7 Best Free Software Like Endnote


Are you looking for reference management tools for your business research? Free software like Endnote provides many advantages in reference management. Generally, these tools could be used to collect and organize the collected data in business research. The sharing the organized data with team members is also available in business research.

We do business researches in three steps as Citation, reference library, and sharing with annotation. The research papers, business projects, and assignments are created using reference management software like Endnote. We would have seen that how easy to manage complex researches references as a library using reference organizing software.

What is Endnote?

Endnote is free software used in business research to organize project references, and It uses a reference library and easy content access from many PDFs. Endnote has a unique feature that inserts Citation. It has been used to write a research document. We can also use plenty of citation styles in the documents and PDFs creation.

We can easily access search references on any device in any part of the world using Endnote. It provides archive results for web searches: import bibliography and other reference documents from different databases.

Endnote has many tools to read, annotate, review and search documents for reference. It uses a Microsoft menu script matcher to publish the research work in relevant places. We can use more than 7000 reference styles and custom templates for project management and researches.

7 Best Reference Note Software Like Endnote

There are many software’s available for reference management in business, academic with bibliography library. Each one has easy methods for document creation with citation work, and some of them have the best export options. However, every reference management tool should have vital functions: data collection, organization, Citation, and sharing.


Zotero is a free reference organizing tool to collect, cite and sync data. They have the best dashboard for organizing the references by year, author, info, tags, and other related data. It automatically senses research from the web articles, book library and collects those data in a click.  

These data are synced and shared with our collaborators with permission control. Once our work is completed, we have a one-click export option to create PDF. Add it into the library for further reference with Citation.

Features of Zotero

  • Zotero helps to organize our research data by tagging and other key items.
  • We could create the research document. It will be automatically add into the library with relevant materials.
  • We can instantly create references and bibliographies from a text editor, word, and google docs.
  • It has more than 7000+ citation styles for the publication of work.
  • We can easily access data on all mobile devices and gadgets from anywhere.
  • We will share the researches and academic course materieals with students and colleagues. 


Qiqqa is a free research and reference manager used in business and academic projects. The bibliography has instantly created using Qiqqa with the write-up. To understand the business niches, it offers document searches and easy annotation in PDFs. We can create the most influential papers by going through citations, authors, and keywords.

Qiqqa themes give an easy citation and annotation reports management, making the research work simpler auto formation of bibliography. The powerful OCR used in Qiqqa makes images can be searchable.

Features of Qiqqa

  • Importing PDFs into the library is many speeders in Qiqqa.
  • We can easily share the libraries with co-workers, and also we can make them independent.
  • The highlighter and annotations make the reader useful during researches.
  • The best theme used for a library for the topic management with cluster creation.
  • We can add all bibliographies with suggestions to cite as well.
  • Share the library with friends from the cloud to local networks as well.


The Papersapp is the best reference management software like Endnote. It has the reference manager to discover, read and annotate documents for the research. The library of references has been shared easily with team members.

We can search across search engines to find the resources and save that with single click downloads. We can add references and pdfs to the library. It has a full-screen enhanced reader to read the complete PDF. It uses many techniques such as highlight, strike, underline, inline notes, draw, and sticky notes while reading the documents.

We can cite faster with an intelligent cite to word 2016+ or google docs. There are 9000+ citation styles available in smart cite. The simple search engine is used to find references from the shared library and personal collections.

Features of Papaersapp

  • Papers app uses the best file organizing methods. It is not only for metadata. Moreover, it organizes the supplemental data using tags, labels, rating, and file management.
  • It would share the organized files with our collaborators by simply adding their emails.
  • The remote teams, lab collaborators, and journal clubs can share the documents and sync with different devices.
  • It uses a variety of annotations, faster Citation, different file organization, simple sharing, and sync with multiple devices. These things make it is the better alternative to Endnote.


Mendelay uses a simple workflow for our reference management and gives much time to our research. The mendelay manager uses cite, desktop, and web importer tools for reference management. We would use it to store all our references as Medelay library, and here we can search, organize and read documents.

The mendelay notebook is used to collate all highlights from different PDFs. The mendelay cite could be added in Microsoft word for faster Citation while writing. So it makes reading and writing easier for the project.

Features of Mendelay

  • It supports responsible sharing to or colleagues with relevant information.
  • The web importer used to get the most relevant data by accurate Meta at any place.
  • The desktop is available to organize the library, annotate the documents.
  • We can share the library on mobile devices with many team members.
  • It uses the word for windows, word for mac, and LibreOffice with 8000+ citation styles.


Citationsy is one of the best reference management tools for Citation, reference, and bibliography. It gives simplicity and privacy to organize the library for the research. It uses firefox and chrome extension to cite websites in a few clicks. 

The reference data could be stored in the cloud and backed up every 10 minutes. So, it is fully secure. Citationsy has the best privacy policy. It uses an add-free environment.

Features of Citasionsy

  • Cite everything websites, books, videos, journals, podcasts, and images in a few clicks.
  • Create Citation and organize references more simply with a bibliography list.
  • we could export the document into library.
  • It uses 9000 citation styles.
  • Share the library with co-workers and friends with a bibliography list.
  • We could Export the reference files in many formats like word, Apple Pages, RTF, Endnote, etc.


Aurantium is an all-in-one platform for finding notes, managing Citations, and organizing thoughts. It is the best personal assistant software for reference management, and it uses the Slip-Box method for notes, outlines, comments, and references in a secure manner. 

It is a user-centric tool that can access the library anywhere via different mobile devices. A switching tool used for Citation and project management. The notes cloud be tagged with keywords and linked, which makes it easy to collect thoughts.

Features of Auratikum

  • All the notes archive saved as a library of thoughts, ideas, and light bulb moments.
  • The thoughts organized using headline, body, comments or quotes, and Citation in Auratikum.
  • The drag and drop rearrangements used to construct the ideas and thoughts into a project.
  • It uses heading and subheading to structure the idea.
  • Auratikum makes the writing process simple with an outline, notes, and references.
  • We can use Auratikum at any browser in Windows, Mac, and Linux as well.

Conclusion: Free software like Endnote

By wrapping it up, the article Endnote is the best reference management software for business and academics. It uses data collection, organizing the resources, and Citation for future work in any research papers. We can share the reference list with multiple people via different devices.

From the above list, Zotero is the best reference organizing tool with 7000+ citation styles. We can write with a text editor, word, and even google docs. In Zotero, we share the reference library with anyone. We use a simple one-click import to create PDF. These things make Zotero the best reference note software like Endnote.

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