Udemy vs Thinkific – Which is the Best Platform for Online Teaching?

Udemy Vs Thinkific

The Udemy Vs Thinkific comparison helps identify the best platform for teaching and coaching concepts online with revenue. Both udemy and Thinkific provides many tools to create course content. Moreover, they provide a better learning interface for students to learn concepts with interaction. 

Thinkific is the best choice for creating course content and promoting it as a membership site or an academy of courses. It also helps to market the courses and helps to earn revenue from them. However, Udemy is the best platform for teachers and coaches to teach concepts for students. It will market the courses and share the revenue. Teachers and coaches have full control over their course content.

Why is Thinkific is better than Udemy for online teaching?

The Thinkific is the best choice for creating courses, marketing them and providing sales tracking that helps to create an academy of courses by own. It has below reasons to prefer over Udemy.

  • We can create a market and sell courses with a custom website. Ready to use course template helps to organize course materials easily.
  • Live sessions are available to teach concepts. Moreover, learners demand live sessions for concepts.
  • Thinkific apps store helps market courses, manage students and track sales by many different applications.
  • Thinkific plus SupportSupport extended features to create an academy to manage courses, employees and then students.
  • Best customization options are available to create the best learning interface with custom websites and templates.
  • A free trial is available to test core features at 0$ per month.

Why is Udemy preferred over Thinkific for online teaching?

When it comes to teaching a concept and coaching students, Udemy is the best choice for the following reasons.

  • Udemy is the best place for learners to learn more than 6000+ courses.
  • It also provides an opportunity for instructors to teach concepts to students.
  • Group learning is possible with Udemy. We can learn from mobile devices as well.  
  • Course management, custom assignments and group interaction are possible with udemy.
  • Analytics and reports are available with course insights, user activity.
  • Best tool for team learning and tracking for business with API integrations.

A quick comparison of Thinkific Vs Udemy

WebsiteCustom domain Course templates, Unlimited courses, live session and Drag and drop course editorPlan courses, Record videos, Launch course  
Student experienceCommunity, quizzes, certificatesPersonalized learning, On demand learning
PromotionEmail campaign, lead pages, Promotional coupons We use social media to promote
PaymentPayPal and Stripe, Payouts for teams and AffiliatesPayPal, Stripe for accept payments
Group TrainingThinkific plus with employees and customers Courses academyCreate multiple courses
TrackingStudent, course tracking even with app storesAnalytics and insights for course
SupportCommunity, Help center, Email, phone, and live chatEmail, Instructor support centor
Free trialavailableno

Now we would see the detailed features comparison of these two platforms. In the end, we would have the best one for online teaching and revenue generation.

Udemy Vs Thinkific Detailed Features Comparison 

We know every business ends up making revenue from it and building a customer base. That helps to grow a brand with better earnings. In the same way, online teaching tools should provide better earning opportunities by teaching a concept. Moreover, many online courses platforms help create their academy of courses to sell online while others help learn many courses in a single place. The first concept belongs to Thinkific, and the next is Udemy.

1. Course Creation and Websites

While teaching concepts online needs a website with course creation tools. First, we need to plan the course, create lessons, and then finally deliver it to students. For these functions, both Udemy Vs Thinkific provides different options.

  • Thinkific has a custom website with course templates for course materials delivery and teachings.
  • The drag and drop course editor helps to organize courses with customization options.
  • The live session helps to conduct coaching sessions for on-demand requests.
  • We can create an online academy of courses to sell online with Thinkific.
  • The course data and its delivery interface are hosted using API in clouds.

When we consider Udemy for teaching concepts online, it offers the below features.

  • Udemy provides course planning with community support. It starts by targeting the audience for the course.
  • Every course can be divided into smaller parts as lessons with learning objectives.
  • The lessons are recorded with video, audio, tone and then feedbacks.
  • We can create a course by video screencasting, recording and then editing the lessons.
  • The instructor community helps to create a course and teach online with Udemy.

Verdict: Thinkific Vs Udemy for online course creation and setup battle is a Tie. Both have provided different options. Video recording, screen casting is available in Udemy and course templates with live teaching sessions is available in Thinkific.

2. Web Hosting and Student Experience

The course content hosting and its access upon request by the learners make successful online teaching. Moreover, the learning interactivity and experiences provide added advantages. 

In Thinkific, we have API clouds for hosting online course content. The learning experience provides assignments, randomized quizzes, community participation, and then certificate for student performance. On-demand student requests and student access via phone can increase the chance of interaction.

When we look at Udemy for course content protection and its delivery, It has LMS integration for course setup. The best student experience is available with team learning with interactions. We can easily teach business lessons for teams with tracking and follow-ups. The API is available for course, reporting, and customer tracking helps to run successful courses with Udemy.

Verdict: Udemy Wins over Thinkific for student experience. Even though both have better student interaction, Udemy makes group learning easier with API. But when it comes to course content hosting, Thinkific provides a better solution. 

3. Marketing and Promotion

Online teaching makes successful only if it reaches many students. So marketing and promotion play a vital role in online course creation. Thinkific has inbuilt email promotions to sell online courses. We can create an automated email campaign with coupon codes to sell the courses. We can use custom websites with lead pages for email capturing to promote teaching lessons and courses. Thinkific apps store has many promotional tools with email services and its analytics for promotions.

In Udemy online course, We can teach and promote by creating landing pages. We can add promotional videos to the promotional page. We can use Affiliate promotions and PPC marketing for udemy course promotion. In Udemy promotion, we use coupons with referral discounts to increase sales. Blogs, websites, email and social media advertisements are the best methods to promote udemy courses.

Verdict: Thinkific Vs Udemy marketing and promotions battle. Thinkific is the winner. Because, Thinkific uses its email campaign and many email marketing services to email campaigns for promotions. 

4. Payment and Security

The Thinikific accepts payments via PayPal and Stripe payment processors. We can customize checkout pages with one-click upsells. The student data analytics available in Thinkific helps track the course progress. That helps identify the right time to send associate course promotions with sales pages. The SSL protected payment page link can be sent even via SMS.

In Udemy, We can set up the payment methods and pricing via promotional pages. The pricing for online courses depends on the Udemy guidelines. It is based on the length of the video and course duration. It has more restrictions in pricing the course. The payment for the instructors to teach lessons is sent by Udemy. 

Verdict:  Thinkific wins the payment and security battle over Udemy. Because In Thinkific, the course pricing is more flexible with a secured payment gateway.

5. Pricing and Support

The online course teaching needs help from the experts to create lessons and market them online. In Udemy vs Thinkific comparison, SupportSupport is essential for online course success.

Thinkific is available for $79 per month for the best plan from its three price variations. Moreover, it provides 30 days free trial to test its core features. Thinkific provides apps stores with many tools integration helps support online course creation and its selling when it comes to supporting. The thinkific plus helps revenue generation and employee management during online academy creation. Also, it offers a helpdesk with community support for new content creators.

The Udemy pricing for learners is based on the usage of courses and tools needed for instructors to teach courses online. When we consider the SupportSupport, Udemy provides the best SupportSupport for course planning, video recording, course management, promotions with tutorials. Moreover, it has FAQ support for students and instructors. 

Verdict: Thinkific is the Winner for Pricing because it has a free test trial with full clarity. When it comes to supporting, even though Udemy has many tutorials and FAQ sections, the community and helpdesk support make Thinkific the best.  

Final verdict: In Udemy Vs Thinkific features comparison battle, Thinkific is the winner. It wins most battles like course hosting, marketing, promotion, payments and SupportSupport. However, it ties with Udemy for course creation and website availability. Udemy wins for a good student experience for learning.

Conclusion – Which is better in Thinkific vs Udemy?

In the summary of Udemy Vs Thinkific comparison, Both the platforms are best to create online courses and teach concepts online. When it comes to marketing and promotion of the course, Thinkific is the best choice with promotional page customization. We can even do marketing funnels to make it better. The conversion helps to increase revenue in online teaching.

On the other hand, Udemy provides the best experience in course creation and group learning. It is the best platform for businesses to teach their team members tracking. In the end, for online teaching with revenue making, Thinkific provides more features and app tools SupportSupport. So Thinkific wins over Udemy in Udemy Vs Thinkific Comparison.

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