7 Games Like Destiny To Save Your Country (2022)

Games Like Destiny

Are you like to save the people or protect the country?. The games like Destiny are the best choice to play. These games provide self-esteem and motivation to protect our mission in any situation. Destiny is the guardian game to protect the kingdom against evil attacks and terrorist forces. It requires sacrifice and mission accomplishment skills to become the great guardian of our country.

Destiny is a multiplayer shooting game with team members who can fight against the enemies of our country. These types of games give role-playing opportunities for a big mission. Moreover, Using resources until the end of the successful mission was vital while selecting the weapon. The fight against the aliens and other evil forces makes such an interest to play with enthusiasm.  

Best Games like Destiny

Best Destiny like games uses role-playing for the players with multiple weapons for the fight. Moreover, These games have multiplayer options with mission targets. Destiny-like games provide the feeling to save the people and protect society against unknown attacks. Some of the games may fight enemies inward the government who works against the ruler. Finally, they protect the government with security. These games are the best choice to fight for the right.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is the first-person shooter game published by Xbox game studios. It is one of the best games like Destiny to fight against the enemies with a team. So it can provide multiplayer support with role-playing nature. The chief commandant controls the mission with team members. The halo infinite helps the player develop skills like team coordination and obedience.

The game has play taken place in a better environment. The graphics and visuals with open-world design make more exciting during the mission progress. Moreover, the game progress with story and features. The role-playing nature helps to find targets with fast travel mode to achieve the mission command. The game is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and then Xbox series X/S.

While the chief allots the mission with weapon states, the players can choose it with a target. The successful completion is done with coordination with other players. The game provides a split-screen option with team members. It provides a play arena and customization options for roles and rewards. Moreover, the soundtrack availability makes more excitement during the gameplay and it is one of the free games like destiny for PC.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is the first-person shooter game available for Windows, PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5. It is a multiplayer game like Destiny to fight against enemies. This game provides gameplay like rescuing camp with coordination between the players. The objective of the whole mission is to be controlled in a room with the chief.

The game featured many different operational environments. Rescuing a hostage people against the terrorist, Protect an area against the opponent attacks. The mission circumstances may be diffusion of bombs. Apart from these circumstances, the players may include in many situations like training areas, tactical situations, and even in seasonal events.

The play arena customization, character, and weapon selection make the mission achievement even more enjoyable. Every battle and pass challenge has reward points. Moreover, specific customization is available for each role and its operators. The game may also provide a 3-minute match format for the battle.

Exos Heroes

The Exos Heros online multiplayer shooting game provides more visualization beyond our imagination during the game progress. The gameplay starts like, In ancient times, only one county in exos was ruled by two kings and was in danger with illness and disease. It is one of the best games like Destiny for iPhone to protect society with superheroes.

Seven masters rose in the county, killed the king, and saved the people. Later they divide the land into seven kingdoms. We can customize the main heroes of exos with fated, legendary, rare, and then common. We can plot the gameplay with events for the games with battle. Moreover, we can enjoy the artwork and sound effects while playing the game. The game is available on the play store and iOS to enjoy the experiences. Apart from that, it can be available for PC and mac also.

Hell Divers

Hell divers is one of the best games like Destiny Child to protect society from alien attacks. The military team with commandant have to mission to protect the society from the Starship troopers. It is a multiplayer game without friendly fire. The game is available for Microsoft Windows and even in PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita.

The topdown shooter set is the Hell divers in the dystopian universe. They ruled humanity with managed democracy, leading the attack against the aliens to protect the super-earth. The game features many options to choose the planet with a hard or easy option for their mission to complete. We can use the single-player or multiplayer options to play the game. 

With a multiplayer option, we can select the mission, weapons, and vitals for the team requirements for the fight against the Starship troopers. Its visuals provide real time-space experience with super-earth.

Apex Legends

Among games like destiny for mobile, the Apex Legends is the best game for a hero shooter with free play. Three players in a squad can select the pre-designed character with some abilities. There are battles between the teams with rewards points for winning the battle. It is one of the best addicting games like Destiny for iOS to find the legends by winning competitions.

An apex legends game is available for android and iOS and is one of the free games like Destiny 2. Moreover, it is also be played in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even in Nintendo switch. It is a multiplayer game with available characters and seasons. We can select the character for our squad. We can select the weapons armor and playing arena in the game features.

The legendary characters, ultimate squads, and strategic combat with powerful weapons are available in Apex legends. Unique abilities help win the battle with Misfits, outcasts, drifters, and grifters

Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is one of the best adventure games like Destiny to protect the people from the attacks. It is a role-playing video game with puzzle-solving gameplay. It provides more adventure with guardian tales. Lift heavy builders, throw explosive bombs, and sling into obstructed to find new pathways are the best part of guardian training in the gameplay.

In Guardian tale, we have 50 unique heroes, and we can master their skills to become the best guardian tale to protect the kingdom. It uses so many worlds to explore the majesty with mysteries magic with classrooms. We can encounter countless friends in our journey to become a guardian tale. The game is available for apple and android play stores.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is the first-person shooter game is published by electronic arts. It is a multiplayer game with cross-platform support. The game plays like situation devastation caused by the collapsing economy and rising sea levels. It is one of the best games like Destiny to save the world.  

The control of these factors leads to the global battlefield shortly. The game provides next-generation dynamic battlefield changes during the game progress. It provides a massive battlefield of 128 player battles. We can play all-out ware fare with hazard zone on the battlefield may provide a new experience for the gamers.

Battlefield 2042 is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and 5. Apart from that is available in Xbox One and then Xbox series X and S. The game featured multiple players with seven maps at initial launch. We can get the best experience with future battles filed with the portal.

Conclusion Games like Destiny

By wrapping up games like Destiny, the game provides thoughts to the players to save the people and protect the country against evil attacks. Apart from empowering, the skills set and team coordination help complete the mission on time to protect the earth. Moreover, It makes a person a guardian for the family and even for society. 

These games provide more excitement with different playing arenas. We can find a unique character set that can help achieve the mission during the battle. The weapon usage required more training to become the guardian for the country. In the end, the games like Destiny provide the best experience and dream about protection and safety for the people with more excitement.

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