How To Translate WordPress Website To Your Language? Try Weglot!

Thanks to the wide availability of the internet, people are also looking forward to reading the content in multiple languages apart from English. It is the reason now more website is giving importance to the vernacular language content but creating brand new content for the existing post can be a tedious job, and it is also a costly choice.

One of the best options is to opt for the Weglot translation plugin for the WordPress website to your desired language, and it is simple and hassle-free. The best part is, with the Weglot plugin, exact information is conveyed without spending a bomb.

Weglot plugin is a one-stop solution that simplifies your translation process and is the most reliable choice. With this plugin, you can effortlessly make your website multilingual, and the content gets translates in just a few minutes. This powerful plugin translates the WordPress website into 100+ languages, and there is zero coding involved.

Best Features Weglot Translation Plugintranslate-wordpress

Hassle-Free Installation

Weglot Translation Plugin is hassle-free to install and set up takes just a few minutes. Once the powerful plugin is installed, you can reach out to millions of audiences in no time. The most significant benefit of using the Weglot Translation Plugin is zero coding. If you are a beginner and non-technical person, Weglot Translation Plugin is the easiest and worthy choice for quick translation.

Best Compatibility

The Weglot Translation Plugin is entirely compatible with almost all the themes, platforms, and supportive plugins on WordPress. If you are looking for a WooCommerce product description, Weglot Translation Plugin also works well. It also supports the Elementor form, and everything gets translated into the desired languages.

SEO Optimized

Another brilliant feature of Weglot Translation Plugin is that it follows the best Google practices for multilingual web content translation. All the translated web contents and pages have clean source code, and it gets automatically indexed on Google with dedicated URLs.

Accurate Translation

With Weglot Plugin, you get an end-to-end translation, and the first layer provides an automatic translation by credible machine learning providers like DeepL, Yandex, Microsoft, and Google. You also get an option to edit the transaction, and you can get in touch with Weglot to work on the final translation together.

Hassle-Free Set-Up

As we said early, Weglot Translation Plugin is hassle-free to install and set up. Once the plugin is installed, it automatically detects the website content, and there is zero manual intervention needed. In short, you don’t need to do the time-consuming task of manually translating every content of your website. All the translations are directly updated in real-time and require zero maintenance as well.

Reduced Bounce Rate

If you have visitors who are redirected to your website, they can access the content in their preferred language choice based on their browser setting.

Better Visibility and User Experience

Be it the landing page or the form filling, and if the audience is about to access the content in their preferred language, the conversion is better. Since the significant conversation happens in their preferred language, user visibility and experience increase automatically. Weglot Translation Plugin also provides you with an option to add images and videos in different languages. The images can be displayed in the targeted version.

Pro Partnership

Weglot Translation Plugin provides you with an option to get in touch with a pro professional translator via the Weglot dashboard. You had the opportunity to set the translation quality as per your preference. You can make your language switches as well, it is entirely customizable, and you get multiple designs to choose from.

Seamless Migration

it is undeniable that Weglot Plugin is one of the best choices for incorporating translation in the WordPress website. In addition to it, this plugin makes migration from other WordPress multilingual plugins like WPML and Polylang quick. All you need is to deactivate your existing plugin for translation and quickly install Weglot Translation Plugin.

Supportive Team

Weglot team is super supportive and is always ready to guide you in your translation journey in the multilingual world.
With the Weglot plugin incorporation, your website’s visibility increases, you can get massive traffic and conversion. If you have a business or a website that serves people worldwide, it is best to install the Weglot plugin for hassle-free and accurate translation.

What’s The Pricing Of Weglot?

Weglot has four different simple pricing plans! It has an “Enterprise” plan as well for executing the custom translation! You may contact them for this higher pricing plan. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for the best translation plugin for WordPress, then your choice should be Weglot. It has a free version, however, with limited features. When you want to translate your site with a 2000 word count, its free version is the best fit. For medium to big site translation, go with its pro version. It is worth buying! 

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