7 Best CRM for Online Business To Buy In 2022


Are you running a small business? And looking for the best CRM for online business? Then, it is the right place to find the suitable one for the business requirement. CRM is customer relationship management software used for engaging the customer efficiently by automation in marketing campaigns. 

The CRM should provide email marketing for sales funnels, lead generation, and customer segmentation for marketing automation in the business process. In addition, CRM reduces tracking customers’ journeys by organizing contact, sales reports, and marketing campaigns with insight tools integration.

How To Choose The Best CRM For Online Business?

The best CRM software should provide different customer segmentation methods for contacts management.

It should have the features like maximum contacts limits for the management with many marketing tools integration for marketing automation.

The customer leads have been tracked, and the marketing reports should be notified in the insights and analytics dashboard of the CRM.

The best CRM software should provide faster customer support and lower price for business growth.

Top 7 CRM Software For Small Businesses

The best CRM for an online business listed here has lead capture and its list management by contacts segmentations. There are different marketing tools integration used for lead collection. The sales reports, campaign tracking methods are available for automation of the sales process.

1. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is the best CRM software in small businesses available for faster in closing the sale form leads. The sales automation and marketing features in Salesforce make automatic tracking of emails, calls and meetings for faster responses. It has the best leads management with sales opportunity management for customer segmentation. In addition, it provides customizable reports for business growth analysis.

Features of Salesforce

  • Salesforce CRM is available for 30 days free trial.
  • It has a wide range of CRM categories in the cloud, such as sales, marketing, analytics, data, app, and LoT, with many customers.
  • We can track all sales activities such as lead, awareness, and customers by sales following tools.
  • It uses pay as you go model for the subscription of its features for the business needs.
  • Salesforce unites marketing, sales, analytics, integration and support at one CRM called customer 360.

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho offers the best CRM for online businesses to manage their customers. The Zoho CRM has provided relationships with customers with different channels such as email, chat, telephone and social media. The real-time notification will make the faster response to the customers. It will automate the repetitive process and provide time to grow our business. The real-time reports make more immediate identification of business key performance indicators.

Features of Zoho CRM

  • Zoho CRM offers business CRM support for leads, deals, contacts, accounts and workflow management with AI, BI and remote work.
  • Zoho provides faster information about sales tracking and leads data using Zia, an AI-powered sales assistant.
  • It gives intelligent alerts, task reminders and suggestions to contact the leads for a marketing automation process.
  • Free trial available with simple user interface and month-to-month contract based pricing.
  • The marketing automation is done via customer segmentation, lead nurturing, google ads with event management.

3. Agile CRM

Agile CRM provides customer relationship management in three ways. One is the sale of essentials with establishment options. The second one is marketing. It uses marketing automation and enhancement tools for lead capturing. The third one is Customer service by support methods such as chat, telephone, ticketing, helpdesk and workflows.

Features of Agile CRM

  • The CRM is free upto 10 users with 1000 contacts management and limited sales, marketing and service features.
  • The essential sales include mobile CRM, deals and integration with contact management. It has been extended by reporting and documentation with post-call automation.
  • The landing pages and form building options are available for email marketing with a multichannel social campaign.
  • The customer support service includes CRM reporting, ticket feedback with support analytics.
  • It has more than 500 apps for customer relationship management.

4. Keap CRM

Keap combines CRM, marketing, sales automation, and payment processing in one place. It captures the leads and segments the contacts by sending the targeted marketing campaign by email marketing. The sales payment process is done using PayPal, WePay, and Stripe during the close of deals. The keap provides one solution for lead capture, customer info, SMS campaign, calendar booking, and invoice payment in one place.

Features of Keap

  • It provides a 14 day free trial for CRM with 30% off for the first five months limited time offer.
  • Keap CRM gives Mobile apps for email and SMS marketing campaign automation.
  • The analytics and reports are available for a marketing campaign with A/B testing.
  • Invoices and recurring payments options are available for an ecommerce marketing campaign with insights and tracking.
  • Landing pages, webforms, checkout forms are available in Keap CRM with customer support options.

5. Salesmate CRM

Salesmate provides CRM functions by four segments: customer engagements, sell, optimize, and automate the marketing campaigns. The emails, voice calls, text messages, and web forms are used for lead capturing. For sales and marketing, Salesmate uses a sales pipeline for sales activities with contacts and products management. The optimized segment is used to analyze the reports, furcating, and goals set for marketing. Finally, automation is done by sequencing sales, marketing, and data entry campaign.

Features of Salesmate

  • The stalemate has 14 days free trial for its services
  • It has how-to videos and free tools for contact, deals and companies to make marketing automation.
  • It uses multiple pipelines for marketing, workflow customer management and web forms are used for lead capture.
  • Product and team management and even a manager are available for its CRM service automation and tools integration.
  • It has iPhone, iPad and Android apps for email marketing campaigns and CRM.

6. Pipedrive CRM

Pipedrive is the best CRM for online business project management. It has four-step processes to automate our customer engagements. First, set up the pipeline for the sales process and its customization options. Focus on sales actions by email, phone call, and lunch meeting scheduling. Third, track the progress of targeted customers and conversion rates. Finally, optimize the campaign using analytics and reports.

Features of Pipedrive

  • Pipedrive provides 14 days free trial without asking for credit card information.
  • It manages leads and deals by pipelines using webforms, chatbots and landing pages.
  • Track the emails, calls and contacts history and segment them for marketing automation by scheduling process.
  • The insights and reports provide sales-driven metrics for campaign automation.
  • The mobile apps and integration of marketing tools can boost the sales process.

7. Insightly CRM

Insightly is the best CRM for online business. It also provides marketing, analytics services, and application for the sales process. Insight delivers the customer journey from marketing, sales, services, projects, and integrations to building a good relationship. CRM covers this complete journey, marketing, service and app connect. The CRM starts with the sales process to relationship building.

Features of Insightly CRM

  • A free trial is available for 2 users in Insightly CRM.
  • It uses lead routing by tracking emails, phone calls, meetings and tasks. It automatically routes the leads to the corresponding segmented area for sale processing.
  • Multi-step workflow used for email alerts, update records and generate tasks for the sales process.
  • Insightly tracks the email delivery and monitors the open and click rates email campaign.
  • The record linking functionalities used to analyze the complex customer relationship by our teammates and bosses.
  • The projects will convert the sales process into milestones and integrate with apps, and delivered it to customers at the right time.

Conclusion: Best CRM For Web-Based Business

By wrapping up this article, the best CRM for an online business should have Marketing campaigns, Sales automation, Analytics, and tracking tools, and Customer relationship services for business growth. We have listed many CRMs above for good customer relationship maintenance.

Zoho CRM is the best choice for small business customer management. Because it has the sale force automation by Leads managements, deals management, Contacts management, account management, and workflow management. In addition, it uses segmentation, alerts, tracking marketing automation, and mobile apps for the customer journey.

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