6 Stages of Making High-Quality and Viral Video Content

Video is the next content king. In the TikTok and YouTube era, we’re living in, making high-quality video content is not just a marketing recommendation. That’s the basis of your visibility and popularity on the Internet.

Of course, different platforms call for different content types. But a great video has a superpower to engage your users anywhere. According to statistics, 85% of all Internet users in the USA watch video content monthly. Imagine you’ve won the hearts of all these people! It’s not that hard.


So, how to create high-quality content? Check this step-by-step guide and get six secret tips to unlock the virality of your video marketing!  

#1 Decide On Your Content Type

Videos can be different, and you should choose the content type that fits you the most. People love watching vlogs and behind-the-scenes clips because they love seeing how other people leave.

Alternatively, you can educate your viewers with insightful interviews, compilations, and webinars. If you’re managing a business, product reviews and presentations are the content types that work the best.

Pick the content type that feels natural for you to share. People will love it if you do it honestly.

#2 Work On SEO To Start

Once you know the direction, it’s time to work on visibility. SEO optimization will let users find you in search engines.

Adopt an SEO tool to create keyword-based titles and video descriptions, include tags, and work on mobile versions. Most effective instruments integrate SEO practices with social media and content marketing. Use them!

For example, Semrush offers a highly useful content calendar that facilitates posting videos on different social media platforms, checking what your competitors do, and managing Facebook ads. 


#3 Make Your Video Clear and Catchy

While recording your video content itself, it’s important to follow several rules:

  • Stick to the point. Viewers should understand clearly what the video is about, from its title till the last second of watching. Create a scenario, work on the storytelling part, and put your video idea in one phrase. This way, you won’t lose your viewers on the way.
  • Work on the first seconds of your video. Your beginning is highly important. You should catch the attention from the very first seconds, or people will switch to something else. Don’t let them go!
  • Invite your viewers to communicate. It’s important to establish a dialogue in your video. Ask viewers their opinion and invite them to share in the comments. Engage people in some prize-winning game. Or simply refer to them every time it’s possible.   

And, of course, don’t limit your creativity while creating your video! People love watching interesting content. And if you make it with a thought about your viewers, they will stay with your interesting content much longer. 

#4 Work On The Visual Part & Voice While Editing

It’s not enough to just make a video. The high-quality content must have juicy visuals and a noise-free voice. Mainly, it’s a matter of facilities and the studio where you record your video content. But for some types like wedding video shoots, you can rely on the design tools and canceling noise editors.

Use Canva that possesses a selection of aesthetically tempting design templates. With this tool, you’ll create aesthetically marvelous presentations and product reviews.

If you have problems with noise recording, you can work with Magisto, OpenShot or Movavi video editors that will increase its quality automatically.


#5 Pick Accurate Content Strategy For Next Video

Once you’ve made that juicy video, the question of how to increase engagement remains. Your content strategy will provide the answer.

The key task of a content strategy is to create a long-term calendar for your video creation. It makes one-time luck into a steadily growing success.

A well-built content strategy will consider the target audience’s needs and expectations, work on engaging users to like, share, and subscribe to your video channel, and concentrate on creating high-quality and insightful material regularly.   

If you’re interested in long-term success, here are six must-have content strategy elements you can start implementing right away! Also, you can use this cheat sheet with 30 top-working content ideas for brands.

#6 Build A Distribution Strategy For Your Video Content

Even if you’ve found a way to create high-quality video content on a regular basis, it means nothing if not enough people see your efforts. That’s why distribution strategy deserves our special attention in this overview.

A proper distribution strategy addresses the issue of how to increase the reach of your video content. It will establish the basis for each new video you make to reach maximum visibility.

The most popular strategies to spread your content are adding it to your website, sharing it on social media, and uploading it on YouTube. However, the most accurate distribution strategy is always done manually, considering your aims and opportunities.

Check our detailed guide on how to distribute content and let your users see what you create!


Are You Ready For Your Millions of Views?

As you see, making high-quality video content is a matter of several tools and proper knowledge of how to use them. The most important thing is still your sincerity and true willingness to make high-quality video content.

Once you have this passion in your heart, viewers will feel it through the screen and, sooner or later, won’t stand but fall in love with your videos.

And we hope all the technical instruments and software we’ve mentioned here will help you win the hearts of millions of viewers faster and easier.

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