Thinkific Vs ClickFunnels – Which is Better to Sell Online Courses?

Thinkific vs Clickfunnels

Are you looking for the best place to sell an online course with marketing features?. Probably Thinkific Vs ClickFunnels comparison should provide the best answer for your quest. Both platforms help online market courses using membership sites with different landing pages. Moreover, they offer better promotional features like funnels and automated email campaigns. 

Thinkific has its apps stores with Thinkific plus for the extended operation of online course creation and selling through membership sites. Also, Thinkific plus provides lead generation and automated email campaigns to market online courses. However, when it comes to ClickFunnels, we have different funnels for sales, promotion, and then marketing with multiple templates. Therefore, we should find the best platform from Thinkifc Vs ClickFunnels detailed comparison.

Why is Thinkific better than ClickFunnels for online course selling?

The Thinkific has better options to sell courses using membership sites compared with ClickFunnels for the below reasons.

  • The Thinkific provides a custom domain and library of themes with ready-to-use templates for landing pages.
  • Lead generation can be done using a visual editor with lead page customization options.
  • Automated email campaigns are available for online course promotion with coupon codes.
  • Thinkific has better customer tracking with event process analytics and then insights.
  • We can create multiple courses with Thinkific plus and create an online academy to teach the course through the live session.
  • It provides better financial transaction assistance with PayPal And Stripe processors.
  • A free trial with core features to create and sell online courses is available.

Why is ClickFunnels better than Thinkific to sell online courses?

The ClickFunnels provide better options over Thinkific to market the online courses with below reasons.

  • ClickFunnels uses page editors to create landing pages for lead generation and sales pages.
  • It offers multiple funnels to promote online courses such as webinar funnels, sales, leads, and then membership funnels.
  • We can create a membership area to sell online courses as bundles.
  • The sales page has been created with one-click upsell options.
  • Build values in sales pages by adding videos and then testimonials.
  • Email and Facebook marketing automation helps to promote the online course.
  • Automated Marketing funnels are set up in minutes using funnel builder.

Here, we have a quick comparison of Thinkific Vs ClickFunnels is to understand which one is better to sell online courses. Moreover, the best platform should integrate multiple marketing tools with analytics and tracking. 

WebsiteTheme library with templates, Custom domain, White label option for brand, course builderFunnel builder, Membership site, Sale, landing pages Drag and drop webpage editor
Student experienceLive streaming, Create multiple events, Schedule in person events.  It provides membership area to learn course content.
PromotionEmail campaign automation, Lead generation, Social media promotions.Sales funnels, Follow-up funnels,  
PaymentPayPal, Stripe with Membership sites, Subscription programs and courses, SSL protected checkouts, Affiliate programs  1 click upsell, Collect money with Smart shopping cart, Secured payment pages.    
Group TrainingZoom integration, Online courses, Community events, Zapier workflowMembership site is available to access multiple products. No live sessions.
TrackingLearners tacking and event tracking with analytics and insights  Sales and email tracking within the dashboard.
SupportCommunity, Knowledgebase, help center, Email, phone and live chatHelp center, Documentation, Facebook group, live chat
Free trialAvailable with core features14-days free trial is available

Thinkific Vs ClickFunnels Detailed Features Comparison

The detailed comparison of ClickFunnels vs Thinkific helps analyze the features of those two platforms for online course promotions. They use landing pages, funnels, and then marketing campaigns for course promotions. The drag and page editors help to build funnel pages with customization features. Moreover, the sale pages and payment processors help secure payment for product subscriptions. The best support among these two platforms gives added advantage to find the best one.

1. Website builder and Custom Templates                        

Regarding online course creation and its promotion, we need different templates for content delivery, sales promotions. For example, Thinkific uses a custom domain to create a membership site to organize course material for delivery. 

  • It helps to add existing courses website with custom domains. 
  • The drag and drop courses builder helps arrange multiple courses inside the membership site.
  • The ready-to-use multiple custom templates are available to create landing pages and course delivery pages.
  • We have a page editor with full customization options that helps to create different promotional pages.

The ClickFunnels uses website editors to create lead pages, sales pages, and then landing pages for membership site promotions. In addition, we can use a drag and drop editor with customization options to set up marketing funnels for the course promotion. Custom templates are available for the membership area creation and product organization within the membership site.

Verdict: Thinkific Vs ClickFunnels website builder and custom templates battle Thinkific is the winner. Because it uses a custom domain with a drag and drop editor for course creation. Moreover, it offers a wide range of customization options for lead generation and course promotions.

2. Web Hosting and Student Experience

Online course creation and marketing require a membership site with the best hosting solution to access the course content. The hosting with no downtime helps to access course material anytime from anywhere in the world. Thinkific offers a cloud hosting solution with SSL secured login access for the membership content. 

Moreover, it offers the best learning experience through randomized quizzes, community participation, student reviews, and surveys. It uses live sessions for courses with drip schedules by the learners. Social promotion and group training are also possible with Thinkific plus. The students can track the course progress inside the learning area.

When it comes to ClickFunnels, it uses a membership site to host the online course content for student access. There are not many student interaction tools available in clicfunnels. However, it provides the best marketing funnels to sell the courses with email list generation and then Social media.

Verdict: Thinkific vs ClickFunnels Hosting and Learning Experience battle the Thinkific is the winner. Because, it uses group training, quizzes, assignments, and then student tracking options for learners interaction. 

3. Marketing and Promotion

The marketing and promotional features of Thinkific and ClickFunnels help achieve more conversion during the sales promotion. Both platforms use email marketing services to generate leads by creating custom landing pages. The lading pages are created using drag and drop page builders.

Thinkific provides promotional offers on landing pages to increase conversions. Its apps stores have email marketing, analytics, and insights tools for tracking automated marketing campaigns. In addition, the Thinkific plus has lead generation features by creating an email list and social media promotions.

While ClickFunnels have multiple funnel campaigns for marketing automation and promotional campaign to sell online courses, it has the drag and drop page builder to create a custom design for funnel pages. For example, we can create lead, sales, and follow-up funnels using ClickFunnels and its template pages. 

Moreover, it provides dashboard tracking for funnel campaigns. It uses email and Facebook marketing automation for online courses promotion with membership options. We can run a marketing campaign with targeted emails, social, text, and then desktop notifications.

Verdict: In the ClickFunnels Vs Thinkific marketing and promotions battle, the ClickFunnels is the Winner. The Thinkific only has options to promote courses using email campaigns, whereas ClickFunnels uses multiple funnels such as lead, follow-up, and sales for course promotions. 

4. Payment Pages and Security

The payment processors and their security offer reliability over the customers’ data. The Thinkific uses PayPal and Stripe processors to process payments on sales pages. The sales pages use SSL secured checkout pages for membership subscriptions while selling the online courses. It can use upsell offers on checkout pages for better conversions. These payment processors can accept payment from multiple countries worldwide. Thinkific payment processors use affiliate payment processing and employee payout to create an online academy.

The ClickFunnels uses smart checkout options like stripe, credit cards to collect payments from the customers. We can create checkout pages with one-click upsells. The checkout pages membership site can use exit offers to increase conversion during product upsells.

Verdict:  In the payment and security battle; Thinkific wins with best payment processing even in academy creation and affiliate promotion monthly payouts. Moreover, It also helps to accept payments from more than 100+ countries.

5. Pricing and Support

The lower pricing with all business requirements helps decide on purchasing the product. In addition, the kind of support for the product will be added advantage while choosing the best platform to sell online courses.

While selecting the Thinkific, It has a free version with core features to create and sell an online course. The ecommerce functions are also available in the free version. The best plan is available at $79 per month with unlimited courses and an affiliate program setup. In addition, Thinkific plus and apps stores are available for academy creation, lead generation, and automated email campaigns. When it comes to supporting, Thinkific has community, email, live chat, and telephone with knowledgebase. Moreover, it uses mobile apps to access anywhere.

The ClickFunnels are with 14 days free trails with 97$ per month plan. We can use 20 funnels and 100 pages for funnel creation with drag and drop customizers with this plan. The best plan is available at $297 per month with unlimited funnel usages. Moreover, it provides live chat support with documentation and a help center. Facebook group is also available for community support.

Verdict: Thinkific Vs ClickFunnels pricing and support battle Thinkific is the winner. Because It has lesser pricing with core selling options in the free trial, also, it provides multiple forms of support. 

Final verdict: The Thinkific is the Winner of the battle between Thinkific Vs ClickFunnels. Eventhough ClickFunnels provides different funnel options and page editor for online course promotions, Thinkific wins in most of the features battle to create and promote online courses.

Conclusion – Which is the best Thinkific vs ClickFunnels

By wrapping up the Thinkific Vs ClickFunnels comparison battle, both the platforms have better features to promote and sell online courses using membership sites. However, Thinkific uses lead generation and email marketing campaigns, Whereas ClickFunnels uses lead, sales, and follow-up funnels with social media promotions to sell courses online. 

In the end, Thinkific is the winner of the battle between Thinkific. The Thinkific has multiple options with features to deliver online courses. For example, membership sites, courses academy, and subscription training programs are the first choice with Thinkific apps store tools, Thinkific plus for its promotion. 

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