7 Ridge Wallet Alternatives To Keep Cards And Money Safely (2022)

Ridge Wallet Alternatives

Are you having discomfort in handling cards and money with wallets?. The ridge wallet alternatives make you hold secured, scratch-free credit and business cards. These wallets are more compact that can hold up to 12 cards with a money clip or cash trap. The ridge wallet is the best pocket-friendly wallet to carry anywhere. Moreover, it provides RFID blocking against the steel of card information.

We know RFID chips are placed in the card helps to read the encrypted card data from the scanners to process payments. The RFID reader can get information from 10 feet away from the cards. So protection against RFID skimming is needed in secured wallets to carry different cards such as credit, debit, and business cards. Even though Ridge wallet has RFID blocking with aluminum, carbon, and titanium version, it has some downsides that make to look into Ridge wallet alternatives. So, what wallet is better than Ridge? Let’s find.

Downsides of Ridge wallet 

The Ridge Wallet uses minimalist spaces and style with three versions. We can hold up to 12 cards with money clips and cash strap options to carry currencies. The exterior clip is available to fix the wallet with the pocket comfortably. However, It has the below downsides.

  • In Ridge wallet, we cannot organize the cards such as business cards, credit cards, and then debit cards. So card handling is not easier. 
  • The business cards may bend because of slimmed debit cards with lesser compatibility.
  • Ridge wallet is more expensive with the cheapest price of $95.
  • We need to remove the ridge wallet during metal detector scanning to pass transportation security administration. 

These disadvantages make to find the best replacement to carry business cards and money in a suitable wallet. In the below section, we will look at the best ridge wallet alternatives with pocket-friendly secured cardholders.

Top Ridge Wallet Alternatives

Dango Wallets

Dango products from the USA provide the best money clips and cardholder wallets. It is the best alternative to Ridge wallets. In Dango, we have multiple wallet series such as A, M, D, S, T, P, and more. Apart from that, it has titanium money clips as well. The Dango series wallets use RFID skimming protection to prevent data stealing. 

All the wallets are very compact to place multiple cards without a scratch. It uses aluminum cases and leather covers to prevent scratches. Moreover, it has a money clip to carry currencies as well. The Dango wallets are available with aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber to pass in TSA.

Features of Dango Wallets

  • These wallets are modular and pocket friendly
  • We can add additional features with a wallet like leather, money clip, pen, etc.
  • It helps to carry our cards, cash, and personal items securely.
  • It has minimal weight and holds up to 80 bills.
  • Dango wallets have RFID skimming protection.
  • We may add extra accessories to the wallets like pen clips for all series available in Dango
  • Wallets are available from $25.

Ross Carbon Fiber Wallet

Ross Wallets provides RFID slim carbon fiber and aluminum wallets with customizable cash straps. The main cardholder region is elastic can help to hold many cards. So we can hold up to 12 cards in the wallet. We can use leather bi-folds that look packed with high security. The elastic cash strap helps to place lots of cash in it. Moreover, Ross wallets provide extra accessories like individual money clips carbon fiber to detect metal. It is one of the ridge wallet alternatives.

Features of Rossm Carbon wallet

  • It blocks RFID in the wireless and prevents card data theft.
  • Ross wallets can hold 12 cards without stretching.
  • It has lesser weight with compact size to fit in a pocket comfortably.
  • The wallets are available from 19.99$ with one year warranty.
  • Free shipping is available for US locations.

Fandom wallets

Fandom wallets is the best ridge wallet alternative 2022 for card holding with security. Moreover, we can use it as a coin holder and money clips to carry currencies. The coin holder can hold coins up to 2.8mm in thickness. It provides multi-colored money clips such as black, blue, gold, etc. the fandom wallets protect the cards against RFID and NFC reading. The fandom wallets are very slim, with a one-ounce weight to carry. We can use one-hand access to take cards out from the wallet securely.

Features of Fandom Wallets

  • Fandom R wallets are available with aluminum chassis.
  • The wallets are available from $54.
  • To pass TSA, it uses six unique finishes, including wood, leather, and then carbon fiber.
  • Money clips are available to hold currencies, and they also have coin holders.
  • It uses a secured lock from cards falling out.
  • Fandom wallets are RFID blocking with pocket friendly.

Storite card holder wallet

The Storite wallet is one of the ridge wallet alternatives for multiple cardholders. The Storite uses a multi-slot cardholder in which we can hold up to 15 cards without scratching. We can organize the credit, debit, and business cards inside the cardholder. It uses high-quality leather with money pockets to carry the currencies. There are separate slots available for each card holding, so it is impossible to damage the card. The edges of the wallet are perfect, so we can easily place them inside the shirt and pant pockets.

Features of Storite Wallet

  • Storite wallet has a zipper cardholder, multiple card slots, and then cash slots to carry business cards with money.
  • Compact design and card slots help arrange the card in an organized way.
  • It has RFID signal blocking materials to avoid card information thefts.
  • Compact size helps stylish travel with a handbag, backpack, or pocket.
  • It helps carry photos, cards, bills, and cashes inside the cardholder.

Pirna wallets

Pirna Wallets are the most secured and cheap ridge wallet alternatives with an RFID blocking system. It is a minimalist card wallet that can hold up to 12 cards. The Pirna Prope wallets are available with aluminum and carbon fiber. Moreover, It uses an easy in-out function with RFID blocking. It helps avoid scratches, and V shape wallets find it easy to place cards inside the wallet. The C-section helps to push out cards from the wallet by thumb itself. The Pirna wallets are most compact with pocket friendly.

Features of Pirna Wallets

  • The RFID blocking system can block signals up to 14 MHz frequencies, which helps to avoid data theft.
  • Silver and black two-color wallets are a perfect fit for men and women.
  • The removable money clip helps to hold currencies with the wallets.
  • It is compact, fits into pockets, and holds up to 12 cards.
  • The screwdriver and e-books are a bonus for the business dress code.

Aviator Wallet

Aviator wallet is one of the best ridge wallet replacements to hold credit and business cards with security. The aviator provides aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium wallets that help carry up to 20 cards. It is a very slim wallet with an easy pull strap for faster card access. Moreover, Aviator wallets have tiny compartments to hold coins, bills, and keys within the wallet. The Aviator slide wallets are available for 65 euros with free worldwide shipping.

Features of Aviator Wallets

  • Aviator uses a minimalist design in the wallets with the configurable cardholder.
  • The titanium screws are available in silver and gold colors.
  • The customizable design is available with more than 650 combinations.
  • It uses RFID protection and holds up to 20 cards.
  • Aviator is a hundred percent precision engineered from Germany with lightweight.
  • Part and accessories are available such as cash clip, blocking card, frame, cover plate, etc.

Armour Supply co Wallets

The armour supply co wallets are the best ridge wallet alternative to carry multiple business cards securely. The card wallets are available in aluminum, carbon fiber, and wood. It is the best replacement for the bulky leather wallet. Moreover, it offers a slim and comfortable wallet that can fit into the pocket easily. It helps carry cards and cash simply in the shirt’s front pocket. The armour supply co wallets have a money clip, cash strap, RFID blocking, and multitool card with key holder.

Features of Armour supply co Wallets

  • It helps to hold 1 to 12 cards with five-folded bills.
  • We can avoid wireless theft with RFID blocking.
  • Wallets are made from special grade aluminum, wood and carbon fiber.
  • Its more compact with a lesser weight with a money clip, multitool card, key holder, cash strap, screws, bottle opener, mini screwdriver, and then stickers.
  • Lifetime warranty for all wallets with free US shipping.

Conclusion Ridge wallet alternatives

By wrapping up best Ridge wallet alternatives, It helps to hold credit, debit, and business cards with RFID blocking security. The ridge wallet is a compact and scratch-free wallet available in aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber materials. The money clip and cash strap options in the wallet help carry bills and currencies. The expensiveness of the ridge wallet leads to finding the alternative for the cardholder.

In the end, Dango product provides multiple wallets series with aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber. Moreover, it has accessories and parts to carry currencies in a secured and stylish way. The Dango wallets series has minimal spaces for RFID blocking, cash clip, and then pen. So, The Dango wallet series is the best ridge wallet alternative to carry cards and currencies in an organized manner.

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