Best Business Planners To Get In 2019 & Beyond

Starting a business can be super stressful; in fact, it is nothing less than launching a rocket. When it comes to a business there are lot many things to be done; it is practically impossible for the human brain to record, register and keep track of everything.

How To Make An Ideal Business Plan?


You need something reliable where you can dump your information, plan and execute them. The best business planner for business helps to you plan everything in a neat and organized way.

Moreover, the excellent planner contributes majorly to the success and growth of the business. In short, an efficient planner for business is a must to boost productivity in 2019 and beyond. It helps to keep the business on track.

So, what are the sources available? How to create a perfect business plan? Let me tell you some adequate resources so that you can utilize the right one for your business. 

Best Business Planner Apps

Being organized influences the productivity a lot; a business planner app comes extremely handy when you have a lot to plan and to execute. It is the best replacement of a traditional paper planner; it keeps everything well organized effortlessly.

Be it planning of the task, listing, calendars or scheduling the best business planner app has got everything under control. Here is the list of the top 3 business planner app.

1. ZenDay

If you are someone who likes to plan their day to day activity and task, then ZenDay is the perfect business planner app in 2019. This easy to use tool helps you to plan task list, project, scheduling all under one app. The user interface is unique, and a 3D display helps you to focus immediately on the priority items.

Moreover, with the help of ZenDay, you can see the progress of work and an overview of the completed task. In short, you can keep a tab on your productivity effortlessly with the help of ZenDay.


  • 3D user interface
  • Track Productivity
  • Available for iOS and Android.

ZenDay For Android

ZenDay For iOS

2. Trello

The brilliantly designed Trello app takes care of end to end planning. It is one of the best business planner apps which works excellent for those working in a team.

Trello app allows you to create to do boards, planning of each activity, scheduling webinar and lot more. This smart app does planning business simply with its incredible user interface and easy navigation.


  • Available for Android, iOS, and desktop
  • Simple user interface
  • Excellent for team planning

Trello For Android

Trello For iOS

3. Fantastical 2

Are you searching for a brilliant business planner to balance work and life? Fantastical 2 is the right choice. It is a detailed app which efficiently helps to schedule the events; auto recognizes the location, suggests invitations, schedule team meeting.

Moreover, with the help of Fantastical 2, you can toggle between different calendar and take care of work as well as home at the same time. This business planner app is designed especially for iOS users and is available for a hefty price.


  • Available only for iOS users
  • Balance work and life
  • Premium App

Fantastical 2 For iOS

Best Business Panner Templates

A business plan template is the most creative choice to plan a business. With an original business plan, you can efficiently grab the investors’ attention and boost productivity in a short time.

Here is the list of the best template for your dream project.

1. Business Plan Infographic PowerPoint

Showcase your market analysis, product launch, statistics, development graph, timeline, reports in a visually appealing infographic.

The Business Plan Infographic PowerPoint is the business plan template which provides detailed insight into your business. By paying $16, you get access to editable slides to showcase your business plan.


  • Easy to edit and use slides
  • Premium business planner template
  • High-quality visual infographics

Download Business Plan Infographic PowerPoint 

2. StartupX PowerPoint Template

If you are searching for a high end and easy to use business plan template, StartupX PowerPoint Template is a reliable choice. You can easily modify the template and plan the business tasks smartly.

It is the best planner for small business owners, get access to more than 7600 templates and gives your business a profession boost. The StartupX PowerPoint Template is available for just $15.


  • Access to more than 480 unique slides
  • Super easy modification
  • 240 color variations

Download Startup PowerPoint Template

3. Score’s Business Plan Template

If you are looking for a simple and smart business plan template for your startup, Score’s Business Plan Template is an ideal choice.

This business plan template is free of cost and can be customized for almost all type of businesses. This template is perfect for managing marketing, operations, finance, products, etc.


  • Free of cost
  • Easy to update and modify the business plan
  • Suitable for almost all the industries

Download Score’s Business Plan Template

Best Paper Business Planners

If you believe in the saying “old is gold” and are prefer to follow the paper planner then here are three paper planners which are the best planner for small business owners.

1. BestSelf Co. The Self Journal

This is the best small business planner which primarily focuses on breaking down the big goals into achievable 90 days chunk. It works as a goal tracking system, and you can align and manage your goals well with the help of BestSelf Co. the Self Journal.

The basic version of BestSelf Co. The Self Journal has a lot of space to design, define and track daily goals. You can notice the progress and challenges with the help of this best business planner 2019. Grab this productivity tool for your business and organize the things well. 

Get BestSelf Co. The Self Journal

2. Leuchtturm1917 A5 Medium 18 Months Weekly Planner

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Medium 18 Months Weekly Planner is the best business planner for an entrepreneur, here you can track down 18 months activities, and it comes with enough space to take down notes. It can be used to plan down weekly activities and to plan significant business projects since it is an expandable project with two bookmarks. 

Moreover, you will get the elastic enclosure brand and the stickers for labeling & archiving. This high-quality business planner will come handy when you want to make the practical strategies that would take your business to the next level.

Buy Day-Timer Planner

3. Mopao Soft Cover Thick Paper A5 Meeting Notebooks

If you are a fan of a classic paper planner, Mopao is one smart choice, and it is a soft covered notebook consisting of thick A 5 paper. Mopao is the best choice for those who are searching for an intelligent business planner.

The design is elegant; the soft cover is water resistant and apt for scheduling meeting, planning agendas, keeping track of dates. The paper is thick and reduces ink bleed while you write.

Moreover, the A5 paper is eco-friendly and apt for travelers. With Mopao Meeting notebook you dont need to worry about accidentally missing or deleting any meeting or basic business plan.

Get Mopao Soft Cover Thick Paper A5 Meeting Notebooks

Wrapping Up 

Writing a business plan is a very crucial task; it is a replica of your business idea, concepts, and opportunities which you want to achieve within a time frame.

A smartly designed business plan helps you to identify the challenges and find the right strategies to get through it to boost productivity and achieve business goals.

Investing in the best business planner is a must to keep track of finance and other critical business activities in 2019 & beyond. You share your thoughts with me! 

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