7 Goxlr Alternatives For Audio Mixing (2022)

goxlr alternatives

Are you looking for the best audio mixer with better control of the sound?. The Goxlr Alternatives provide audio mixing for broadcast with voice effects. Goxlr is one of the best online audio broadcaster platforms with 4 channel mixer, sampler, and voice effects. It helps to mix the audio input with real-time. Moreover, we can change the voice effects using the audio mixer. 

The Goxlr is a suitable audio interface for live streamers, broadcasters, and content creators. We can connect a USB-enabled audio mixer to a PC with a mic, gaming console. The Goxlr mixer interface helps to sample the audio inputs and add voice effects during the audio mix. It provides better voice quality by mixing sound even from the microphone. Even though Goxlr has many advantages in audio mixing, it has some downsides that drive us to find Goxlr Alternatives for sound mixing during online gaming and podcasting. So, what is comparable to Goxlr? Let’s see.

Downsides of Goxlr audio mixer interface

The four-channel Goxlr audio interface from TC helicon is best suited for gaming and broadcasting. It has the below disadvantages to look for alternatives.

  • The Goxlr is an expensive USB streaming mixer with voice effects.
  • It works well with Windows PC and is not available for Mac and Apple Mac.
  • When we use multiple audio input channels, the software crashes on the PC. A restart will help to recover the process.
  • The best voice quality requires the best mic setup to avoid noise from live streaming during the audio mix.

Goxlr alternatives should overcome these downsides and provide the best sound mixing from various audio devices such as mic, pc, gaming console, music, etc.

Top Goxlr alternatives for audio mixing

Online streaming and broadcasting such as gaming podcasting require an audio mixer interface with its software. The audio mixer interface should be compatible with PC and mobile as well. Moreover, the alternatives should provide a multichannel audio mixer with sampler and voice effects. Here, we list the best Goxlr replacement for sound mixing with chat, music, game audio from different sources.

Creative sound blaster K3+

The sound blaster K3+ is the audio recording and Streaming mixer interface for online gamers and content creators and it is also a cheap Goxlr alternative. The sound blaster has an external sound mixer with audio processing hardware such as microphone input-output connectivity ports for sound mixing from different channels. It is the best Goxlr alternative for audio mixing with sound effects. 

The sound mixer controls sound inputs and a user-friendly interface for streamers and broadcasters. Apart from the sound mixer, it operates in playback, recording, broadcasting, webchat, karaoke, and then DJ hosting. It uses simple connectivity over the devices like PC, MAC, tablets, and mobile phones to process sound effects.

Features of Sound blaster K3+

  • It provides high-quality recording and playback with an audio mixer.
  • Sound blaster uses built-in audio processors for real-time audio effects.
  • Sound Blaster K3+ is best suited for karaoke and audio mixing.
  • It provides the best volume control with voice-over effects.
  • The soundboard effects are available for VIP entries while broadcasting and streaming.
  • It uses two XLR/TRS combo with 4 poles mobile output.
  • We have a one-year hardware warranty with this multi-mixer.

Pioneer DJ mixer 

 The Pioneer DJ mixer is one of the best Goxlr alternatives for a sound mixer with voice effects. In Pioneer, we have a multichannel DJ mixer for broadcasters. We can perform seamless audio mixing with smooth curves on EQ and channel faders. For voice effects, it uses color and beat FX while mixing audios. So we can make creative sound by audio mixed with full control over its effects. 

The FX apps, synthesizers, and samplers can help process the different audio inputs in the mixer and produce better sound quality. The simple USB connectivity to PC and mobile provides the best sound clarity.

Features of Pioneer DJ Mixer

  • It provides professional sound quality in both digital and analog audio sources.
  • The EQs and fader help to mix the audio smoothly during live streaming.
  • We can sync the sound cloud library with PC and mac with multiple sound devices.
  • We have multichannel mixers that help upload sounds from iPad or iPhone for mixing easily with the live stream.
  • The color, beat and frequency FX provide more control over sound effects.

Alesis multi mixer

Alesis multi mixer is available with 4, 6, 8, and 10 channels with a USB audio interface. It is the best Goxlr replacement for a sound mixer during live streaming. The 4 channel Alesis multi mix can use a USB interface to mix audios on desktop with live studio or recoded sounds on the computer. It is a compact live steaming sound mixer with easy to access setup for podcasting. The volume, pan, and then EQ control helps to change voice effects with the mixer. We can record sounds and playback with USB cables and iPad.

Features of Alesis multi mixer

  • It provides built-in USB FX with high-quality DSP effects such as delays, reverbs, phasers and more. 
  • The special bundle of sounds includes piano, guitar with amp and effects models.
  • It offers USB plug-and-play support for PC and Mac.
  • The professional software suite is included for the audio mixer.
  • The XLR inputs are trim and switchable
  • We can record audio directly from mobile or cameras.

RODE Caster Pro

 The Rode Caster Pro is the best Goxlr alternative for an audio mixer for broadcasters. It has an integrated podcast protection console with a mixer interface. Rode caster pro is the best solution for podcasting with microphone inputs and studio-grade crystal-clear recording. Eight sound ports help to make full control over sound effects during the audio mix. Moreover, we can connect smartphones with USB and Bluetooth channels for audio recording.

Features of Rode caster Pro Mixer

  • It uses powerful onboard audio processing with sound effects.
  • We can record sound on SD cards computers with stereo or multi-track editing.
  • There are nine language options available in the podcasting console.
  • We can broadcast pure audio with a low noise mixer interface.
  • It has many compatible accessories like an adaptor, per cable, USB cable and then sound pad template.

Roland Mixer pro

Roland gomixer pro is available for smartphones to perform sound mixing with voice effects. It is the best Goxlr alternative audio mixer with high-quality sound effects. The Roland go mixer pro helps musicians, podcasters, and live streamers with high-quality sound effects during audio mixing. The professional sound on live streaming videos on social media converts more followers for the broadcast.

Features of Roland go mixer pro

  • We have multiple inputs for audio mixings, such as mics, musical instruments and media players.
  • The Roland go We can connect mixer pro to a smartphone without draining the smartphone power.
  • We can use an audio mixer interface with DAW apps on smartphones and tablets.
  • It uses virtual stage camera apps for iOS and Android.
  • It helps to provide live stream performance to the world with audio mixing effects.

Zoom Podtrak P4

The Zoom Podtrak p4 is a multichannel podcast recorder with audio effects. It is one of the best replacements for Goxlr for sound mixing with vocal effects. Though it is not a free Goxlr alternative, it is worth the investment. It uses four mics and two eco-free remote calls for recording during the podcast. The customizable sound pads are available to achieve better sound effects. Moreover, The instant access to gain or mute any input provides the perfect sound mixer with high-quality voice effects. We can connect Podtrak P4 with computers and smartphones using USB cables.

Features of Zoom Podtrak P4

  • The four mic inputs feature professional sound quality with 70db gain.
  • Four independent headphone outputs with individual sound controls.
  • USB and TRRS cables help to connect the interface with computers and smartphones.
  • The Bluetooth receiver helps to connect input audio remotely from mobile phones.
  • Instantly trigger music, ads, pre-recorded interviews with audio broadcasting.

Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB mixer

The Behringer Xenyx series is the best Goxlr alternative for audio mixers. It is the best analog mixer with many support devices for better sound effects. The Behringer xenyx mixer has a mic, preamps, EQ, FX processor, and then USB interface. It provides multiple input channel mixers with 5, 10 ports, etc. The Xenyx Q502 mixer is the five-input, two-bus mixer with audio editing software for the computer system. The mic preamps and compression helps for broadcasting audios with high-quality sounds.

Features of Behringer Xenyx Q502 USB mixer

  • It helps to provide quick announcements in a small crowd with one mic and two stereos. 
  • The studio-grade sound quality was achieved using xenyx mic preamp and musical British channel EQ.
  • The mixer helps to reduce noise with better clarity in the sound.
  • Xenyx preamps offer a staggering 130 db of dynamic range.
  • The British EQ helps the mixer perform higher audio quality with channel EQ.

Conclusion Goxlr Alternatives

By wrapping up Goxlr alternatives 2022, Goxlr is the 4 channel audio mixer with sampling and voice effects. We can control a complete audio mixer with chat, live gaming audio and music. The mixer can be helpful for live streamers, podcasters, content creators and gamers. With the help of a USB cable and audio editing software, the Goxlr mixer provides better sound effects during the broadcast. 

The cost-effectiveness and software sync with multiple audio inputs make alternatives to Goxlr for the sound mixer. Creative sound blaster K3+ is the best Goxlr alternative for broadcasters and live streamers. It provides multichannel sound mixing with web chat, karaoke and DJ hosting. Moreover, It is available for PC, Mac and mobile audio mixing for podcasters and live streamers. 

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