How To Record Nintendo 3DS Gameplay?

record 3Ds gameplay

If you have got a Nintendo 3DS Portable Gaming Device, and you’re searching for a way to record the gameplay, I’ve got you covered.

Read this article to find out how to record 3DS gameplay for free! 

There are usually two methods to record 3DS gameplay, one is the recommended method using a Capture Card and another without it.

Well, you need to know that your Nintendo 3DS doesn’t have any inbuilt feature to record your gameplay when you buy it from the store.

Normally, recording gameplay in a Nintendo 3DS is expensive since the capture card costs almost $500 and it may take months to get one installed. Also, this is only available in selected countries like Germany, USA, and Japan.

You’ll need to place an order on their website and send your gaming console to the company and they’ll send it with modification. Once it reaches you, you can start recording your gameplay by following the given steps down below.

Step 1: Install necessary Software that you’ve received along with a newly installed capture card. It has the important drivers that are required to connect your console with PC. You can live stream through Mini USB port.

Step 2: Once, the Screencast Software is installed you can open it and directly start recording. Popular software used are Nintendo 3DS viewer, Open Broadcast Software and XSplit Broadcaster.

Step 3: In the Nintendo 3DS Viewer, add the source and start recording or streaming. If you are using Open Broadcast Software, then first you’ll need to add it to Window Capture source in settings and open Nintendo 3DS viewer from the drop-down menu and select the preview stream.

That’s it, you may feel it simple even though it is expensive! 

If you want an alternative to following this trend, here I’ve found another way out to record all your gameplays from your 3DS for free.

How To Record 3DS Gameplay Without A Capture Card?

There are a lot of guides teaching you how to record your Nintendo 3DS gameplay without a capture card, but they mostly are by using a smartphone and record externally.

You know it is not the best, because you’re capturing it with indirectly from your screen, here is how you can quit this method and be Whacky!

This method has been observed much easier compared to the usual NTR-CFW Method, which is slow and low-quality.

This software in this tutorial belongs to its respective developer’s whos’ credited in this post so I take no credit for this method. Do check their original feed for more! 

Now, let’s proceed with how to record your 3Ds gameplay.

Step 1: Set a channel for WiFi AP. You can set-up your AP on a usual WiFi router and use 1,6 or 11 channels which provide you the best experience compared to USB WiFi dongles. Also, you need to configure the Windows Firewall to allow listen on TCP port 3000 and UDP port 8001.

Step 2: Install and Start the NTR Viewer and NTR Debugger (ntrclient.exe). You might need to install .Net Framework 4 is required for NTR Debugger.

Step 3: Install BootNTR and copy ntr.bin to SD card. Now, start NTR CFW by pressing the X and Y button on your Nintendo 3DS.

Step 4: Enable Debugger by pressing X and Y Button in your d-pad and press A.

Step 5: Connect using NTR Debugger, you need to type connect(‘192.168.X.XXX’, 8000) and press enter to connect. The replace X.XXX part with your Nintendo 3DS’s IP address.

Step 6: Now, Type remoteplay() and press enter. This will bring your gameplay on your PC, tweak your WIFI settings for better quality.

That’s it. Now you can capture the gameplay on your PC and edit as you like, publish it to the game lovers. 

There might be many other methods and software tools that can be used to get gameplay from your Nintendo 3DS, but definitely this one is the shortest to record 3Ds gameplay. If you have any suggestions, comment down below.

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