Podia vs Thinkific – Which is Better for Course Creators?

Podia Vs Thinkific

Are you a content creator or supporting content creators?. It is the right place to identify the best platform from Podia Vs Thinkific for content creation and promotions. Both Podia, Thinkific help content creators and business people who like to serve info products to learners. They offer many features and benefits of content creation with its delivery to students.

Content creators can earn money by creating lessons, teaching, or even coaching. Business people can earn money by promoting the course to the students using an online academy. This article guides us to find the right platform for an online course or academy creation to educate students. Moreover, we can earn from the course by selling it to the learners.

Why is Thinkific preferred over Podia for online teaching?

The Thinkific is the best platform for teaching, course creation and then selling the course to students with below reasons.

  • The Thinkific is the right choice to build an online academy to teach concepts with the best learning experience.
  • The authors, teachers, coaches earn money with Thinkific by contributing course creation and even via teaching.
  • Business people can earn money by building a team for course creation with the best promotional tools available to market the courses to learners.
  • We can easily manage content creators’ payouts, Promotors’ payouts and then sales management with Thinkific Plus.
  • Thinkific app stores help course creators sell it quickly with marketing, tracking and then customer management applications.
  •  It has customer training, employee training and lead generation options to run a successful online academy.
  • Free trial is available to test core features of online course creation and selling with zero $ per month.

Why is Podia is better than Thinkific for online course creations?

Podia is preferred over Thinkific for online course creation or academy creations for the following reasons.

  • Podia provides online courses, bundle downloads and then courses academy creation.
  • We can easily create coaching sessions by using webinars in Podia.
  • The email marketing and Affiliate marketing setup helps promote online courses to make revenue.
  • Both free community and paid community are available for student interactions and then course promotions.
  • A 14-day free trial is available in Podia.

When we consider online courses, academy creation and its promotion needs. The best management of its resources. Both Podia and Thinkific have the best features for students, content creators with marketers’ management.

Quick comparison of Podia Vs Thinkific

WebsiteCustom domain Course templates, live session and Drag and drop course editorCustom subdomain website, Custom pages, Podia editor  
Student experienceCommunity, quizzes, certificateswebinars, Certificates, Chat widget messaging
PromotionEmail campaign, lead pages, Promotional coupons Email marketing, Coupons, lead pages
PaymentPayPal and Stripe, Payouts for teams and then AffiliatesPayPal, Stripe for accept payments
Group TrainingThinkific plus with employees and customers Courses academyNo support for academy
TrackingStudent, course tracking even with app storesNo tracking
SupportCommunity, Help center, Email, phone, and then live chatEmail, Q&A, Help center
Free trialavailableAvailable

We would look into the detailed comparison of features that benefited whom in an online academy creation.

Podia Vs Thinkific Detailed Features Comparison

Every online academy’s success depends on the learners, course materials management, and then delivery interfaces. Apart from that, the content creators, authors, teachers, coaches, marketers, affiliates, and their administration make the academy successful. For student-teacher interaction is the essential part while learning academy courses.

In the same way, the marketing and promotions of courses towards the students with employee training and payout methods make a platform best for online course creation in academic websites. We have Podia Vs Thinkific features comparison for successful online courses on an academy website.

1. Courses Setup and Templates 

Generally, an online academy creation needs to have multiple courses, coaching sessions, live classes and event test materials to track student behaviors. So the best platform should have a custom website with different templates for courses creation and delivery.

Podia provides online courses, downloadable course bundles, webinars and coaching sessions for student learning. We have a custom website for these course materials delivery. Moreover, podia offer community learning with limited topics and limited users.

Thinkific courses creation in an online academy has many features listed below.

  • It uses a custom website with a drag and drop course builder.
  • Ready to uses course templates are available for online courses and assessments.
  • The employee training with student training features is available with Thinkific plus.
  • Community learning has the best student and then coacher experience.
  • We can customize every part of the course template with advanced styling options.

Verdict: Thinkific is the Winner over Podia for online creation in an academy set up to teach students. Community learning with the best customization options for course templates offers an excellent coaching experience for teachers.

2. Web Hosting and Student Experience

The best platform must host the online course materials in a secured place, and they should be available upon student request. The best courses and material hosting provide easily content accessibility anywhere, anytime, even via mobile devices.

Podia provides the best hosting for communities. It brings all the members, discussions and course products in one place. We can schedule the coaching session with simple integration of booking tools. A product like live webinars is integrated with zoom. We can even host courses and digital downloads for leanings. Moreover, The students are tracked, and course completion certificates are awarded.

Thinkific offers live sessions for coachings with drip scheduling for on-demand lessons. Quizzes, communities and certificates do the student assessments. It provides the best community support for first-time academy creators. Many student interaction tools are available in Thinkific apps stores.

Verdict: Thinkific vs Podia Web Hosting and Student Experience features battle Podia is the Winner. However, Thinkific has many student interaction options in apps stores. The Podia provides the best hosting and community interaction for course learning.

3. Marketing and Promotion

The online academy’s success mainly depends on course promotion and marketing options. Both Podia and thinkific have excellent marketing strategies and promotional tools to sell courses in the academy.

Podia uses Email marketing, Affiliate programs, messaging and custom websites for course promotions and selling. It uses Zapeir integrations for customer management and a campaign for course promotions. Email marketing helps create lead capture pages, broadcasts and then automated funnels for marketing the product.

The Thinkific provides many email marketing and customer tracking tools in its stores. It also has lead generation and conversion features with lead capture pages. The promotional bundles and custom coupons creation helps high conversion during marketing campaigns. The automated email campaigns and funnels are available for courses and academy promotions. Moreover, Thinkific provides high conversion landing page examples.

Verdict: Thinkific Vs Podia marketing and promotions battle is the Tie. Both platforms have many tools integration for email campaigns and customer tracking. Podia use Zapier, and Thinkific uses apps stores with many tools. 

4. Payment and Security

The payment gateways and processors help easy administration of financial transactions in the online courses academy because the payment processing needs students, course creators, and even marketers. 

Podia has Stripe and PayPal for payment processing for students with single payments and even subscription payments. There is no transaction fee charged for course payments. We can achieve upsell payments for podia products. The authors and affiliates payouts are instantly processed.

Thinikific provides reasonable payment solutions with scalable payment programs for customers. So we can create subscription products in the Thinkific academy with the trial, one-time payment and subscription payments. The customers, partners and promoters payouts are performed with ecommerce functions. Thinkific has PayPal and Stripe payment options with segment and stunning payment tools for financial management with customers and employees.

Verdict:  Thinkific is the winner in the payment and security battle over Podia. It uses PayPal and Stripe with scalable payment processing for selling academic courses. Moreover, Thinkific plus has better payment management for academy employees and students.

5. Pricing and Support

The online academy setup and course creations with material management need great support. The employee administration and student managements need expert support for new creators. Moreover, pricing and demo websites help creators to buy with confidence.

Podia has a demo website with 14 days of free trial for all the plans. Its best plan is available for $ 89 per month with 24/7 support. Podia has videos, guides, and blog articles regarding marketing, creators stories, and setting up. It also has help center support for more technical issues.

Thinkific is available for $79 per month with free trial options at 0$ per month. Thinkific has the best expert support for online academy creation and course teachings. The communities and helpdesk are available for support. Moreover, it has customer training and employee training with Thinkific plus. The best documentation is also available to create courses and customization of interfaces.

Verdict: Thinkific is the Winner in both Pricing and support. Thinkific is available at less monthly price than podia for online courses creation. The better community support with helpdesk makes it the best choice for online courses.  

Final verdict: Thinkific is the Winner of the Podia Vs Thinkific features comparison battle to create an online courses academy.  

Conclusion Thinkific vs Podia

By wrapping up Podia Vs Thinkific features comparison for online courses creation and promotion in an online academy. Both are the best platform to create online courses; however, when it comes to marketing and promotion, Thinkific is the best choice. We can easily create many courses, live coaching seasons, and then materials management with Thinkific. 

The academy needs the best administration of courses, students, content creators, and promoters for online courses. Here Thinkific wins most of the battles in the features comparison over Podia. Podia wins only for community hosting and student learning experience. In most instances, such as courses setup, templates, promotion, pricing, support and payment processing in the academy website Thinkific is the winner. So Thinkific is the best choice for course creators in the battle of Podia vs Thinkific.

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