7 Udemy Alternatives For Learners & Teachers (2022)

udemy alternatives

Are you a teacher and looking for Udemy alternatives to create online courses and sell them online?. Udemy is the best platform to learn courses online with a better student experience. Udemy helps instructors to teach concepts online by recording or screencasting videos. We can create courses for a particular topic and promote them using landing pages and social media to promote the courses. 

Apart from the courses creation and teaching, earning from the course and student handling during the course progress provide real success to the content creators. Udemy has some negative sides for course promotion and its revenue sharing that causes to look for Udemy alternatives.

Downsides of Udemy Teaching platform

Udemy provides many features for creating and uploading videos and podcasts online teaching. When it comes to selling the course, several Udemy disadvantages that are listed below make an impact.

  • Udemy is the best platform for learners, but it doesn’t provide student account access for the instructors or course creators.
  • We don’t have full flexibility to sell the courses. It restricts the pricing for courses and their ownership. The marketing options are limited for course promotion.
  • We can’t process the affiliates for our course promotion with Udemy. However, we can promote it via social media.

These Udemy downsides force content creators to find alternatives to create and then sell courses online.

Best Udemy Alternatives

The Udemy alternatives should offer many features to the content creators. It gives creators more control over the course content promotions and its ownership. The below-listed platforms have provisions for affiliate management and student tracking with analytics. Moreover, a content creator can build an online academy of courses for promotion with team participation. It makes them run a business with their expertise.


Thinkific is the best online course creation and marketing platform for Udemy replacement. Moreover, Thinkific provides apps stores and thinkific plus for content creators for the extended use of this platform for online teaching and course promotions. The student’s data analytics helps follow the customers and promote more courses upon completion of the current program.

The drag and drop course editor and multiple course templates help create many courses to sell. We can easily organize the course material and deliver it to the students, even via live lessons. The student assessment features are available for better interaction during the course progress.

Features of Thinkific

  • Email campaigns are available for course promotion.
  • Promotional coupons and lead pages are available for better conversion during course marketing.
  • Randomized quizzes, assignments and course certificates are helpful for student interactions.
  • Best community support is helpful for first-time academy creators.
  • 30 days free trial is available for course creation and sales.
  • Multiple integration apps are available for students, courses and affiliate management in thinkific.

This can also be a Udemy free alternative.


Coursecraft is one of the best Udemy alternatives to create and sell online courses. We can deliver our online teachings as a course or a membership site. The simple and flexible editor helps create lessons and even images and videos with downloadable files in the course content. The lesson scheduling options help to learn the courses quickly via coursecraft.

Coursecraft uses PayPal and Stripe payment processors to accept payment from the sales pages when it comes to marketing and promotion. They are also used for payouts for affiliates. Forms and quizzes help better student learning experience with course progress. 

Features of Coursecraft

  • The promotional coupon is available for course promotions on the sales pages.
  • Custom branding helps to create a unique interface for course learning.
  • Membership sites features are used to build multiple courses with a single subscription.
  • The course stats are available with the content creator’s dashboard to track course progress with student activity easily.
  • The free plan is available for 3 courses with 100 participants making it the best free alternative to Udemy.

Coursecraft is one of the best alternatives to udemy for instructors.


Learnyst is the best platform to create an online academy of courses with multiple apps for a better learning experience. It is an Udemy replacement to sell online courses by academy creations. Learnyst provides media interactive course content delivery with quizzes. The course certificates are available to motivate learners.

It uses inbuilt marketing features to promote online courses with third-party integration tools. We can sell courses with learning tests with a better payment gateway. We can also use direct bank transfer for the sales payment with sales reports. Learnyst helps create live classes with encrypted pages for course access by the students.

Features of Learnyst

  • A website builder helps to create course templates and lead pages for marketing.
  • Email marketing campaign used for course promotion with promotional codes and funnels.
  • Teaching apps are available to take live classes even with mobile devices.
  • We can conduct mock tests and examinations for the best student learning experience.
  • Built-in forum is help learners to connect with the student community for successful learning.


Create an online course and teaching service with teachable to sell it online. It uses a power editor to customize the learning interface with video lectures, multimedia lessons, and coaching classes. The authors, team members, and contributors can build better online courses academy for learners.

 The students are engaged with call hosting, milestone fixing, and task features. Moreover, they can quiz, and course completion certificates motivate students to learn quicker. It accepts payments from more than 100+ countries via PayPal and MoneyPay. The SSL secured, we can send payment page links via SMS to receive payments.

Features of Teachable

  • Custom domain is available to link existing websites and create a new website for course creation.
  • We can manage students, sales and courses within a single dashboard.
  • Email marketing helps to create marketing funnels for course promotion with zapeir integrations.
  • Secure payment pages can receive payment from anywhere.
  • The student and course tracking are available to promote associative courses.


Testpress is an Udemy alternative to create and sell online courses, even via mobile devices. It uses a mobile application to teach and create online courses. It also uses top learning management systems, an encrypted payment page, and course access pages with a mobile application. 

Students can learn from videos, taking notes, and answering quizzes during the course progress. The students are engaged with live classes and webinars. The marketing automation is available with third-party tools integration for courses promotion.

Features of Testpress.tech

  • It uses a custom mobile application for teaching and learning.
  • Testpress provides unlimited examinations during course progress.
  • Live teaching and coaching classes are possible with ZOOM
  • Telephone and email support are available to create and then teach courses via test press.
  • Promotion and student tracking are possible with third-party tools integrations.


Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for online course creation and sales. It is the best replacement for Udemy to create an online academy of courses. Kajabi provides website, email, hosting, landing pages, analytics, and marketing automation to create and sell courses online. Kajabi helps create teaching lessons as course programs, products or membership sites, or subscription programs for promotions.

Pipeline marketing helps promote online courses via email marketing services and lead page funnels. It uses affiliate marketing for course promotion. The best payment processors are available for affiliate payouts and author payouts, and we can also accept payments from the learners.

Features of Kajabi

  • Kajabi helps create online courses as a product, subscription program and then coaching seasons for easy promotions.
  • It provides custom websites with the visual builder to create lead pages for promotions.
  • Email marketing is available for promotions with pipeline campaigns.
  • Stripe and Paypal payment helps to accept payments with upsell checkout pages.
  • Mobile application is available to learn courses via Kajabi.


Edmingle is one of the best Udemy replacements for instructors to create and sell online courses. It provides custom websites for course creation with videos, live classes, discussions, exams, and assignments for student interactions. It provides a live session library for online academy creation and drip courses with multiple educators. White labeling helps to build own brand. The best tools are available for landing page marketing with social media promotions.

Features of Edmingle

  • The assignments test and discussion with examination helps best student interaction during course progress.
  • The analytics section is available for learners and then courses.
  • Many test patterns such as Boolean, FAQ, essay, and fill in the blanks help the better learning experience.
  • Live classes, drip content, weekly reminder, discussion and then progress reports help good engagement.
  • Third-party tool integration makes marketing automation easier with Edmingle.

Conclusion Udemy Alternatives

By wrapping up Udemy alternatives, Udemy is a good platform for the learners to learn many courses in one place. It also helps instructors to teach online by recording videos and creating courses. It offers lessor control over the course promotion and its pricing methods. Udemy restricts the opportunity to create an online academy by the instructors. So we need a replacement for Udemy.

In the above-listed alternative for Udemy, Thinkific provides the best solution for instructors can create online courses. We can achieve higher sales by doing course promotion with marketing tools in thinkific apps. The thinkific plus helps to make revenue generation. We can create an online academy with students, authors, and promoters management. So, Thinkific is the best Udemy alternative in India.

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