7 Games Like Slime Rancher For Ultimate Adventures (2022)

Games like Slime Rancher

Are you a person looking to construct new in adventurous places?. Then, the games like Slime Rancher are the right choice to play. These games provide a thought behind collecting necessary things for needs, survival, and even development. Slime rancher is the first-person perspective game developed by Monomi Park. It is a single-player game with life simulation and adventure. So, are there any games like Slime Rancher?

The games like Slime Rancher are always simulations for a certain event in life or the whole life habits. Slime Rancher moves like a player who comes from far away from his living place and enters into an adventurous place to collect, feed and raise slimes. The player tries to construct a new ranch to explore the world with slimes. The foods for slimes and their changes make it interesting while playing the game. We have three types of slimes with ears, tails, and then wings. The games arena moves various places even with fast travel features.

7 Best games like Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher-like games provide the intention to collect, save and construct new living places for survival, even at the new adventurous places. So these games may have different life simulation events and development habits within the playing arena. It helps to learn new habits for development with savings. Here we have the best games like Slime Rancher with different environments and habits to explore in the world.


The Bugsnax is one of the simulation games like slim Rancher online. Bugsnax takes us into Snacktooth Island, the Home of half bugs and half snax creatures. The gameplay moves like a journalist explaining the Island and its creatures. In this game, we can discover, hunt, and capture more species of bugsnax. Next, it causes biomes in the snack tooth Island. Finally, they track down and reunite with snaxburg.

The game is available for Windows, PlayStation4 &5, and Mac OS. The players can customize the bugsnax with a unique appearance with game features. It provides a fantastic experience for the player.

Bugsnax is a first-person perspective, single-player game. Moreover, visuals and adventurous location attract the players to play the game till the end. We can create more than 100+ bugsnax to collect with countless new looks. The gameplay gives adventure and sacrifices to the player to save the life of Bugsnax and Snacktooth Island.

Bugsnax is one of the games like slime rancher for Android. You can either download its APK version or download its clone apps like Mad Bugsnax.

Grow Home

Grow Home is an adventurous, open-world game like slime Rancher. It is Single player game developed by Ubisoft to use the open world as a playground. The gameplay moves like there is no pathway to play the game. The player explores the world with star plant and climbing abilities. The Star plant interacts with local plants and wildlife. We can enjoy the majestic landscape with game progress. It is a planet of floating islands with star plants. 

Every climb in the Star plant may lead to new creation with an open world. It helps to grow home in any direction as per the player’s needs. The floating Island provides the best adventurous experience to the player. We can create a physical playing area with wild animals inside the home area.

The game is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Linux operating systems. Hence, this is one of the interesting games like slime rancher for PS4. The platform adventure game is available from a third-person perspective. It helps the players’ creativity to construct their Home by climbing the star plant in any structure. We created the best places with caves and waterfalls in the home area.


The Spirritfarer is a game about dying. It is an interesting and one of the best multiplayer games like slim Rancher. The gameplay moves like the player must fill the spirit’s needs in the ship with food. So the player has to be ready for the journey with kitchen, garden, and home amenities. It involves the characters like Stella, the ferry master deceased, a Spiritfarer. We should build a boat and explore the world.

Spiritfarer game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating systems. Moreover, It is also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia gaming consoles. It is a management simulation action-adventure game. We can play with a single player or multiple players. 

The game simulation can be available with the farm, mine, fish, and then harvest to feed the Spriritfarer. Moreover, we should cook and craft in the mysterious sea lands. Finally, it provides emotional gameplay to say goodbye to the living ship with a boat for new living environments.

Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is one of the best games like Slime Rancher multiplayer. It explores the world by constructing a Zoo with different wild animal hunting. Moreover, this Zoo tycoon helps develop a financial simulation for life development. The gameplay is to start constructing a zoo with wild animal management, and its simulation added financial management with buying and selling the wild animals in the Zoo tycoon.

The Zoo Tycoon game is a construction, management, and business simulation game available for Windows and OS X. If you are searching for games like slime rancher for iOS, let me tell you that there is a simpler iOS app for Zoo Tycoon that you can use. Apart from that; it is available with Xbox 360, Windows phone, and Nintendo Da switch gaming console. The multiplayer game must build, expand, and then upgrade the Zoo with animal purchasing provisions.

The game provides four modes for animal training, scenario, challenge and freestyle food management, and sanitary facilities. We can manage 200 stunning animals with HD. The most detailed living environment for animals from Australia and then Africa. The game provides the best business management experience with live animal management with simulation.


Ooblets is a fantastic farming game with the story of a season though it is not on the list of free games like slime rancher. It is one of the best games like slime rancher with farming life simulation. The gameplay move like, collecting the best seeds and creating battling mechanics for pokemon to create a farm in all seasons. Unlike other farm games, ooblets are a card-based system to exchange seeds for the season.

After collecting bobbles around Bridgetown, the player arrives to exchange capsules with a bunch of sweaters and ooblet accessories. We can build ooblets, crops, and craftables in a new region. The game is available for windows with Xbox one gaming console. It provides an awesome experience for the players with farming and its creature exchange.

Alba: Wildlife Adventure

Alba Wildlife Adventure is one of the best games like Slime Rancher. It provides a lot of exposure and conservation about wildlife by playing a game like this. Alba is a girl who moves to her grant parents’ Home on Mediterranean Island for a visit. Now she is ready for the summer trip with her friends to travel in the wild forest. 

While exploring the wild nature, one animal is in danger, and she tries to help out the animal and like the environment most. The gameplay provides the most adventurous part of the wild while saving the animal. It is a single-player game, available for Windows and apple arcade.

Moreover, it can be playable with PlayStation 4&5, Xbox one, Xbox series X/S and Nintendo Switch gaming console. The game features wild nature visuals. The soundtrack helps to enjoy the wild adventure lot. It feels like a fine game for running to do the good deeds for wild animals.

Yonder: The cloud catcher chronicles

Yonder- The cloud catcher chronicles is a third-person perspective adventure game like Slime Rancher for Xbox One. The gameplay moves like seeking and collecting the magical creatures with relaxing open-world experiences. Players must perform activities like farming, fishing, and crafting while exploring the Island. 

The game is played in eight different environments with biomes. Every environment is unique with changing seasons and a day-night cycle. We should build a relationship with locals to exchange accessories while doing farming and fishing.

Yonder game is available for Windows, PlayStation 4&5, Xbox one, Xbox series X/S and Nintendo Switch game console. The player character can be customizable with game progress. It provides the best adventure with multiple seasonal environments around the Island. It is a single-player game we can cross beaches and mountains while exploring the Island.

Conclusion Games like Slime Rancher

Wrapping Up games like Slime Rancher provides life simulation events and management habits for the players. The Slime Rancher is the game to collect foods for slime in new adventurous places far away from home places. So he should survive with the economy, Home, and development with slimes foods.

The games like Slime Rancher offer new habits and skills to survive in new adventurous places. Moreover, the player needs to do work management construct living places to live in such an environment or find a way to escape from the mysterious locations. Therefore, the above-listed games provide adventure and life simulation habits.

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