Brand Loyalty and Packaging: What is the Psychology Behind Both?


Did you know that color pallets can dramatically affect the way customers perceive your brand? Aesthetic choices like color should be a top priority for any brand. 

Packaging is a great place to begin implementing psychology techniques. Read our article to learn about all of the ways consumer behavior can be influenced by brand loyalty and branded packaging.

The Brand Loyalty Definition

The likelihood that customers return to your brand is the definition of brand loyalty. Growing a brand takes time and resources. 

Spreading brand awareness is also a complex process. However, a brand does not have to be big to have a sense of brand loyalty.

In fact, small and niche brands can have significant success. Brands that cater to a small population of people are likely to have brand loyalty. 

Customers will eventually return to a brand if they enjoy their goods and services. There are various methods that contribute to brand loyalty. Psychology tactics are one of those methods.

Behavioral Brand Loyalty Psychology

There is a branch of psychology known as behavioral psychology. Behavioral psychologists analyze the habits and behavior patterns of people.

Marketing takes advantage of human behavior patterns to promote brand loyalty and brand awareness.

Any brand can take advantage of these psychology tools. Pay attention to the shopping patterns of your customers. 

Customers will help you know what goods and services are worth investing more time into. Behavior patterns are easy to monitor on social media.

For example, loyalty can be incentivized on social media platforms with ease. Support your brand and spread brand awareness with the use of these tactics.

Common Brand Loyalty Types

A common incentive for promoting brand loyalty is user-generated content. User-generated content, or UGC, is when consumers make original artwork inspired by your brand. 

Showcasing UGC can help encourage customers to participate in your brand events and remain involved. Social media can be a great asset for brands in need of UGC.

Another loyalty program includes rewards. Loyalty reward programs are common for large businesses that have many customers. Loyalty programs, however, can benefit brands of all sizes.

The Importance of Branded Packaging

Branded packaging is an important aspect of spreading brand awareness. Branded packaging helps consumers recognize your brand from far away.

Are you an online business? Branded packaging is a wonderful way to increase vertical integration.

Branded packaging is important because it shows that your brand has thought of everything! You can utilize your branded packaging as an extension of your brand’s artistic direction.

Take the time to decide what your brand’s aesthetic is. Does your brand revolve around a central color theme or symbol? Understanding this can help you create perfect packaging!

The Psychology Behind Branded Packaging

Color palettes and logos help customers identify with your brand. For example, if your brand’s logo is red then customers can associate the color with your brand.

Colors are a powerful psychology tactic. For example, think of your favorite brands. Does color come to mind when you think of some brand names?

Color psychology is a popular marketing technique that brands use when developing their brand awareness and brand loyalty programs.

Your brand can benefit from target marketing strategies involving colors. These strategies are backed by science and proven results!

The Top Brand Loyalty Examples

Some of the best examples include brands like Target. Target utilizes color psychology and brand loyalty programs to keep customers coming back for more.

Red is a proven power color. All of their stores feature this color inside and out. Target also has a simple logo that corresponds with its brand, name, and color palette.

Does creating a brand loyalty program sound difficult? Don’t worry, embarking on a brand design journey does not have to be overwhelming or stressful.

Keep in mind that it takes time to evolve and that a lot of trial and error will be experienced along the way.

Best Branded Packaging Examples

Did you know that there are dozens of packaging design trends that are popular right now? Some of the most notable design trends include branded tissue paper.

Tissue paper is a great way to set your branded packaging apart from the competition. Branded tissue paper is especially useful for those who deal with fragile merchandise.

Wrapping your package securely should be at the top of your list. Using branded tissue paper can help you promote brand awareness while caring for your shipped goods.

If your goods do not require extra protection, consider adding branded tissue paper as an accent piece to the package. Customers will love this!

How Branded Packaging Gains Loyalty

Branded packaging is an exciting arrival for people who shop online. Subscription box services like Ipsy, utilize pink envelopes when they ship out their subscriptions.

Customers look forward to receiving their special pink envelopes every month. This is an example of branded packaging that has successfully gained loyalty.

Loyal customers who subscribe to their packages can easily show their peers the branded packaging as well. This makes it easy to share your brand on social media! 

Ready to Increase Your Brand Loyalty?

Now you know all about how you can utilize behavioral psychology to increase brand loyalty. Branded packaging is a wonderful example of how to generate loyal customers.

Remember, you don’t have to be a large business to generate loyal customers. Focus on your target audience and set your brand apart from the competition!

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