Kajabi Review: The Good And The Bad (Honest)

kajabi review

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform to create, market, and sell online courses. It provides websites, email, payment gateways, landing pages, analytics, and marketing automation for creating and delivering online courses to learners. It helps authors, influencers, and coaches build their knowledge into a product, membership program, or online course.

We can promote the product using website and email marketing campaigns with the help of landing pages. The analytics and community section are available in Kajabi provides more advantages during the course promotion. This Kajabi review 2022 deals with the ups and downsides of this online course creation and promotion.

Why do we need Kajabi, and who gets benefits?

An author, teacher, or even creator needs many tools to create an online course and deliver their knowledge in a particular field. Its delivery to the right students plays a vital role in the creations. So the protection of the course content and its delivery to the subscribed learners is also an important task. 

Moreover, online course delivery to the right people needs more human participation for promotion and sales. Once learners get ready to learn the course, their interaction and progress tracking are time-consuming tasks for the teachers and creators. The Kajabi is the best replacement to perform all different works on a single platform while delivering an online course.

So authors and teachers can simplify their works with Kajabi. However, marketers and influencers benefit from promoting an online course with Kajabi and we would like at how in this Kajabi review.

Benefits of Kajabi for Online Course

The advantages of using Kajabi to create online courses are available in the list below.

  • We can bundle our online course as a program or membership site. It helps to sell the lessons as webinars and live events. There is also Kajabi membership theme.
  • Kajabi provides websites for course delivery and its promotion. We can even create lead and funnel pages for marketing with customizations.
  • We can perform marketing automation with pipeline events by email services and Kajabi virtual assistant is available for all users.
  • The learners are engaged with quizzes and surveys with group event participation.
  • Kajabi provides an affiliate program set up for learners can promote the course and earn passive income while learning the course.
  • A 14-day free trial is available for a test drive on the working of the Kajabi.

Downside of Kajabi 

Kajabi’s payments plan is restricted by limited contacts, limited courses, and limited pipeline usage for promotions. 

While considering a payment system, it uses Stripe and PayPal integration for selling online courses via sales pages. Stripe requires transaction fees while selling the courses in the marketplace. The monthly pricing for Kajabi is slightly expensive when compared with its alternatives.

Kajabi is the best solution for online course promotion

Is Kajabi a CRM? Kajabi provides lead page creation options and different pricing options such as one-time payment and subscription. It replaces many tools for promoting online courses in the marketplace. Say, for example, marketing funnels, emails, payments, CRMs are available in Kajabi.

More than online course creation, management, and its delivery, Kajabi is the best platform for course promotion, sales, and student tracking with analytics. So it is the best choice for entrepreneurs, influencers to build an academy of teaching and coaching.

Best Features of Kajabi Platform

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for online course creation, promotion, and learners managements. It offers many features for coaches, influencers, creators, and marketers to use a single platform for course promotion and management. We would see the best features of Kajabi and its limitations for online course promotions.

Product Creation

The course creators and coaches can create their teaching, live seasons, and video lessons. These materials are bundled as a product for selling online. The product may be a membership site, subscription program, or live events such as webinars. Once, we created a product. We need a website to deliver the product upon the purchase made by the learners.

Kajabi provides websites with secured hosting space to manage online course content as a product. The caching classes are bundled as a program or sold as an event on the website. Kajabi has many free themes for online course delivery with customizable pages.

The limitation here is we should use only one website to set up online courses with limited courses hosted in it, and also, only limited contacts can use the course for learning. We need a higher plan for the most number of contacts.

Emails and Pipeline for marketing automation

Kajabi replaces email marketing services necessary to sell any product online. Because Kajabi has an inbuilt email system for communication with Kajabi email templates, we can use pipelines promotion of the product with Kajabi. The pipelines are automated email marketing campaigns delivered in a frequent interval. With the help of the website pages and page editor, we can create lead pages and marketing content for course promotions. 

The lead pages and landing pages are customized to run a marketing campaign with page editors. We can even create funnel pages using Kajabi. The funnel pages such as sales, checkout, and thank you can customize pages with page editors. So the Kajabi replaces even funnel pages creation in the sales campaign.

We can integrate video, countdown timer, and automation to build relationships with landing page visitors during sales promotions. We can even send a newsletter for upsell promotions via email services. 

Limitations: The number of pipelines is limited in each plan; however, we can use unlimited emails for promotions.

Students Assessments

Kajabi provides good learner assessments by quizzes and surveys during every lesson which makes it more interesting in this review of Kajabi. So people are engaged with the course and coaching sessions via running gaming events for testing the course learning progress. Awards and certifications can be provided for course completion by third-party integrations.

Group interaction and community participation are also possible with Kajabi learners. We can use group interaction while studying the course or an event. It is the best replacement for Facebook groups. The learners tracking is available with course progress, and they can even take notes during classes.

Payments and Analytics

In this Kajabi review, let us look at payments. We can customize the checkout page with one-click upsell events. We can use multiple payment methods for online courses, such as onetime payments, subscription payments, and trial payments for initial course progress.

Kajabi accepts payments in sales pages via PayPal and Stripe processors. It uses highly secured SSL encrypted checkout pages. We can send checkout page links via SMS, email, and even in social sharing. The most prominent woo-commerce functions are just simply replaces with payment pages in Kajabi.

Kajabi Analytics can help marketers track emails, and the course creator can manage learners with the best customer management system. We can even integrate third-party tools for customer management. Kajabi provides the best affiliate system set up to promote courses by the learners.

Mobile access Customer Support in Kajabi

The best course creation platform is available with a responsive page editor and visual email campaign builder. So we can access Kajabi websites and courses anywhere and even via mobile devices. Kajabi provides a mobile application for student engagements and learning courses with materials access anywhere in the world. We can download the Kajabi application from apple stores and Play Store as well.

Kajabi gives a 24/7 customer support with an experienced team adding up to one of the best features in this Kajabi review. They can answer any questions during the course setup and even in promotion progress. It uses a vibrant community to share your thoughts, get answers with influencers, experts, and course creators. They provide live chat support for course promotion and sales.

Conclusions Kajabi review 2022

By wrapping up Kajabi review, It is an all-in-one platform to create online courses as a product and sell it in the market places. Kajabi replaces many tools for promotion and selling online courses such as email marketing, CRMs, and even funnel pages for course promotion.

Kajabi is the best platform to create many courses to sell online. Of course, we can create an academy with Kajabi and manage learners easily with customer support tools. Influencers and content creators should promote and sell courses online with marketing automation. The PayPal and stripe can provide secure payment processing with checkout pages instantly.

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