7 Best ClickMagick Alternatives For Marketing Campaigns (2022)

clickmagick alternatives

The best ClickMagick Alternatives should provide tracking, monitoring, and reporting to improve the marketing campaign. ClickMagick is the best platform for link tracking and clicks tracking to improve advertising campaigns. We require analytics and statistics from various sources to develop sales funnel campaign. For example, Ad network, affiliate network, autoresponder email, shopping cart, and CRM tools have statistics for our marketing campaigns. We need to refer to all the tools to create an effective strategy. 

ClickMagick provides one place to track all these activities. ClickMagick uses link tracking, cross devices tracking such as mobiles, Ipads, etc. It uses automatic audience optimization with Facebook API. The google bot filter helps find the targeted audience and location to drive traffic using ad rotators. Moreover, The best ClickMagick alternatives should cover these features with simple usability and wide rotators. 

Downsides of ClickMagick

The downsides of ClickMagick provide opportunities to look for alternatives for the platform. The cons of ClickMagick are listed below.

  • It requires technical knowledge to use the extended features of click magic for the new people who don’t have ad tracking experience.
  • Small websites are don’t require ClickMagick tracking for link tracking.
  • Clickmagick requires knowledge to handle google analytics, ad management tools, and then Cpanel, even for affiliate marketing or advertising agencies.
  • We need live chat-like support for quicker response in ad replacement with alternative geolocation targeting with a split test.

Even though, ClickMagick has the best last-click attribution model for affiliate tracking, audience optimization with GEO, and tracks phone sales. These disadvantages force us to find the best ClickMagick alternatives for 2022.

Best ClickMagick Alternatives in 2022

The best alternative to ClickMagick should provide ad tracking and conversion optimization to improve sales campaigns. Apart from that, easy access to its features is even for new companies and existing successful marketing agencies.

 Moreover, multiple device tracking, link cocking with tracking, automated optimization control with split test analytics help to improve ROI. The best ad tracking software should optimize the ad links and then monitor them with attributes like conversion rate, click rate, average order value, return on Ad spend, etc.


Redtrack.io is the best ClickMagick alternative free for ad tracking and conversion attribution service. It helps track ad links from multiple devices, different channels, and platforms. We can also manage and optimize ads and links for better conversion and monitoring with Redtrack.io. 

Real-time optimization of ads is possible with multiple funnel stages for conversion. It helps to fix various prices for ad spending over different funnel stages. So we can achieve higher conversion. Moreover, We can collaborate with team members for report sharing to improve marketing campaigns.

Features of Redtrack.io

  • It is best suited for affiliates, ad agencies, publishers and then ecommerce websites and is a wonderful Clickmagick free alternative.
  • Redtrack.io provides link tracking, affiliate tracking and then conversion tracking.
  • Auto optimization of ad links can improve conversion rate.
  • Facebook CAPI integration helps to spread ads to a targeted audience.
  • It provides web and mobile traffic with multi-dimensional reporting.
  • A free trial is available.


The ClickMeter is the best place to manage the ad links to increase the conversion rate. It is the best replacement for ClickMagick. The clickMeter helps monitor, compare and optimize the ad links for the best conversion in the sales process. We can track the clicks, views, and conversion of ad links in one place. Moreover, It helps to target the visitor they provide better conversion rates.

It helps to monitor the broken links, link frauds, latency, and then black lists with reporting. We can share the reports with our team members and clients to improve the marketing campaigns.

Features of ClickMeter

  • ClickMeter helps agencies to share real-time reports with clients.
  • Affiliates can monitor and compare all reports and commissions in one place.
  • Advertisers can identify new marketing sources; even it helps to identify the best source for higher conversion.
  • Helps to improve the visibility of ad links for publishers and helps for more sales.


PeerClick is one of the best ClickMagick alternatives for link tracking. Good affiliate tracking software helps to analyze, optimize and scale advertising campaigns. So we can track ads and affiliate campaigns using PeerClick. It helps to track all affiliate aggregate data in one place. We can analyze the data with actionable insights and optimize the campaign to increase conversion. Moreover, It is the best useful software for marketing agencies and affiliates with scalable campaigns.

Features of PeerClick

  • We can use multiple cost trackings such as CPC, CPM, CPA and revenue sharing.
  • It helps to get all aggregate tracking data in one place.
  • It provides secured SSL tracking links for ad campaigns.
  • PeerClick can avoid multiple tracking and fraud links.
  • Dedicated onboarding and webinars help to analyze the actionable insights with teams.

Thrive Tracker

Thrive Tracker is the suitable ClickMagick replacement for link tracking and ad tracking. It offers AI tracking for performance marketers. Thrive Tracker helps track ads from desktop, mobile, and even web gadgets. We can perform ad tracking and its management with AI tracking to improve the conversion.

 It helps to offer mobile and web campaign management for affiliates. The landing page click tracking pixel helps track traffic from multiple sources. Moreover, The spilled test helps to redirect the users to targeted places.

Features of Thrive Tracker

  • It provides a custom domain with reporting API.
  • We can do ad optimization with split tests and landing pages.
  • Bot filter helps to redirect geo-targeted traffic to landing pages.
  • Auto-scaling helps to find the best source for higher conversion.
  • Funnel support can increase sales using different ad spends.
  • Multi-user access for partners and teammates.


Voluum is the best affiliate software with ad tracking analytics. It is the best ClickMagick alternative 2022 for marketing improvement. It helps to track, optimize and automate advertising campaigns containing videos as well to increase conversion. Voluum is the best software for affiliate marketers and advertising agencies. It uses cookie-less tracking and conversion attribution for campaign flows. Moreover, it provides a traffic source of the conversion data. It provides affiliate reporting at one place over 30 plus tracking metrics.

Features of Voluum

  • We can get the click, visit and conversion at one place for affiliate marketers.
  • It uses traffic distribution AI with an anti-fraud kit that helps to redirect the traffic to the right landing pages.
  • It helps automate the rules for campaign running and its optimization using Atomizer.
  • Mobile and desktop push notification is available for real-time performance changes.


BeMob is the best online advertising solution for affiliate marketers and advertising agencies. It is the best ad tracking alternative to ClickMagick for better conversion. BeMob uses multiple tracking methods, such as tracking with or without a redirect. It helps track the ads campaign for Facebook, Google ads, and then bing. Moreover, it uses multi-cost payout tracking with CPC, CPM, CPA, and revenue share. We can see the most detailed data on profit-based metrics.

Features of BeMob

  • It provides multi-offer, landing traffic and banner tracking.
  • BeMob uses a custom domain with SSL for accuracy in tracking.
  • The advanced tracking mode, like cookie-less tracking, is available.
  • Advanced campaign rules with an anti-fraud system.
  • Custom dashboard with real-time stats and scalable growth.


Scaleo.io is the best ClickMagick alternative to track, analyze and optimize ad links. It uses for affiliate marketing and ad campaign running during sales marketing. Advertisers provide a seamless user experience with an easy-to-use interface and dedicated manager support. It offers a white label solution to manage many affiliates for affiliate networks. For agencies, it provides enhanced reporting with real-time statistics and advanced API.

Features of Scaleo.io

  • It eliminates fraudulent traffic using anti-fraud logic.
  • Scaleo.io provides real-time data with instant generated reports.
  • It helps to optimize campaign performance with AI tools.
  • It analyses ad tracking with 30+ breakdowns and then 50+ data points.
  • Scaleo’s cutting edge auto-optimization helps to increase ROI

Conclusion best ClickMagick alternatives

By wrapping up the best ClickMagick alternatives, the ClickMagick is not only the link tracking software. It helps to track clicks and conversion using true tracking. New businesses and existing marketing agencies can use ClickMagick to track everything in one place. It is on tools that help monitor, compare and optimize the marketing campaign for conversion improvements.

The redtrack.io is the best ClickMagick alternative to track ad links with an optimization feature for better conversion in the above list. Moreover, we can use this software for ad and link tracking in ad agencies, affiliates, eCommerce websites, and publisher platforms. Moreover, it has a 14-days free trial to test the performance with tracking reports.

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