7 Ontraport Alternatives 2022 for Marketing Automation with CRM

Ontraport Alternatives

Every online business and service requires sales with a marketing automation platform to automate business processes. The Ontraport alternatives 2022 provide the best platforms for sales and marketing automation with CRM features. However, Ontraport provides Sales CRM, marketing automation, pages with form templates and payment options to sell business services. Moreover, It uses membership sites to build the best relationship with leads and customers.

Even though Ontraport has many features for marketing with sales CRM to all business services such as digital products online courses, it has some downsides. These downsides provide opportunities to look out for the best alternative to Ontraport. Moreover, the best alternative should integrate different support tools for business growth with scalable features.

Downsides of Ontraport Business Automation platform

We knew Ontraport is the best business process automation platform with CRM email marketing with its analytics. In addition, it provides landing pages with sales force automation features for business processing. However, It has the below disadvantages.

  • The Ontraport does not have the best reporting dashboard for marketing campaigns and automated tasks. For example, it doesn’t have charts and then graphs.
  • It uses lesser data tracking at the automated process and promotional campaigns.
  • Ontraport doesn’t have mobile apps to analyze the reports with campaign tracking.
  • It does not have appointment scheduling and notification for sales promotions during the sales process.
  • It uses large documentation for marketing automation with Ontraport features usage that will be difficult for new users.

 These downsides take us to the quest for better Ontraport alternatives 2022 in online product or service promotions.

Top Ontraport alternatives 2022 for Business Process Automation

The best replacement for Ontraport should provide marketing with selling features with business process automation. Moreover, the best alternative to Ontraport should have CRM, landing pages, marketing automation with analytics, Ecommerce & membership options to sell the product. In addition, it should have affiliate promotion options with salesforce for business process automation. Finally, the platform should also be available at the scalable feature with fine support options. Here, we have a list of the best Ontraport alternative 2022.

1. UpViral

UpViral is the best sales and marketing automation platform to generate leads for the business. Moreover, It provides marketing automation with social shares and builds huge buzz by hosting giveaways. In addition, the viral waitlist helps segments and nurture the leads for successful product launches. 

The UpViral replaces the complexes while running a marketing campaign to collect leads for the business. It uses an automated marketing campaign with social sharing to achieve higher lead conversion by free giveaways and split test options. We can use optimized funnel templates for lead generation and co-pilot show help to create campaigns for marketing automation. It is a suitable replacement for Ontraport with lead generation and then sales conversion.

Features of UpViral

  • The Upviral uses sweepstakes for social sharing and new referrals with marketing campaigns.
  • Viral rewards help create the buzz with free giveaways without paid traffic to generate leads.
  • The smart leader boards help nurture the leads and make a waitlist for new launches.
  • We can use retargeting with tracking for higher conversion.
  • It also has a split test option to achieve better conversion during the sales process.

2. GreenRope

GreenRope is the best Ontraport alternative for marketing automation for membership product launches like online courses. Moreover, GreenRope has CRM options for customer service and deals negotiations. The GreenRope uses sales pipelines with marketing automation features. We can create business events or projects with better communication using CRM features. Apart from that, we can track the business process using GreenRope. It uses mobile CRM with shared access for secured business data.

Features of GreenRope

  • GreenRope provides CRM solutions for agencies, educational, manufacturing and consulting services.
  • It provides sales CRM, marketing automation and business operations such as project, event, learning and contact management.
  • We can have shared access with our team members with secured data access even with mobile devices.
  • It uses consulting, development and mapping strategies for marketing automation.
  • It also has affiliate program implementation for business service promotions.

3. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is one of the Ontraport alternatives for marketing automation with Sales CRM. It provides the solution for the B2B, B2C and ecommerce business services. The ActiveCampaign has email marketing, Sales automation with CRM, lead engagement with multiple forms of support for deal closure. It uses email, social media, lead pages, SMS, chat and even Whatsapp for marketing automation during the sales process. In addition, ActiveCampaign has mobile apps with multiple application integration for business process automation.

Features of ActiveCampaign

  • The ActiveCampaign helps reach audiences by pages, email marketing, and then subscription forms with different marketing methods to collect leads.
  • The leads are nurtured using automated campaigns, SMS with goals and mapping.
  • The dynamic content delivery and event tracking help segment the email for new launches.
  • CRMs, Pipelines, Split tests and personalization with attribution help convert more during marketing campaigns.
  • Conversations, loyalty, chat and then web personalization is used to grow the business with process automation.

4. Jumplead

The jumplead is the best Ontraport alternative 2022 for lead generation and marketing automations. Jumplead has lading pages with web forms to collect leads by running marketing campaigns. The email marketing services help to create automated marketing campaigns for sales promotions. The lead management can be performed using lead nurturing with multiple campaigns. The live chats and messaging help negotiate and close the deal with the conversation.

Features of Jumplead

  • Lead generation helps convert the visitors to leads, and lead forms are used to collect the leads.
  • It uses marketing automation with personalization and scalable options.
  • Email marketing service used to create marketing and follow-up campaigns with email broadcast.
  • The marketing CRM helps for lead management with lead scoring
  • The live chat and lead messaging help to close the deals.
  • API integration helps to connect Jumplead with our business toolset.

5. Agile CRM -the best Ontraport Alternatives

Agile CRM is one of the best Ontraport alternatives 2022 with sales essentials and marketing automation. Moreover, Agile CRM offers customer service tools for better interaction during sales campaigns. CRM, project management, gamification and lead scoring are available for sales automation with higher conversion. In addition, emails, landing pages, forms and Social CRM are available for marketing automation. Finally, chat, ticketing, feedback and then helpdesk are available for customer service during the business process.

Features of Agile CRM

  • It uses 500+ apps for sales essentials and marketing for business services.
  • Agile has cloud-based SaaS services for sales and marketing automation with scalability.
  • Contact management, appointment scheduling, telephony, deals and gamification helps to improve sales.
  • It has a Page builder, social suite, mobile marketing, and then email tracking that helps to run multiple marketing campaigns.
  • Twitter, Facebook, google apps, linked in and ring general integration makes social media marketing easier with agile CRM.

6. Drip marketing automation software

Drip is the best Ontraport alternative for multichannel marketing automation for ecommerce services. It uses SMS and email marketing campaigns that help increase sales in ecommerce businesses. Moreover, Drip has forms and a Popup for lead generation with landing pages. The analytics & insights help to create automated marketing campaigns. It provides opportunities to create a workflow with email and SMS campaigns for marketing. The lead segmentation with personalization can improve the conversion during the campaign running.

Features of Drip

  • Create multichannel marketing campaigns with Email, SMS, social and then Popups.
  • Run ecommerce playbooks like welcome series, abandoned carts and post-purchase campaigns.
  • We can integrate customer data from Shopify, woo commerce and then big commerce for sales automation.
  • It uses lead segmentation with personalization to target leads with more precision. 
  • The workflow templates make the higher conversion with each marketing channel.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse provides the best replacement for Ontraport for sales automation with email marketing. It uses landing page builders to create lead pages for collecting leads. Moreover, GetResponse has email marketing, marketing automation and conversion funnels to increase sales during the sales campaign. Therefore, it is the best solution for marketing managers, entrepreneurs and online marketers to process the leads.

Features of GetResponse

  • It helps to perform marketing automation for entrepreneurs with email marketing, website builder and then paid advertisements.
  • Online marketers can use autoresponders, and popup forms to process leads with sales funnels.
  • The marketing manager can create automated marketing campaigns and live webinars with complete process tracking.
  • Marketing agencies and large companies can use a transactional email with dedicated support to build a customer base.
  • Web push notifications live chat can help to provide the best customer service during new launches.

Conclusion Ontraport alternatives 2022

By wrapping up Ontraport alternatives 2022, it is one of the best marketing automation with sales CRM for selling online courses and other business services. It uses membership site options for selling these services with business process automation. The sales CRM helps provide good customer services to build a customer base. However, Ontraport lags in data tracking, push notification, appointment scheduling, and then the availability of mobile apps. These downsides need the best Ontraport alternative for marketing automations.

In the end, we have many replacements to Ontraport for sales automation auto marketing campaigns. They offer lead generation with landing page builders, multichannel marketing campaigns and the best customer service methods with CRM. Finally, GreenRope is one of the best Ontraport alternatives 2022 with sales CRM and business process automation features. Moreover, Greenropes have pipelines for marketing automation with tracking.

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