6 Best Games Like Huniepop To Play In 2019

Are you searching for the best games like Huniepop to play and chill out? If yes, then you are in the right place. 

Huniepop is a tile-matching puzzle game which is loved by lots of people. This game is something like an adult puzzle game which was released in 2015.

It’s the first dating game which has dating sim, tile matching and the part puzzle game along with RPG elements. The way of visual presentation in the novel style is a highlight in the Huniepop game.

This game is the most prominent game for Android, IOS device, and PC as well. Most of the adults love to play this game and they will spend hours of time simply playing this game.

Now, by seeing this, you may want to explore other games similar to Huniepop. You might be desiring to play some better games for great enjoyment.

If you are the one who is searching for the similar type of games like Huniepop, then this post is helpful for you to get the excellent Huniepop style games! 

Top 6 Games Similar To Huniepop

We all know Huniepop is an exciting game to play at any time. Generally, virtual dating games are widely popular these days.

Now, if you have gotten tired of playing Huniepop and looking for the same style of gaming amusement, then check out this blog content till the end! 

games like huniepop

1. Sengoku Rance

Available For: Website

If you are searching similarly addictive games like Huniepop, then you should have a glance at Sengoku Rance game. This game is having lots of fun lots of dating simulations in it. Along with dating it also has comic moments in it.

The storyline of this game follows Rance, who is a ruthless warrior who saves the nation of Zeth from destruction. After that, he will run away from the kingdom so that won’t have to marry the princess.

He will combine with sill and then the story follows. In this game, he is not on any fighting mission or vengeance. The primary goal of this game is dating which revolves around the other comics and characters.

This Sengoku Rance game is having awesome visuals and impeccable comic moments which tie everyone to play this game. If you want to try an alternative to Huniepop, then this is a better game you have to try.

2. Roommates

Available For: Android, iOS

 Why don’t you try out other games like Huniepop for Android & iOS and enjoy the best gaming experience?

Are you thinking about the perfect game which is exactly similar to Huniepop, and then Roommate’s game is the best option for you. This is a visual novel game which is almost a blueprint of the Huniepop game.

This game starts with the characters Max or Anne you can choose either one of those. These both characters will make their way through the first year of their college experience.

In this game, they’ll share their life with four other roommates as they pick their class loads, jobs and some extracurricular fun with interesting comics. Finally, neither of the characters can get through college without your character.

That’s the main storyline, in between the story you can find funny comics, puzzles and different aspects which always distract students body. As a game player, you have to overcome them and get through college with your character.

This is thus far the excellent game which is having real life things which could happen and along with virtual romance which is the main theme of the game. If you are a game lover who gets addicted to playing these adult games, then you’ll love this game.

3. Mystic Messenger

Available For: Android, IOS

Mystic messenger is another best Huniepop alternative. You can say this game as a dominant female game where most of the girls love playing this game.

This game contains an excellent drama which consists of great romance and funny aspects. Here you can change the name of the girl protagonist. In this game, the character will download a mysterious app and ends up meeting six new people.

This mysterious app is owned by Rika who is the charity organization owner. The girl starts a romance with one of the six characters with the main motto to find the truth behind the company that developed the application.

This app is created by Cheritz in 2016, and it is one among the admirable games like Huniepop for iPhone and Android devices. 

4. Kitty Powers Matchmaker

Available For: Android, IOS

Kitty power matchmaker is developed by the magic notion, and it was released in 2014, and it supports almost all devices such as windows, IOS, Android, and OS X.

This game is all about your judgment. With this games, you can test your matching skills just by running your virtual matchmaking agency with the help of simple drag queen kitty power.

The storyline of this game, Kitty, launches a new matchmaking business. You are supposed to work as the matchmaker and judge the perfect matchings. This is a different game where the same gender marriage is legal so that you can match them too.

Once you finish finding the two people who are perfect for each other, then you should arrange them a date. It is one of the nice games similar to Huniepop where you can find various interesting queries and comic puzzles.

5. Kamidori Alchemy Meister

Available For: Website

This Kamidori Alchemy game is having an excellent level of displaying fantasies. You can see lots of amazing fantasies in this game which you never think of.

The storyline of this game, it revolves around an orphan boy who name is Kamidori. In this game, he is a protagonist who is training hard to become an alchemist. This game will start its proceedings with lots of adventures and fantasies.

Kamidori will get the company of three girls who act as bodyguards. Rest of the game depends upon the Kamidori depending upon which girl he chooses to romance with. It is one of the best Hunipop similar games which is easy to understand, and interesting to play. 

6. Conception 2: Children Of The Seven Stars

Available For: Website

When you search for the games like Huniepop, then conception 2 is another game that matches your list. This is a game which is having all kind of aspects pretty similar to the Huniepop.

This game was released in 2016, and it was created by Spike Chunsoft. You can play this game on windows, PlayStation, Nintendo 3ds.

Coming to the storyline, this game revolves around the student of high school. The student will have the high amount of ether in his body which allows him to conceive more of the star kids like him. He will take admission in the school where they teach to fight against the demon.

The storyline then moves forward when the wake arches touch other female students then they will produce star children. Although this theory of the game is different the dating aspect in this game is similar, and it’s good for Huniepop lovers.


Hunipop is a nice single-player, tile-matching game which is a trending dating entertainment among the teenagers. Because of its strong sexual stuff, you may look for the best games like Huniepop available in the market.

I can say that these games may not match the Huniepop game. But these are similar types of apps which are perfect to pass your free time. What do you think about these Huniepop style games? Share your opinion in the comment section. 

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