legit phone apps to watch tv programs online. You must be aware that some of the websites that offer free streaming TV shows can be illegal and bring you a copyright violation notice. 

I have listed some genuine places to watch TV shows for free, you may test its legitness before start using. So, what is your view on these websites? Are they helpful? Do you use any other best free TV streaming sites to see your favorite channels and shows? Share your thoughts in the comment section and also, read my disclaimer below.  


I have researched well and consolidated some best websites to watch live TV online. I cannot give any assurance about the quality of these streaming service. If you are visiting any website through my blog, then you are at your own risk. You cannot blame me for anything like illegal issues and advertisements that may take you to the insecure websites. I have done my best for my beloved readers like you and it is your duty to handle the issues (if any) while watching the stream TV shows online free. 

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