7 Best VPS Hosting Services for Business with Flexible Server Resources

Best VPS Hosting

Are you facing any downtimes in your shared hosting?. Don’t worry. Now the best VPS hosting services are available with dedicated resources. It will give you more flexibility to access your server resources and then security methods. VPS (Virtual Private Server) is unlike shared hosting. It has its own server resources. 

In shared hosting, the server resources are shared with multiple websites hosting accounts. So the probability of website downtime is high, especially during high traffic conditions of multiple websites hosted in it. In VPS, we have dedicated resources for every account it is not shared with others, but the server may contain many VPS accounts.

How to choose the best VPS Hosting Services?

Nowadays, cloud hosting services dominate VPS in many ways. The website availability in multiple servers and then best caching methods are provide maximum availability in cloud hosting. We can choose best hosting service based on business requirements.

In cloud hosting, security is very complex to avoid malicious attacks, especially when we have a website on multiple servers.

The best VPS hosting should have a single CPU, High memory, RAM and Bandwidth; these resources should be available at a cheaper rate as per our business requirements.

The managed VPS provides more flexibility to access the resources than unmanaged VPS. The availability of resources and uptime performance give the best one in the private service providers.

Best 7 VPS Hosting Services for Business Websites without downtime

We have multiple companies that provide VPS to business websites, agencies and individual retailers. We should choose the right one by uptime performance during traffic peaks, Security and accessible resources in the private server. The resources should be scalable at any time possible it should be auto-scaled during traffic peaks.

1. GreenGeeks VPS

Greengeeks provides a fast and reliable VPS service with a fully managed control panel. The greengeeks has its server location USA, Canada and then Europe with many datacentre locations. It provides a free SSL certificate with free migration of the old website to the VPS. The Migration is done with an expert support team and dedicated IP available in each VPS plan.

Features of GreenGeeks 

  • It has 2GB RAM, 4 core CPU, 50GB storage and 10 TB bandwidth in its basic VPS plan with 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • It gives free cPanel migration from other VPS service providers with 24×7 proactive monitoring support.
  • Greengeeks has an advanced security system with DDoS protection and regular security patching.
  • Intel xenon processors, CentOS, RAID 10 SSD storage array used for faster website performance.
  • It has scalable resources with a WHM control panel.

2. Liquid web the best VPS

Liquidweb hosting is one of the best VPS services available in cloud VPS form and Private VPS parent form. Both provide reliable server resources with root access and managed control option. It provides VPS in Linux as well as windows with a Plesk control panel. It gives a minimum of 2GB RAM, 2 core CPUs, 40 GB storage with 10 TB bandwidth in its VPS plan.

Features of Liquidweb VPS

  • Liquidweb offers centralized hosting management with full server control for all the websites and its applications.
  • Plesk and cPanel is available for application deployment, its automatic updates maintenances.
  • The server security options are available for Linux and then Windows servers.
  • Liquidweb VPS is used by the CloudFlare CDN for faster data access and managing the servers’ load.
  • Integrated firewalls for servers and easy downgrade or upgrade VPS server resources are available in Liquidweb hosting.
  • 24×7 customer support is available by phone, chat and then email as well.                                                                                 

3. Hostinger VPS

Hostinger provides cheap cloud VPS with 1GB RAM, 20GB storage, and 1Tb bandwidth in its basic plan. The hostinger gives VPS with full root access with cPanel control. SSD storage drives and xenon processors are used for the fastest performance. Its VPS gives a maximum uptime guarantee during high traffic conditions.

Features Hostinger of VPS

  • Hostinger gives the cheapest VPS plan with dedicated IP, and it is available with IPV4 and then IPV6 protocols.
  • It has Cont OS 7 with cPanel and WHM panel for resources and application maintenance.
  • Hostinger VPS gives dedicated 24×7 live support with 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • It has one simple all-in-one LAMP for web script and OS installation.
  • Hostinger has an expert Linux and hardware optimization team for unmanaged VPS support.

4. Hostgator VPS hosting

Hostgator provides many business hosting plans with full root access and integrated cPanel for VPS users. It is the best VPS hosting service available with masters in technical support. Its basic VPS plan starts with 2 hosting core CPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth with free website migration from various hosting.

Features of Hostgator VPS

  • It used multi server management for VPS and shared hosting as well with dedicated IP. 
  • SSD based VPS service with complete server management with cPanel.
  • Hostgator has a powerful VPS addon for backup and upgrades. Addon packs can increase Onclick restore options for backup and then SSD storage disk.
  • It provides Full root access that is used to rebuild the VPS servers and its resource maintenance.
  • It offers 45 days moneyback guarantee.

5. InMotion VPS

InMotion VPS is managed cloud based hosting solution. It provides scalable resources for Linux-based VPS hosting with no downtime. InMotion VPS offers free website migration and server setup with the expert support team. It uses easy to use control panel for hosting resources and web applications management. Its basic VPS plan contains 2 CPUs, 2GB RAM, 45GB storage with unlimited bandwidth.

Features of InMotion VPS

  • Free Website Transfer from any hosting with SSL installation.
  • Every VPS hosting account includes 3IPs with cPanel and then WHM control panel.
  • InMotion VPS gives 90 days money back guarantee.
  • Resource monitoring dashboard is available to check the RAM, Storage, memory and then bandwidth usage status.
  • SSH and DDoS protection is available to avoid unauthorized attack from the hackers.

6. A2 VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the best VPS hosting service providers with different pans and resource management features. It has both managed and unmanaged with a command-line interface and cPanel control. In addition, it uses an SSD storage array, and we can achieve faster performances of websites are available with its turbo plans.

Features of A2 VPS

  • It uses fully managed worry free VPS server management with application deployment options.
  • SSD powered VPS management provides a 99.95 uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7/365 crew support is available for all VPS plans.
  • Free SSL and Free website migration with hostguard for 100% worry free server management.
  • Cloudflare free CDN is available for maximum availability. It has webuso one-click installer for web applications.
  • Automated cPanel and OS updates are also available for apache and PHP.

7. InterServer VPS

InterServer cloud VPS is available for Linux and windows with fully scalable resources options. We can completely scale each resource’s RAM, Memory, CPU and then bandwidth in its VPS. InterServer has a separate option for WordPress as managed WordPress VPS. It has Nginx, CGI caches for faster performances. Optimized cron job, opcache php accelerator are also available to achieve the best performance in WordPress websites.

Features of InterServer VPS

  • Free website migration service available with 24/7 expert support.
  • 20x faster performance can be achieved with SSD hard drive with 250GB storage as well.
  • Multiple language serves is available such as PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Phyton, Perl, etc.
  • Easy to use control panel is available to maintain web application and server resources.
  • Cloud VPS support is available for Storage with dedicated resources.

Conclusion: Best VPS hosting services

By wrapping up the best VPS hosting service, it has private components of server resources for full usage of web applications. The control panel available with the VPS account should have resource monitoring and application maintenance. The expert support team, along with VPS service, makes them the best among others.

Liquid web VPS is the best choice from the above list because of its cloud VPS support with a fully managed control panel. The CDN availability, along with a quality security system, makes it to become the best VPS hosting service.

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