Best Email Marketing Services For Small Businesses To Get in 2020

Would you like to get the best email marketing for small business? Check the excellent services to get a brand recognition and a strong relationship with your clients! 

Email marketing remains one of the marketing tools that are cost-effective for small businesses. It is primarily because it is usually a lot easier to manage email marketing, you get full control over it, and you can establish contact directly with the customer.

You must know how successful you will be with email marketing majorly depends on the software you choose for your email marketing. This is true because they are the ones with the responsibility of ensuring that all your emails are delivered.

If care is not taken, you might end up spending a lot of money than you should on email marketing and ending up with bad deliverability and fewer features. This is why you must be knowledgeable about email marketing services before selecting one.

I have discussed a lot about the importance of doing email marketing for small business and now, in this post, I would like to list some best tools to get the job done. 

Discussed here are some of the best email marketing services for small businesses that you can choose from. All of these services have some things in common that you should look for in email marketing services. The must-haves are:

  • You should be able to create email newsletters that are highly engaging with an easy-to-use user interface.
  • You should be able to send emails in bulk quickly, and these emails can be targeted and personalized without having to do so much work.
  • You should be able to manage all your contacts quickly, track the progress and performance of email marketing campaigns, and also segment the users in groups.
  • The emails you send out mustn’t be in the spam folder.

Now that I have looked at a few of the things that excellent email marketing services should do, it is time to see some of the very best email marketing services and their different features.

As there are more than thirty email marketing services (paid and free) available today, it is safe to say that there are a lot of options to choose from.

That’s why I have gone through the stress of selecting only the best five email marketing services here.

Top Email Marketing Services For Small Business Owners


1. Active Campaign

This service remains one of the best email marketing tools for small businesses. It focuses mainly on marketing automation. The Active Campaign tool has a feature set that is extremely rich and has more use beyond email marketing.

In terms of the leading email functionality, all of the different features that you might need are present. For example, you can pick from a wide variety of available email templates; it is even possible to use the editor (drag and drop) to design your template.

There are a lot of available options through which you can send out campaigns or marketing emails. Some of the options include an autoresponder, A/B testing, RSS based, automated emails, timed campaigns, and one-off emails.

When it comes to the management of your contacts, there is a lot that an Active Campaign has to offer.

There are numerous ways through which you can filter your contacts, check out the complete history of the interaction between you and your contacts (this part works in synchronization with event tracking and their site functionality).

A function known as list cleaning is also included, and it can also be done through automation sequences. This helps in getting rid of redundant contacts on your list.

With the Active Campaign, putting your email list into segments is not difficult at all, and you can access advanced functionality like dynamic content and A/B testing. The features above can go a long way in helping you get a lot of conversions, clicks, and opens.

When you consider how Active Campaign balances performance, price, and functionality, it is safe to answer “Active Campaign” when asked the question, “which is the best email service provider for business sites?”

What Active Campaign offers is configured to make available marketing automation that is industry-leading to small businesses and content creators, while also providing functionality that is enterprise-specific to larger enterprises.

There are user accounts that are available for sales automation, CRM, custom domains, on-site messaging, live chat, and a lot more.


[tie_list type=”starlist”]

  • Marketing automation is powerful.
  • Event and site tracking
  • An extensive automation sequence library that saves you effort and time.
  • A live chat function that is inclusive.
  • Active Campaign can be used by entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses that are searching for marketing automation that is the best. Subscription for the lite plan (consists of all the automation and email features that are important) begins at about $9 per month, which is paid yearly.
  • You can also increase your subscription to unlock SMS marketing, CRM, custom domains, site messaging, and many more.[/tie_list]

2. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a service for email marketing that focuses majorly on content creators and bloggers. While most of the platforms for email marketing are focused on pleasing everyone, ConvertKit tries to face a particular audience and cater to that audience.

What this results in is a tool that is well-crafted and very simple and easy to use. With ConvertKit, all of the features that are important, like visual automation, are available, and you also get landing pages and opt-in forms.

Even though a landing page developer that is dedicated will get you more mileage, it can be useful to have the option when building an email list.

The simple reporting function gives a magnificent view of the way forms are currently performing, while also showing you the overall growth of the email list, and segmentation/tagging is super easy.

It is also possible for you to create email sequences, pull the sequences into the builder for visual automation. It can also be done with forms.

With most of the platforms available, you would have to keep moving between the different options, but with ConvertKit, both can be directly opened while you edit your automation.

With the simplicity that ConvertKit has, there are bound to be some limitations to it. For example, it is not quite easy to filter your subscribers as it is on other platforms, there is no builder for visual email, and ConvertKit does not have spam scoring.

Perhaps you are new to the world of email marketing, and what you are looking for is simplicity without having to sacrifice the robust functionality of email automation, convert it is what you need.


[tie_list type=”starlist”]

  • Very simple, but functional automation.
  • There is an eye for content upgrades with the design of the forms.
  • ConvertKit goes for about $29 per month for unlimited email and 1,000 subscribers. The higher plans do not have any extra features, but email lists of more than 5,000 subscribers will be migrated for you. ConvertKit remains one of the cheap email marketing services for small business owners.[/tie_list]

3. Drip

This email marketing service has taken up the position of e-commerce CRM. This is a job that they do very well, and they have continued to remain as one of the best email marketing software for small businesses.

You can create individual broadcasts, email campaigns, or even make use of the drip builder for visual automation. It is also possible for you to split the test within automation.

One can send emails that are simple and do an excellent job from the tab for promotions or build branded emails with their builder for visual emails.

There is a lot of available reporting functionality. People that have e-commerce sites will discover reports that are specific to e-commerce and are very useful.

Drip is not made only for those running e-commerce sites; it is worth trying out for all businesses, bloggers, content creators, and entrepreneurs.

Drip is for those that are in search of marketing automation functionality and email marketing that is robust and has excellent deliverability. The price for drip starts at $49 per month, which gives you unlimited emails and 2,500 subscribers.


[tie_list type=”starlist”]

  • Robust automation that has split testing.
  • A huge e-commerce focus.
  • More sites can be powered for less.
  • A complete history is kept through on-site tracking.[/tie_list]

4. Market Hero

Market Hero like most email services allows you to develop marketing automation, send emails, and create forms.

Where Market Hero differs from other platforms is that Market Hero’s focus is trying to assist people in generating more revenue through their leads. This is why the Market Hero is called the “world’s best revenue-centric auto-responder.”

One major thing that the Market Hero tools do is help you in determining the value that each subscriber that is part of the email list has on along term.

There is also a system for auto follow up which helps in tracking data present on your site. This is going to help you to identify the type of subscribers present on your list.

The advanced features and intuitive design that is offered by the Market Hero goes a long way in helping you generate more profit. It has a user interface that is extremely easy for you to navigate without any options that are complicated and might confuse you.

For people who own a website for the first time, the Market Hero has all of the tools that you might need to kick-start your business

You will find it very easy using all of the different tools that will help you in the creation of the relevant emails for the appropriate audiences.

Video addition and also text aligning of an image enables users to customize and create emails. Market Hero has even made it possible for you to reply to your emails just by clicking a button.

The subscription for the Market Hero is about $99. The $99 plan offers you 7500 connections and also some special inside features.

You can start with a trial period of 14 days to see if you would want to pay for their services, after which you can decide to cancel the subscription if you do not like their services without you incurring any fee or charges.


[tie_list type=”starlist”]

  • A very beautiful user interface.
  • It is a system that is sales-centric.
  • It has automation for Facebook messenger.
  • Very responsive, with live chat 24/7.
  • The subscriber management is simple and effective.[/tie_list]

5. Automizy

Automizy makes it possible to create complete email sequences and individual emails through its email editor (drag and drop) and also visual automation builder. This allows users without knowledge of HTML to create custom automation and emails.

It is possible for your audiences to be segmented, and this is mostly down to their interests. It can be achieved through the use of Automizy’s tagging system that is built-in; it allows the user to send out more personalized emails.

There is also a way to spate cold and hot leads, and it is also possible for buyer personas to be mainly identified based on different routes that were taken before purchase.

Data required for decision making that is informed is provided to the users via the built-in reports on email marketing and the campaign performance tracking.


[tie_list type=”starlist”]

  • Customizable call to actions.
  • ROI tracking.
  • Unsubscribe/Subscribe.
  • Reporting/Analytics.
  • Personalized emails.
  • Multivariate testing.[/tie_list]

The cost of the monthly plan for Automizy begins at $9 per month, giving access to 500 contacts while there is the $29 per month plan too.

There is a free trial period of 14 days, which does not require a credit card. Overall, Automizy offers you outstanding value for your money.

The typical Automizyusers are small businesses, mid-size businesses, and freelancers. Automizy also integrates with apps like Zapier, Unbounce, and WordPress.


If you want to keep in touch with your customers in a consistent manner, then email marketing is the right choice. You can create personalized content for them and it would help you build credibility. It finally results in stronger customer relationships and tweaks your sales. 

Even though you are a new player, you can rock by creating professional campaigns with the help of these tools. I hope you come to know the best email marketing software to buy for small businesses in 2020 and beyond. 

So, what is your viewpoint about this marketing strategy and tools listed? Which tool would you like to get and send tailored email content to your subscribers? Share your thoughts with me!  

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