4 Useful Tips To Find The Names Of Games That You’ve Forgotten

So, you want to know how to find a game that you forgot the name of, right? You have reached the right place to get some valid tips. 

There are so many games on the internet, competing against one another with similar gameplay and technics. It’s quite common that you can forget the name of a particular game which you were intended to play further, also confused from other games of the same type.

Here I have compiled the best tips that will help you to find the names of games that you have forgotten.

While coming to remembering something, it can be a challenge for anyone, especially the names. Matter of fact, it was found that 13% of people tend to forget names almost always after their first introduction.

So, we need not be bothering about why we forgot the names. Instead, we can focus on how to recall it back by following this post.

4 Tricks To Find Games Name You Have Forgotten

How to find a game that you forgot the name of

1. Ask among Communities & Forums

The first method is to inquire about the game in a community or forum.

Well, it is the most efficient way to find out the name of the game which you are trying to retain from memory by its known features and gameplay.

You need to create a thread or topic on the forum explaining the game, and people who see it are going to help you out from their experiences.

The main advantage of this method is that you are asking a bunch of people who are motivated and entertained by gaming. Rather than praying with a bot or artificially intelligent system, you will get much more trustworthy and exciting replies on the games.

These are some of the major forums on the internet, where gamers exist to share their views with the community:


Choose any forum from the above or of your choice, which has a decent amount of active and engaging users.

Before posting any queries, as threads or topics make sure that it’s new and doesn’t exist in the forum, otherwise it could get deleted. Also, try to give a very distinct and meaningful title.

Be specific and describe with as much information that you remember about the game which you are searching for, it could be anything like its genre or theme, perspective, platform, characters, special mission, version, or any highlighting feature that you remember.

This method works without much effort, soon as the thread, you posted in forums have found and replied by people.

They can also suggest similar games which they might have seen and played, so try to express your post much adequately. If you find any difficulties with this method, then you can proceed to the next.

2. Go Through Various Online Databases

Well, there exist a lot of game databases and related sites on the internet, which has a massive collection of games that are well sorted according to user interests and its features.

It’s the best thing about these databases that you can browse along with the list that is tailored as far for your knowledge to find the game which you have forgotten the name of.

You can select specific categories, including different gaming platforms, ratings, genre, multiplayer or single-player, external gaming equipment support, etc.

They also have a custom search option to search within their database and find the game which you are searching for.

Wikipedia is the best and top database, which is available on the internet to find almost everything, including the names of games. Even though it is hard to browse in the wiki, it has numerous amounts of game collections.

The Game browser by Moby games is another search enabled game database. If you didn’t find the game which you are searching for and you still didn’t get any idea about its name, then let’s move on to the next method.

3. Search In Search Engines

The search engine can get you almost everything around the internet according to your queries and information you provide to find what you require.

The latest search engines on the internet are more powerful and intelligent. It crawls over the pages that have been submitted to its console and stores them in its database. The search engines are capable of detecting texts, images, videos, and audios.

It even looks through the media to understand its content much more profoundly. Hence the search engine is capable of telling you things which you are searching is found in that piece of data.

Now, the search engines are very much capable of finding pretty much anything from sentences and phrases that you provide in the search field. In google, you can search among Images, Videos, and Music.

You can search in sentences like “a racing game on roll cage with VR play-mode” to find the game Redout: Enhanced Edition. You’ll even be shown with related images using the Artificial Intelligence feature of google search engine.

There also various game search engines available online like Gameseekr, Google4Games, ArcadeJump, Easy Game Search, for finding games effectively from their database.

4. Make Use Of Blog Posts & Social Media Posts

Nowadays, there are so many gamers who are actively interacting with their vlogs, blogs, and social media handles. In this method, you need to enquire them about the game you are searching for with the details as much as you remember.

But still, you might not be sure that they can answer you rightly and promptly. We can expect for the best-case scenario getting a game suggested by them with the requirements that you have given.

Follow these gamers on their channel or profile to get their updates of gameplay, thoughts, and enjoy being in the community of people who belong to the same category of gaming. You can also enjoy the game commenting on various games that they play and share to you.

Final Words

These are the various ways you can find the game that you have forgotten the name of. I hope these tips may come you handy while you are excited to see the game soon. If you have got any other ideas on how to find a game that you forgot the name of, please share with us.

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