How to sell courses on Teachable? [Step-by-step guide]

how to sell courses on teachable

Teachable is one of the best platforms to sell online courses easily, even by authors and coaches while teaching the course. It provides opportunities to sell courses as a product or academy and even business. Teachable allow creators to sell courses by its marketing and affiliate tools. Moreover, it provides feature to create lessons and videos. 

Simple payment acceptance and affiliate payment payouts are easily done with teachable payment processors and gateways. So the number of third-party tools integration makes it teachable to sell online courses with the customer and sales tracking.

Key Reasons To Sell Courses on Teachable

Teachable provides many advantages to selling courses by individual people or teams. The teams can even create an academy of multiple courses and sell it teachable with better marketing strategies and promotional methods. Some of the benefits are available below.

  • It provides tools for course materials management by videos, podcasts and even school-like structure to deliver online courses.
  • While creating and selling the product, we can easily manage users, students, affiliates and teams with teachable.
  • Email marketing and Facebook sharing make different marketing strategies to earn the student by joining as an affiliate in teachable.
  • World-class support is available to create and market courses online for creators and teams.

Now we will see the detailed process of selling an online course with teachable by creating a brand. It helps to build a business with info products. To sell courses on Teachable can turn into a piece of cake once you begin exploring its features.

How to sell a course on teachable?

Authors, coaches, schools, business people now have a simple platform to set up and sell their online courses with teachable. It provides custom domain, page builder, payment options, marketing methods, affiliate systems and third-party tools for customer relationship maintenance. We can do sales tracking and customer management in teachable with course upsell options.

Setup course to deliver

The authors, coaches and teams can create course content as a bundle or series of videos or podcasts to sell in one teachable. Teachable offers different plans to set up live coaching classes, video lessons as a course. We can create multiple courses as a team and set up those courses as an academy of courses to promote. It is simply a school-like environment to teach courses online.

Teachable provides custom domains to link existing course websites, or we can create a new course website to manage online course delivery upon the student purchasing the course. The course materials are stored in a secured place for delivery. The teachable provide hosting space with PCI level one access for students to access course materials. So the student data are more secured with a teachable course setup.

The best learning tools are available with a course delivery interface with live videos for a coaching session. Teachable offers templates and themes to deliver online courses as a bundle, subscription programs and membership sites. They help coaches, authors and teams to sell their knowledge with a brand name. Moreover, they can build their business as an academy using teachable.

Create Sales page with brand

The page building options with customization is available on teachable helps to create sales pages. These provisions help create high converting sales pages with a brand name to promote courses and academy work. For you to sell courses on Teachable, you need to certainly focus on building a sales page.

With the help of available theme templates and customization options in the custom domain, we can create sales pages and lead pages. These pages can help to sell a course and promote membership programs. Inside the membership area, we can even upsell courses and caching lessons as a webinar even subscription.

We can use videos for the promotions on the sales pages, and we can accept the payment for online courses with secured payment gateways. In teachable, we have SSL protected checkout pages for payment options. PayPal and money pay integration on sales pages can accept payment from more than 130+ countries. Fixing prices for the courses help better conversion in sales pages.

Use Different Pricing Methods

Different pricing methods can help deliver the online courses to the students easier and provide higher returns. We can use one-time course payments, monthly subscription-based payments. The membership-based payment options are also available in teachable. Here, Initially, we create a minimum price for a membership subscription. Later, we can increase the course price. This tactic can let you to sell courses on Teachable rapidly and also build your income levels.

The upsell options are available with discount coupons. Se we can upsell courses to our existing customers with price reductions. The multiple payment plans can also accelerate the course progress with interactive sessions.

The customer management and their subscription management are available on teachable. We can make sales and student tracking about the course completion details has been available in teachable. It gives an opportunity that helps to upsell another course during the final subscriptions.

Do marketing for course promotion with teachable

The teachable provides email and social media marketing options to promote online courses and brands with sales pages. With the email marketing and custom domain, we can create more landing pages with email subscription forms that help to generate leads for our course selling. 

The Facebook sharing features are available on teachable helps promote courses by students. The affiliate program setup in teachable helps students earn money while learning online courses. The affiliate management and their payouts are handled with payment processors and gateways.

Payment Processing and Upsell more Courses

In teachable, we can accept payment for courses and make payouts for affiliates and team members east with payment processors and gateways. PayPal and mobile payments are the options available to accept payments from different world countries. We can do instant payouts for team members and affiliate with chargebacks. 

We can do tax automated tax management EU TAX for authors and affiliate payment via teachable payment gateways. Online programs, one-to-one coaching and membership payments are collected via payment gateways. It can accept credit cards, debit cards, Apple pay, google pay and Paypal for subscription payments.

The team members can monitor checkout performance in the dashboards. We can send SSL encrypted payment links via email, SMS and social sharing pages with full protections. The secured login access provided for the learners offers completion of payments. The affiliates can track sales and get payout weekly and monthly basis.

Once the online course is sold after checkout completion, We send thank you page and upsell product details with order bumps and discounts. It helps to sell associative courses to the learners. We can track the sales and customers in the reporting section.

Sales reporting and Customer management

Teachable offers sales are reporting to creators and affiliates. While promoting any courses with academy based websites, we need to manage multiple team members in one place. They are authors, coaches, content creators, admins and contributors. Moreover, we need to maintain students and affiliates as well. 

We should manage the payout for these people well in teachable. We can use third-party tools for customer management and interactivity during online course progress. The customer and sales tracking can be available inside the dashboard. So we can easily find the learners behaviours with course progress that helps promote many associative webinars and coaching programs during the progress. 

Teachable has many third-party tools integrations for learners interactivity and customer tracking. We can also use email marketing tools for the course and brand promotions. Teachable has award-winning support for course creators and academy management. It offers email and lives chat support for sales and promotions. So with teachable, we can sell online courses on a bundle or subscription basis with membership options.

Conclusion How to sell courses on teachable?

In summary, the online course creation and setup for student learning is simple with teachable. It has many inbuilt course templates to create a course as a bundle, online subscription and even membership programs. We can use existing websites or create new course websites by linking with a custom domain on teachable to sell online courses.

Paypal and money pay can accept payment from different countries. The courses are promoted via email marketing and social sharing with sales pages. The SSL secured checkout pages are available with upsell options and discounted prices. 

The best affiliate systems and teachable payment processors help pay team members and affiliates with regular payouts. Moreover, Teachable has many third-party tools integration for sales promotions and customer assistance during online course promotions.

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