Exciting Games like Dead By Daylight To Spend Your Spare Time


Want to play the games like Dead by Daylight? The Dead by Daylight is a survivor horror game with multiple players. The game has one killer and four survivors with an objective. The killer attack and hook the survivors and kill them out to end the game. But, in the case of the survivor, he needs to escape from the killer by finding a way to exit. 

In dead by daylight, we can check the survivor’s skills and proper habits during the fight against the killer. This game will identify the helping tendency towards other survivors in a critical situation. The game will end, only if the killer catches all the four survivors and kills them for sacrifice or all the survivors are escaped from the killer area after the successful mission completion.

Dead by daylight game is developed by behavior Interactive with one versus four killers and survivors from any part of the world. The game is more enjoyable while choosing the map and plot for game playing with survivor objectives. There are many games like this are available to cover different maps and plots. They are available in this article.

Games Similar As Dead By Daylight

The main motive of the game is to watch the survivor’s activities during critical attacks how a person behaves if he has a specific power and likes to get some more.

The playing area, skills to fulfill the objective, working in critical situations, helping tendency, and utilizing social property against the opponent make the game more interesting. 

We can play these games on PC, playstation4, XboxOne, etc. the mobile version is also available in the app store.


The deceit is the multiplayer game with one versus five players is playing at the exact location. It is the game between the survival of a human with shooting power and the other five players. One among them is affected by a virus, and it is dangerous for humans. All six persons are on the same game field.

The game is to identify and shoot the virus-affected person and escape from him. It has exciting facts like protecting us from the virus-infected person and saving other people from its attack. It has the game master voice that provides an unfamiliar voice that guides the player forward.

The test strategy helps identify the innocent person and virus attacked person by its unusual and quicker approach. We can use many detection methods to identify the virus-affected person. The interesting maps and unusual behavior of the terror make the game more interesting.

WorldMakers developed the deceit game, and it is available in the play store app for mobile applications. It is available on the Steam store to play the game.

Identity V game

The Identity V is a multiplayer detective game. It is a survivor game with five players among them, and it has one hunter and four survivors. From the group of people, one should identify the survivor and place them in the rocket. The game structure is to play competitive matches to find the winners. 

The objective of the survivors is to escape from the hunter, with two gates are available to escape from the hunter. If the hunter identifies all of them, he will win. If he identifies only 2 and the other two survivors are escaped, the game is a tie. The game provides clues to identify the person by the hunter.

Identity V uses a points system for each competitive match with a win, tie, and loss. The player has to play different matches to achieve the final winner to eliminate all the players. The hunter should have +55 points to win the match at the end. Else the game continues until the survivors escape.

Identity V game is available in the mobile app stores and steam stores like apple and google play. The pc version is also available, and NetEase develops the game. It reveals the detective skill of the player by clues.


The crawl is a multiplayer horror video game. It uses one player as a hero to find the enemy players kill them, and protect the nation. The other players play the roles with monster powers. The powerful player controls the other monsters by the killing power of humans. 

So every player is the hero people for fighting against the monsters. Moreover, they become boss for the monster by killing most people and damaging the environment. The hero will identify the powerful enemy and replace the environment to win the game.

We can have the players in the game and choose the power and monster from the game environments. They become a hero for humans and monsters by choosing the characters. The game is available in the play store and app store for mobile users. We can use playstation4 to play the game on PC.

7 days to Die

7 days to die is a multiplayer horror survival video game. The players should survive against zombies attack day and night. The living place was destroyed by nuclear attacks in the third world war. The player should find food, water, and a living place to survive.

The player should protect themselves from the zombie attack. We can choose a wild area for food hunting and water. We can also choose desert and nuclear-affected places. The search for food and water with mysterious zombie attacks provides an excellent experience in the survival game.

We can play the game by individual and multiple players in the case of multiple players. The communication between them is the quest along with their protection as well. We can play the game on playstation4, PC, and mobile apps like the play store.

Back 4 blood

Back 4 blood is an online multiplayer game with a first-person shooter game like dead by daylight. The gameplay has done by 4 or eight players. The game is about survival to protect humanity from monster attacks.

In this game, the devil affects most of humanity and builds a mutant with the power of a monster. 4 players as team players have done the rescue of the planet. They fight against the devil monsters with doctors’ support to avoid becoming the monster community. 

It is one of the exciting games like Dead by daylight which is an available online game developed by warner and bros, and it is available in windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. It provides the best experience of saving the planet against monster attacks.


Evolve is a shooter video game with five players. It is the game like dead by daylight. It is a multiplayer game using five players, the monster, and the remaining four players are hunters. The hunter’s objective is to find the monster, eliminate him from the area, and protect the animals on the wild planet.

The hunters are both cooperative and competitive to find the monster. The goal is that the hunter should find the monster within the provided time. They use a wide range of weapons to fight against the monster. 

The hunters use different methods to find the monster by hunting, rescuing, depend, etc. Turtle rock studios develop the game. We can play it on windows, playstation4 and Xbox one. We can get the best hunt experience and depend on the monster with team coordination and support.

Conclusion Games like dead by daylight

By wrapping up the games like dead by daylight, It is a multiplayer video game for survival against one of the players with monster powers. All the above game uses mostly five or six players in the game. The game is played in a similar situation as finding the monster and winning the game. Or escaping from the monster after the mission is completed. 

We can choose the location and find the paths to escape from the killer attack in dead by daylight. All the other games survive the monster attack by killing them with shooting power and rescuing the planet from its attack. All the game is for survival against higher power attacks.

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