8 Best Teachable Alternatives To Build Your Online Courses

Are you looking to build online courses with teachable alternatives to educate students?. Teachable is one of the best platforms for students to teach an online course. We can create membership sites, online course programs to deliver our knowledge to people. The online course creation needs a learning interface and learner’s assessments for a successful course running. 

Moreover, this platform should provide online course promotional options to sell courses in the marketplace. Furthermore, it needs many support tools integration for course creation, materials management, marketing, and learners engagements. In teachable, we have many downsides in the online course progress and then its management. So we are looking for teachable alternatives.

Downsides of Teachable

The successful online courses platform needs easy access to create and learn courses. Teachable lag in course customization and its promotions features. The teachable disadvantages make to look at the alternative platform to sell courses online with the best course creation features. 

  • Teachable don has the best promotional methods to sell an online course. Even sales page customization required some unique integration.
  • The PayPal and Money pay payment gateways are used transaction fees for course payments.
  • The live video classes are essential parts of the interaction when it comes to teaching. Teachable needs additional customization to deliver it to learners.
  • It has only limited tools integration for online course creation and promotions such as email. However, it provides third-party tools integration to compensate it with tolerance.

Top 8 Online Course Platforms I Recommend As Alternatives To Teachable

The best teachable alternatives should include teachable features to create and sell online courses. It should be available at lower prices and easily accessible by creators as well as learners. Even a free alternative to teachable is the best choice for new authors to create online courses. Here we would see some best alternatives and teachable competitors below.

1. Thinkific

Thinkific is the better engaged online courses platform for content creators and learners. It provides live session interfaces for coaches can take live classes to students. The ready-to-use templates are available to create interactive learner and teacher interfaces. The Thinkific apps store has many tools for note tacking during live sessions, and even it has chat options. 

Is Thinkific better than teachable? Yes, of course. Thinkific has created, engage and market a strategy for online course creation with multiple support tools in its apps stores. Moreover, it provides Thinkific plus with extended features support for academy creation with revenue generation.

Best features of Thinkific

  • Many course templates are available to pick, create content and then publish a course in a custom domain. 
  • Random quizzes, assignments and certificates are available for student interactions.
  • Coupons are 
  • We can use coupons for the promotion of online courses with thinkific.
  • Thinkific apps stores have many integration tools for marketing, tracking, and then customer management.
  • Prices are lesser than teachable with free test driving.

2. Teachery.io

Teachery platforms have the best online course templates with full customization to create online courses. The course templates are clean and simple, with sidebar options for interactivity. The sidebars can help arrange course materials and their progress. Moreover, we can add videos, Audio, and then sub lessons in the course templates. 

Teachery provides the best marketing options with multiple price variations on payment pages. It has an affiliate program set up for promoting online courses. We can manage the payouts via the PayPal payments processor.

Best features of Teachery.io

  • We can create different landing pages with customization for course promotion.
  • Teachery provides customer management and learner tracking options with course progress.
  • Responsive course templates with sidebar options for the best learner experience.
  • Unlimited courses and unlimited students can join to learn online courses.
  • Recurring payments, Upsell options are available with the best affiliate management systems.

3. Kajabi

Kajabi is the best online course promotion platform to create and sell online courses. It is an excellent teachable alternative with many inbuilt tools for course promotions and sales. Kajabi replaces the requirements such as email marketing, CRM, and lead pages needed to sell a course online. It provides websites, email, payments, landing pages, community, analytics with marketing automation for online course creation and marketing. Make sure to check the Kajabi Alternatives.

Features of Kajabi

  • It converts content creators knowledge into online courses, lessons, bundles, membership sites and then subscription products.
  • For course promotion, kajabi uses email marketing automation tools with landing page creation options.
  • The PayPal and Stripe payment integration makes it easier for students to purchase online courses.
  • Responsive course pages can be available on all mobile devices. 
  • Kajabi has a mobile learning application, and it is available in play store, Apple stores.

4. Spayee

Spayee is the best platform to create and launch online courses, even with mobile applications. It provides white-label android and apple applications to create online courses and sell them online. We can create courses using Audio, videos, pdfs, and end even with best student interaction features such as assignments, quizzes, surveys, forms, etc.

With Spayee, we can sell online courses as a bundle, membership sites from the secured hosting spaces.

Best features of Spayee

  • It provides an interface for live webinars and live classes with advanced interactions.
  • Spayee offers content dripping, and we can even schedule the lessons.
  • The mobile application is helpful to learn from students anywhere, anytime.
  • We can deploy the brand with websites and mobile applications through online courses.
  • Global payment options are available with Paypal, Stripe processing.
  • We can implement affiliate referral even with SMS marketing options.

5. Knorish

Knorish is the best teachable alternative to build an online academy by creating and selling online courses. We can easily create a course with websites and mobile apps. Moreover, the live session is available to teach students with interactivity. Knorish provides options to build sales funnels to promote online courses in the academy and make revenue from them.

Many theme templates are available to deliver online courses to its learners.

Beat Feaures of Knorish

  • Easy drag and drop website builder is available to create course templates.
  • It has secured hosting to protect and deliver course materials even on mobile devices.
  • We can work with unlimited live sessions, webinars in our online courses.
  • It helps to conduct polls, quizzes and then Q&A sessions for better student interaction.
  • Knorish uses promo codes and automated payouts with multiple payment systems.

6. Invanto 

Invanto is the best teachable alternative in India. It helps authors and content creators to build courses and teach concepts online. Invanto provides 45 day free trials for online course teachings. The educators, trainers and then coaches can create an online course and sell it online. Moreover, we can promote online courses as a membership site, store deals, or schools with automated cloud applications.

Best features of Invanto

  • It uses schools, deal stores and membership builders to create online courses.
  • We can manage different types of course content within the membership site.
  • Sell membership subscription with content dripping for a course program.
  • Invanto provides options to track membership courses with insights.
  • Custom designs are available for course delivery.
  • Many integration tools are available for marketing, payment and then customer support.

7. Podia

The best teachable alternative to creating online courses, digital downloads, and webinars with interactive community participation. Podia is the platform to teach live lessons and market them to make revenues. We can use ebooks and audiobooks to sell online courses with podia. Moreover, It has email marketing, affiliate promotion tools, and a chat widget to sell online courses. The best support team is available for new content creators and coaches. However, you may try Podia alternatives as well.

Features of Podia

  • We can sell online courses, webinars, and downloadable audiobooks in podia.
  • Custom websites are available for course delivery and course promotions.
  • It uses affiliate promotions with upsells and coupons to sell online content.
  • Video hosting is available with podia to create video series and bundle them as a product.
  • We can create unlimited courses, content and students to access.

8. LearnWorlds

Create and sell our knowledge as a course with LearnWorlds. It uses best learners engagement with an effective training interface to teach concepts online. LearnWorlds provides an interactive video learning experience with online courses. We can provide online course content free, paid, and even trial-based delivery. The courses promotions are possible even with social sharing. However, we can use traditional sales pages with multiple pre-designed templates. 

Features of LearnWorlds

  • LearnWorlds help creators to sell content as course, bundle and even membership sites.
  • We can upsell and cross-sell courses with coupons.
  • Many tools integration is available for marketing, promotion, tracking and customer support.
  • 24/7 support is available for course building, live classes and even academy creation.
  • The mobile application is available for learning the courses.
  • Interactive tools and tracking tools help better the learning experience for students.

Conclusion – Which Are The Best Teachable Alternatives In 2022?

By wrapping up a teachable alternative, the best online course creation platform should have a good student experience through its interface and learning tools. Moreover, it should provide marketing options to promote the online course.

The live lessons provisions are added advantages. Teachable is the best platform for course creation; however, it lags in marketing promotion and live classes, requiring teachable alternatives.

We have listed different course creation and selling platforms as teachable alternatives, some of them would be teachable competitors. The Thinkific is the best teachable alternative to teach and deliver an online course with returns by promoting it via websites.

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