How Email Marketing Makes Small Businesses To Grow Faster?


There is a notable difference between email marketing for large corporations and that for small businesses. This is, in no way, stating that one form of email marketing is better than another. It just means that the scale and tactics employed by both are quite different. When one is running a business, the method that is most effective in reaching people universally who have shown an interest in the service or product that you are offering is email. The fact is that one out of every three people on earth uses email; this makes the email a trendy means of spreading information. Research has revealed that more than 196 billion emails are sent out every day, and out of these 196 billion, a large amount (about 109 billion) out of all the emails sent are business-related. Marketing through email is a powerful and vibrant way of connecting to people, and connection to people (customers) is a very crucial component of small businesses. This is the reason why email marketing is essential for small businesses because it is the perfect way to stay connected to customers.

Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Business

Let’s narrow down the discussion! With the knowledge of how difficult it has become to get customers and grow subscribers coupled with the fact that the internet is competitive and how different businesses are competing for attention, there is a need for small businesses to build an email list to get a broad customer base. Being a small business, it is reasonable if you make use of the regional expertise that you have to help in promoting your business in your area. You can achieve this conservatively and efficiently by strategically using email marketing, and the first step in using email marketing is to build an email list. When your reputation is developed, and you become an expert in your field through the content you send out via email, your relationship with your customers will be stronger. Email marketing has a lot of benefits when it comes to small businesses. What it ultimately does is that it helps in launching them ahead of their competitors. Email marketing has a way of opening up new markets, bringing new customer bases, and also helping to build durable and long term customer relationships. Some features of email marketing that make it very beneficial for email marketing include: More useful in customer acquisition than social media: whilst social media remains an essential component of the marketing strategy of any business, it still does not help convert people or supporters to customers. What social media gives you is a channel to interact with the audience and to also strengthen relationships. Cost-effective: email marketing is inexpensive yet, effective, and accessible. It creates room for you as a business owner to get across to a vast customer base at an immensely cheap rate (almost nothing). When it comes to small businesses that have a limited budget, email marketing is the choice. Customizable and personal: when you make use of email marketing, what you are doing is putting your audience into segments and passing across a message that is tailored for each section and resonates with the reader, providing them with valuable information. You can make use of your regular newsletters to build trust and loyalty with your audience, and they can feel like they are communicating directly with you at their own convenient time without you having to invade their space. Action-oriented: the thing with email is that everyone has to do something with it. It might be forward, reply, sign-up, click-through, or even buying, but ultimately, the action is almost always taken. It is why emails are the perfect way to get traffic on your website. With all these features, it is quite clear that email marketing is now a critical method of growing business since most people cannot do without emails; it has become a part of our lives. This is why it is paramount that companies take advantage of email marketing and use it to grow. All of these advantages are quite essential to small businesses. When you make use of email marketing, you can directly deliver to your customers’ engaging and valuable newsletters.

How Can Email Marketing Grow Your Business?

The position that small businesses are is unique, for it enables them to enjoy email marketing, and this can go a long way in growing your business because the image of small businesses is more flexible. Email marketing can help grow your business by building trust with your customers and relating to them. By keeping in touch with your customers and relating with them regularly, you tend to expand the customer base, and this would help you grow your business. For you to successfully grow your business, your email marketing skills and method has to be second to none. There are a variety of ways through which you can know how successful email marketing is on your business One of the things you can monitor is the number of emails that are forwarded and the amount that are spammed. It is also necessary to look at the number of emails deleted after or before opening. All of these can provide you with insights about how successful email marketing is on your business and how you can improve things in the future.

List Building Tips For Small businesses

Some email marketing tips for businesses include being honest, transparent, straightforward, and extremely open with all of your customers. Emails that are generic or unsolicited are fast losing ground, and everyone dislikes them, including you! With customers today preferring approaches that are organic and responding to them, ensuring that the newsletters you send out are designed in such a way that they display on mobile devices is one sure way of improving how efficient and effective your business email marketing is. There is an easy way for you to ensure that your newsletters are practical and efficient, and that is by using a reliable email service provider with templates that are responsive and can optimize emails automatically for mobile devices. The focus of email marketing should be you trying to get more customers subscribing to newsletters that you send out, if you are going to have a robust and powerful email list, there are some few email lists building ideas for small business that you can use. It is essential that customers can subscribe to the newsletter easily. Then, you should never attempt to make your newsletter too tricky by adding a lot of steps or making it unnecessarily fanciful. You should also never forget to make sure your to-be subscribers know exactly what type of content they are going to get before they even sign up. It is possible for those who have already signed up for your regular newsletters to start losing trust in your small business brand once they discover that you are feeding them with content that is different from the content that you have promised them and made them believe they would get.

How Do I Create An Email List For My Business?

Creating an email list, as you should know by now, is necessary since email marketing remains a low-cost and high-impact way through which you can deliver marketing messages to your prospective and current customers. An email list can help you get this best out of your efforts in digital marketing. This is why you need to create an email list for your business. Ways through which you can create an email list for your business include:
  • Telemarketing
  • Website optimization for opt-ins
  • Building with a blog
  • Social media engagement
  • Website visitors
  • Using foursquare method

Ideas To Collect Email Addresses From Customers

We all should know by now how essential email marketing is to the growth of businesses, and it would be impossible to do any form of email marketing without an email list. The very first step in email marketing is collecting email addresses from customers for your email list, and this can be done by: Putting out a sign-up sheet: this is the easiest way of obtaining your customers’ email addresses, and it is done by encouraging them to fill out their details whenever they patronize you. Creating an online community: you can set a community up to help improve the interaction existing between your business and the customers. You can then include a form for signing up for the newsletter on all the pages. Involve your employees: you can have a reward for employees anytime they collect testable, valid email addresses. You should ensure that they get the consent of the customers before proceeding to give the email addresses to you. These few methods of collecting email addresses from customers can go a long way in building your email list and helping you grow your business in no time.

Proven Email List Building Strategies For Small Businesses

For small businesses, building an email list is very important for the growth of the business. There are proven email list building strategies for small businesses. These strategies have helped a lot of small business to grow, and some of them are:
  • Creating a personalized call to action for every landing page or blog.
  • Creating a slide-in or pop-up for all the pages on your site.
  • Creating a pop-up survey that is timed.
  • Making use of sarcasm or humor in the “no, thanks” of your call to action.
  • Ensure that value is described in your call to action.
  • Make the business’ email newsletter available on all your accounts on social media.
  • Create plenty of landing pages.
  • Make it easy for people to sign up immediately.
  • Make sure that your page on “about us” has a call to action.
  • You can make use of a scroll box.
If all the above strategies are employed in your email marketing for your business, your email list is inevitably going to grow which will lead to the immense growth of your business.

How Can Small Businesses Build An Email List Faster?

Building an email list is not an easy task, especially when it is a small business with a short reach. This is why it is essential to know how small businesses can build an email list faster. Some ways of building an email list faster include:
  • Leveraging business cards by offering for people to begin to sign up for your newsletters.
  • Hosting an event for your business and asking people to make reservations using email addresses.
  • I am inviting different people to come and join the league.
  • You can also organize a giveaway by rewarding people for providing you with their email information.
  • Try to speak to your new and current customers and try to make them refer to potential subscribers that you can add to your existing email list.
  • You can also offer your new and current customers rewards in the form of discounts for any consent-backed, confirmed, and valid email addresses that they provide you with.

Wrapping Up

As I have to survive more than a decade in the Blogosphere, I’m familiar with all types of marketing. Email is powerful and hence the businesses should make use of it. I have just shared my knowledge about email marketing and I hope you have learned its role and importance for the product/service owners. Any thoughts for my viewpoints? 

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