How To Get A Perfect Business Card?

When it comes to business, social media and email are trending a lot. It is the quickest way for networking, but the business card is still an important element to boost the sale and promote business in various platforms.

Importance Of Business Card

Handling a professional business card always has a positive effect, it establishes trust and helps in building the network. A business card is a smart tool that fulfills various aspects when it comes to business.

This includes brand awareness, advertising, call to action, building trust. A good business card design leaves a long-lasting impression and you can use the same card for networking.

5 Useful Tips To Create An Ideal Card For Business

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of business card maker and visiting card templates which can add more value to your business. The creative business cards help you to make a great first impression.


1. Purpose of the Business Card

When it comes to business card design, opt for the design which looks great and can accommodate information in it. For an established business and company, a business card maker is of great help.

Moreover, with a smart tool, you can design business cards online. When it comes to the principle of designing a card, you must focus on crucial information that includes name, email Id, number, job position.

There should be the right balance of information and design. Look for a creative business card design templates, it comes handy when you want to design a successful business card.

While designing your business card, follow a format so that the business card serves the purpose well. If you are in a creative business, you can focus on custom business cards to highlight special skills. This is a great way to showcase information and create a positive first impression.

You can also make your own business card, focus on what the eye must notice first. Strike a perfect balance between the text and visuals without compromising the information.

2. Visually Appealing

Keep the visiting card format simple and readable. Avoid filling unnecessarily detailed, it will just clutter it more and can lead to a negative first impression. It is advisable to use readable font suitable for all type of people.

If you are in a creative field, you might consider a strong visual image as your business card. Look for alluring business card design templates which can make it a memorable one. Don’t forget to focus on business card size while designing.

You can also opt the double-sided business cards, side 1 should have the necessary contact information. Side 2 can have creative design reflecting your business and goals. While designing business cards you can focus on the company’s logo or mission of the company.

3. Accuracy of Contact Information

The primary job of a business card is to build networking and to create a good first impression. A piece of inaccurate information is totally useless to the receiver, it can have a negative effect on your business too.

Scratching out the old phone number and writing down a new number should be the last thing you want to do on your business cards.

When it comes to business card design, focus on the accuracy of the information, double check the job title, email Id and contact number. It is best to approach a professional business card maker to design the best card for you.

4. Choice of Material

Once the design and information are finalized, give priority to the shape and form of the business card. Give preference to business card design, the thickness of the card also contributes majorly.

The Business card size should be apt with a neat finishing. You can include different styles like cut-outs, deboss, prefer the best on your field and preference.

While selecting the material for business cards, avoid being overbroad, you don’t want to make it flashing with too many attributes, simply select 1 or 2 elements to make it attractive.

With the help of online visiting card maker, you can customize the card’s material that includes size, and elements to be the used.

If you are planning to try something innovative with the dimensions and not a rectangular shape, don’t forget to consider the storing of a business card. Major clients carry their cards in their wallet or cardholder boxes.

5. Keep it Professional

The business cards are meant to establish professional deals and contacts, it is highly advisable to keep the business card professional especially when it comes to the email Id.

When it comes to professional emails stick to Gmail and avoid using weird email Ids with the wrong spelling and too many numbers.

You don’t want to receive an email from your client on “”. This is the biggest turnoff for your business, it does not send any professional vibes to the clients.

Keep the business card free from any smudges or dirt because it is going to reside in your back pocket for a long time. You can also keep the business cards in the left jacket pocket and hand out to your client when needed.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While Designing A Business Card

1. Size of Business Card

Yes, definitely size does matter. It is obvious that you want your card to be creative, but it is best to stick to the ideal business card size. It is professional as well as an easy to store.

2. Low-Quality Material

In order to cut expenses, many business owners opt for low-quality materials that include bleeding colors and thin material for printing the cards. A business card made of low-quality material can have a negative effect on your professional image.

3. Lack of Information

This is the biggest mistake that you should avoid, the prospect should be able to get the right information especially the contact information in order to build networking and engagement.

4. Difficult To Read Font And Unusual Colour

The sole purpose of a business card is to provide the right information to the prospects, avoid using unprofessional fonts and flashy color. A plain white or jet black color can be too boring. An online business card maker can be approached to design custom business cards which can create a good first impression.

5. Relevancy

You don’t want the prospect to look at the business card after a few weeks and ask “who is this ?”. You can include a smart font and appealing design to make it stand out from the best.

But the main purpose is still not solved, you exchanged a card with a prospect because you were expecting a potential business from them.

Hence, make sure your business card has unique selling factors which makes your card relevant and not just another business card with contact details.

6. Lack Of Blank Space

It is essential to provide enough white space so that the text and graphics are readable and catchy. There must be the perfect balance between the text and visuals to emphasize a complete focus on what is written.

The main purpose of a business card should be to ease the contact information access. Hence, effectively use white space.

Wrapping Up

The business card is a reflection of your professional side, keep it informative and appealing. Approach an online visiting card maker to create business cards that can boost your business. While designing a business card, don’t forget to follow the visiting card format.

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