A Complete Guide To Corporate Gifting

Most companies, both big and small, have started including corporate gifting in their company policy. Not only is this a great way to improve business relationships with your associates but also boost the morale of your employees.

To give corporate gifts that are appreciated and fulfill their purpose of strengthening relationships, they should be well thought out and considerate of your clients.

Before looking for companies that can supply corporate gifts in Bangalore, here are some tips you can bear in mind.

Guide To Corporate Gifting

Listed below are some guidelines with respect to gift giving in the business sphere.

1. Don’t Go Overboard

A gift can easily be seen as a bribe or incentive if it is too expensive or valuable. In contrast, gifts should convey a sense of friendship and comradery.

To this end, keep your gifts utilitarian and straightforward instead of spending big bucks on gifts to impress the client.

The best kinds of gifts would be something useful in daily life. Utilitarian gifts evoke goodwill and general feelings of care and appreciation among clients.

2. Personal Touch

Including a short handwritten note along with your reward is a great idea. It shows thought and regards from your side.
Many corporate gifting companies, nowadays, offer to include a note themselves where you only have to specify the message.

You can try to hand-deliver the gift yourself to be cordial. It is also more prudent to send the gift to the client’s home instead of their office address.

Instead of only giving gifts during holidays, you can try giving gifts at the successful completion of a project or at the end of a business deal to show your gratitude.

3. Avoid Promotional Material

It is very unprofessional to include promotional pamphlets or brochures along with your gifts since no client wants to be greeted with these when they unbox their gift.

A sticker with your company’s logos should be enough on the gift packaging. Also, make sure the corporate gifting company does not include their promotional inserts along with the gifts.

4. Sampling

Having a bright idea of the gift you are about to give is vital when it comes to corporate gifts. Make sure you’re well informed about the quality of the food before it is sent to your clients.

This is especially important when it comes to food baskets being given as corporate gifts. Taste the food yourself before sending it to your clients.

5. Gift Giving Etiquette

There are specific rules to be followed while giving any gifts. This rule is especially applicable in the case of corporate contributions.

Make sure there are no regulations in your clients’ companies when it comes to corporate gifts. There might also be a limit to the value of gifts that can be received by a client.

Also, make sure you are not offending any religious or cultural sentiments with your gifts.

6. Customer Service

There are some necessary criteria that you should take care of before hiring a gift giving company for your corporate gifts.

For example, make sure that the corporate gifting company has a reliable customer service portal and is reachable easily via phone, email or their application.

This will ensure that you can track their delivery service and get notified when the gift is delivered. It will also come in useful in case you have complaints about the gift quality.

Also, inquire about the guarantee and cancellation policies of the company. They should also have a refund process in place if the goods delivered are spoiled or damaged.

7. Bulk Discounts

A good tip while buying corporate gifts is buying in bulk. This is especially useful when you’re buying gifts for your employees or clients during a festival or the holiday season.

You can work out a deal with your corporate gifting company to get discounts from them whenever you order gifts. You can also choose to form a long-term agreement with the corporate gifting company for further cuts.


There are loads of innovative corporate gift ideas that are flooding the market lately. Food hampers, electronic items (Bluetooth headphones, smart watches, portable chargers), gift certificates, clothing and accessories, office essentials, travel kits and even vacations are some excellent corporate gifting ideas. I hope you will keep the things mentioned in this blog post in mind when it comes to “Corporate Gifting.” 

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