Top Snowflake Competitors For Better Data Management


Snowflake is the data warehouse and its management service for invasive data applications. It provides secure data transfer, analytics, and storage across the cloud as data customers, data providers, and data services. Snowflake has data privacy and regulations that comply with GDPR, CCPA, and fedRAMP as well.

So the snowflake is the best place for data warehouse, data management, data sharing, and data analytics service by application development. The best snowflake competitors should have adequate data storage, management, and transfer services with security. They should even provide additional services at lower prices.

How to choose the best Snowflake competitors?

Best snowflake competitors should have the below features in their data management services.

  • The data storage and its protection should be reliable and scalable by usage. The stored data should be available at any time, even it gets accessed by the users.
  • Flexible access need for data transfer in the warehouse with faster computing resources to access the data for business analytics.
  • Business analytics tools integration helps import data from multiple sources and easily secured export options for business analytics.
  • Apart from that, it should be locally connected with applications for business development. 

Moreover, it should provide data sharing to make business decisions.

Best Snowflake Competitors

Snowflake uses scalable pricing based on data storage and data transfer. It provides a data management solution for many industries like financial services, advertising, media, retail, etc. Moreover, it also includes department data-driven services likes marketing, product development, and data security from cyber-attacks. Here we have the list of competitive provides with lower prices and advanced data warehouse services. 

Cloudera Data warehouse

Cloudera is the best snowflake competitor in the data warehouse. However, Cloudera provides a private and hybrid cloud for data storage; the data warehouse can quickly and securely analyze massive amounts of data. It uses streaming, data engineering, and machine learning analytics in data management. 

Cloudera data platform secures the metadata in multiple clouds, both public and private. It provides services for the industries like manufacturing, financial services, insurance, telecom, etc. we can perform customer analytics with data in high security with IoT-connected devices.

Features of Cloudera Data warehouse

  • Cloud data reports are available in the dashboard with public cloud data.
  • Instant access to the cloud data with easy to scale up or down at best prices
  • The workload Xm helps to optimize the data from multiple sources.
  • Cloudera dataflow provides the data delivery with faster performance with innovative performance reports.
  • High-quality correlations, patterns, and insights are available in Cloudera.
  • Data catalog, replication manager, workload manager, and management console are available in the control panel.

SAP data warehouse

The SAP data warehouse connects with the business tools to empower the data analytics for business growth. It provides data warehouse services in banking, telecom, retail, wholesale distribution, media, etc. SAP data warehouse connects the data from multiple clouds and on-premises as well.

We can use real-time insights with unstructured and geospatial data at higher speeds. It will accelerate the data implementation in a data warehouse, data lake, analytics, and insights. Moreover, we can connect third-party data sources for business development by analytics.

Features of SAP Data warehouse

  • It provides enterprise-grade cloud data services in the database, data integration, analytics, and data intelligence.
  • Virtual workspaces are available for business users for manual processes.
  • Business users can connect the data source and transform it into insights in SAP.
  • It has data visualization and replication from multiple cloud sources for insights.
  • Strong security and encryption with leverage in authentication help to access the data.
  • SAP HANA can help the business accelerators with analytic data.

Actian Data Management

Actian is the hybrid data management with an integrated analytics platform. It is the best snowflake alternative for data analytics. It provides the fastest analytics engine to perform well even with high workloads. Action empowers data-driven enterprises by its unique data management and hybrid data warehouse.

It provides an avalanche for analyzing the data from data-driven enterprises. The action data can be helpful to integrate data anywhere and anytime. It uses highly secure enterprise-grade analytics with easy to use interface. The prices are cheaper than other data management solutions.

Features of Actian Data management

  • A hybrid data warehouse is used to manage the data from the cloud and on-premises.
  • It provides superior architecture with efficient resources for data processing.
  • It uses Kiabi that gains customer analytic data in real-time from the historical data.
  • The customer data analytic hub is used to connect the multiple cloud source data.
  • Hadoop data clusters are available to run SQL databases.

Panoply Data Platform

The panoply is a cloud data platform that can easily sync, store and access data from multiple clouds. It needs no-code integration to sync the data. Just use a few clicks to get data from Amazon S3 to zendesk. It has an automatic update to get new data as quickly as possible for the analytics.

Panoply provides customer solutions in many industries such as media, publishing, financial services, eCommerce, retail, etc. It uses many tool integration to get and analyze the business data from different cloud sources. It connects files, databases, and API to get the data and performs the analytics easier.

Features of Panoply

  • Panoply data platform has complete control over the table to store the database.
  • It gives an easy method to sync the data by third-party tools integration from multiple cloud sources.
  • The high-security methods are available with SOC2 HIPAA compliance.
  • It provides maximum uptime performance for the available data.
  • The table-level user permission helps to get the data more accessible in panoply.
  • It offers hand-free scaling as the data grows.


Datbricks is the data lake platform for cloud storage. It has combined services such as a lake with reliability and warehouse functions. We can perform both traditional SQL and BI for data analytics from multiple sources. Data science and machine learning are also available with the same platform.

It reduces the complexity in data infrastructure by more minor data moves and better governance with one or multiple clouds. We can perform data management and engineering with secure data sharing and fast performance. It uses collaborative tools for team processing of data.

Features of Databricks

  • Delta lakes can transform data from semi-structured and unstructured data.
  • Data analytics helps to derive data insights from the complete form in both traditional and BI
  • Machine learning helps to accelerate the data pipelines and lake data productivity.
  • It provides native cloud security with identity management and isolated workspaces.
  • 360-degree administration possible with separate API for onboard users, activity audit, and control usage.

Dremio lakehouse

Dremio is a fully managed lake house service with cloud lake storage. It provides the software to deploy and run anywhere and anytime. Dremio uses BI dashboards and interactive analytics on the data lake house. The workload isolation is done with multi engines.

It reduces complex pipelines to access the data from the lakehouse by BI interface. Dremio cloud uses multi-engine architecture for the faster access of data. It has user rules and user selection to access a particular engine during data management.

Features of Dremio Lakehouse

  • Global data access control with infinite scaling. 
  • We can access the data irrespective of the providers.
  • The general management is available to monitor users, integrations, and security policies.
  • Multiple data engines can process parallel queries from different users.
  • The query execution is based on the workload and auto replication possible in concurrency.

Conclusion best snowflake competitors

By wrapping up the snowflake competitors, The snowflake is the best data management platform with a data lake, data warehouse, data engineering, data analytics, and data science. It provides data solutions for many industries with reliability and scalability. The best competitor of snowflake should provide extended operation in data management and its analytics.

In the above list, the Cloudera data warehouse is the best snowflake competitor with its speed analytics. It has business performance improvement tools to access data from multiple cloud sources for analytics. Cloudera also provides data flow, a data hub, and machine learning for data management.

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