7 Best AI Writing Tools To Generate Content Faster


Are you looking for a writing assistant to save your precious time? Best AI writing tools can help to reduce maximum time to write essays, articles, and even blog posts. In addition, AI tools help to generate content for marketing and product promotion. Moreover, we can create high-quality social cum SEO optimized content for marketing campaigns. AI writing is computer-generated writing with language processing tools.

The AI writing software help reduce the time to convert our thoughts into a blog post, ad campaign, article, or even an essay. It provides many features such as expanding, rewriting and shortening the size of the paragraph without affecting the thought. Moreover, the creative AI writing tools help explore the idea as an essay with a beautiful narrative structure. These AI writing assistants have the features to create Facebook ads, email, and social media marketing campaigns.

7 Creative AI Writing Tools To Save Your Time

Here, I list the best AI writing tools to reduce time while writing content for marketing and promotions. In addition, we can use AI writing apps and AI writing programs to perform regulative tasks like automated follow-ups with Artificial intelligence content.

Moreover, these content writing tools are available for many industries with different strategies. Therefore, we should look for the best content writing tools listed below.

1. Writer


The Writer is the best AI writing assistant for individuals and teams. We can create an automated content creation strategy with editorial content options by using Writer. Moreover, we can create brand-related marketing content with the Ai Writer. We only need to use the right words to narrate our thought to create awesome content for blog posts and marketing campaigns. 

The Writer AI writing assistant apps help many people in the following ways. SEO professionals, HR teams, and marketing executives get benefitted using AI writing tools. Moreover, Authors, students, and English as second language writers can use this source to reduce time writing content without mistake in lesser time.

Features of Writer AI tools

  • Content marketers can produce new content with SEO strategies using AI writing tools.
  • We can maintain creative brand names with Ai copywriting tools using description and massaging.
  • The communication agencies can use AI writing assistants with a special tone for the target audience.
  • We can create emails, automated chat and help desk management with Writer.
  • It is also available for HR, learning development, documentation, and IT operations.
  • It is free with basic spelling, grammar, punctuation and autocorrects options.

2. Jarvis Ai


Jasper is the best AI Writing tool is, also known as Jarvis AI. It helps create faster content for the blog, social media, and websites. For example, we can create SEO content with attractive headlines for the blog post. Moreover, we have options to create Facebook ads and marketing campaigns. 

It uses AI trained to create original content for SEO optimized creative blog posts and Direct marketing responses for automated tasks. SO we can generate more articles and marketing campaigns for website copy and social media promotion copy as separate article formats.

Features of Jasper AI

  • It helps create keyword-rich original content for a blog post to rank higher.
  • Jasper AI provides faster content creation with pipelines for correction.
  • It has 25 plus languages to generate content for promotions.
  • Scale the existing content with re-purpose in a quicker way.
  • Jasper AI has 50 plus templates to pot our ideas into blog posts and advertising campaigns.

3. Shortly AI


Shortly, AI helps write a novel or blog post for the website with perfect sentences. It uses the brain-strumming partner to expand, rewrite and shorten paragraphs to deliver our thoughts elegantly. It uses open artificial intelligence with GPT-3 for writing novels in a matter of just a click.

The advance AI helps to expand our creativity with our thoughts into essays and articles for websites. We can use powerful comments like a rewrite, extend and shorten the paragraph with well-written sentences. Moreover, Shortly Ai is one of the best AI writing tools for novel writing.

Features of ShortlyAI

  • It produces original output in writing with plagiarism checkers.
  • The free trial is available to check out its features.
  • We can improve our writing with writer’s block in ShortlyAI.
  • Continuous updates will provide better results with AI-based writing.
  • It is acquired by conversion.ai with better features for AI writing for novels and blog posts.

4. Copy AI


Copy AI is an automated AI writing generator to create marketing copies for product promotion. Many marketers are using this AI writing generator to develop their marketing campaigns. Moreover, It uses three steps to generate marketing copy. Firstly, select the type of marketing copy with the headline, blog intro, and product descriptions. Secondly, enter the company’s name and description of the product in two sentences. 

Finally, you will get 10 results for the marketing copy; we can select the right one for promotion with a targeted audience. Use other results for different types of audiences and traffic sources. It provides an advanced language model for thousands of marketing copies.

Features of Copy AI

  • It helps to create digital ad copy for Facebook, Google and linked-in
  • Copy Ai helps create social media content with captions, posts, topics and instagram hashtags.
  • We can create website copy with hero text, subheadings and meta descriptions.
  • It provides ecommerce copy with product description, benefits and microcopy.
  • It makes blog content with titles, ideas and bullet points.

5. Word AI


Word AI is one of the best AI writing tools to create faster, high-quality content for blog readers. The best AI writing program uses machine learning models to develop AI content with the best content rewriting. Complete sentence restructuring is available with content-rich text. It can spill the larger sentences to improve their quality with clarity. It helps to increase content delivery with SEO optimization. As a result, it will be more engaging content for readers.

Features of Word AI

  • Word AI use different ways to deliver ideas without duplicating the content.
  • It uses minimum turnaround time to create a restructured article.
  • We can create original content with Word AI that increases our SEO impact.
  • It provides multiple variations of the original content for best rewrites.
  • A free trial is available to test its features.

6. Bramework


Bramework is AI-powered writing assistance to create SEO-friendly content for blogs and websites. The best AI wring assistant is by inserting primary and additional keywords for the blog post better search engine impact. We need to develop keyword research with titles and create an outline for the content, write content, find images. The Bramework will to complex works of creating quality blog posts easily with AI power. It is one of the best Ai writing tools for generating high traffic by creating keyword-optimized blog posts.

Features of Bramework

  • AI content generator helps to create quality content for the right audiences.
  • The AI writing generator reduces the time to create an initial draft for the blog post, ready for a personal touch.
  • We can build brand awareness by consisting keyword engaged content.
  • It helps to improve SEO ranking by drawing customers from social media using SEO booster.
  • It provides the Best AI writing tools like Writer, title generator, summarizer, rewriter and steps generator.

7. Simplified AI Writing Generator


Simplified AI copywriting is the best tool for generating copywriting with 30 plus content types. It helps experts and beginners to create quicker content for their marketing copies. For example, we can create content for brand development and create ads for Facebook with titles and descriptions about the blog.

The free AI writer and copy generator generate marketing copy that converts most. Moreover, it helps create ads, eCommerce, and sales copies for the products instantly. It needs a product name with a description and keywords. The AI writing generator helps create original and plagiarism-free marketing content.

Features of Simplified AI Writing Generator

  • It is the best content creation tool to design, scale, publish images and videos.
  • We need to create a single piece of content for scale and copywriting.
  • It uses a large number of original templates to produce marketing copies.
  • We have rich libraries and powerful editors for images and content creation.
  • Create brand IQ with colours and fonts.
  • It helps to connect with favourite apps like Shopify, Google drive and social media to drive traffic.

Conclusion – Best AI Writing Tools

By wrapping up the Best AI writing tools, it helps to reduce the time to create content for blogs, websites, and marketing campaigns. Apart from that, AI-based writing helps increase traffic by writing different marketing copies. The multiple ways of presenting the original content using AI-based writing draw visitors from various traffic sources.

In the end, we have the best AI writing apps and AI writing programs for quicker marketing copies. Moreover, it helps with helpdesk and direct marketing with creative content generation. We can quickly create attractive blog posts, novels, marketing copy, sales letters, and social media ads with these best AI writing tools. Just go with Jasper or Shortly to produce the next-generation content.

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